Wednesday, January 13, 2021

We are nearing the halfway mark of Mayor Beetlejuice's term in office.........

competent or incompetent?

  • Downtown Chicago and Michigan Avenue are in shambles
  • The city finances are in disarray
  • Violent crime is rampant
  • The restaurant industry and convention business is shut down
  • CTU is telling her how to run the schools

The New America? What pray tell does that mean?


Biden Is Not Yet Inaugurated and the Establishment Is Already Fomenting Civil War


Biden Is Not Yet Inaugurated and the Establishment Is Already Fomenting Civil War

Paul Craig Roberts

Trump was demonized before he was inaugurated. He was demonized because he was correctly perceived by the Establishment as a threat to the Establishment.  Trump’s election surprised the Establishment.  The Establishment thought that Establishment control over the media guaranteed their power and was astonished to realize that enough American voters saw through their lies and propaganda to elect a non-establishment figure.

The world does not understand that the American Establishment has a propaganda organization that

The Ingraham Angle 1/12/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 12,21

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Tucker: Cuomo's convenient lockdown u-turn

Is America’s Future a Civil War?


Is America’s Future a Civil War?

Will it become a world war?

Paul Craig Roberts

As a person who grew up in the glorious aftermath of World War II, it never occurred to me that in my later years I would be pondering whether the United States would end in civil war or a police state.  In the aftermath of the stolen presidential election, it seems a 50-50 toss up.

There is abundant evidence of a police state.  One feature of a police state is controlled explanations and the suppression of dissent.  We certainly have that in abundance. 

Experts are not permitted forums in which to challenge the official position on Covid.  

Teachers are suspended for giving offense by using gender pronouns.

Recording stars are dropped by their recording studios for attending the Trump rally.  Parents ratted on

The Catholic 'Traitor'

Watch live: House debates resolution calling on Pence to activate 25th A...

With friends like this......

 Exploiting the Capitol Riot to Kill Trump

Exploiting the Capitol Riot to Kill Trump

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What would be the purpose of impeaching a president who hasn’t been president for three months? Answer: A conviction would strip Republicans of the right to reelect the man who got the largest number of votes in their party’s history.

Donald Trump has stumbled and fallen, and the establishment is not going to let slip this last opportunity to stomp him and his movement

All you have to do is agree with some aspect of Trumpism and you will be demonized forever

What is the 14th Amendment? Congress mulls legislation to remove those who 'engaged in insurrection'

Dylan Stableford
·Senior Writer
Mon, January 11, 2021, 8:06 PM CST

Amid the continuing fallout from last week’s deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol, Democrats are forging ahead with legislation to remove Republican lawmakers for inciting the riot.

While there has been focus on President Trump’s possible impeachment and the use of the 25th Amendment to remove him from office, some House Democrats say they will invoke the 14th Amendment to call for the removal of Trump and congressional Republicans who helped incite the

So what...Without that QB he is just another A-----e coach


Bill Belichick Says He Won’t Accept Medal of Freedom From Trump After Capitol Riot

The New England Patriots coach said ‘the decision has been made not to move forward’ on him receiving the nation’s highest civilian honor in the aftermath of the attack on Congress.

Considering the way Belichick conducts himself, I would say he is undeserving of any award.

Parler Exec on Being Deplatformed: “I don’t think we were treated fairly...

You are about to lose your right to think

Thanks to Dems, RINOs and Big Tech

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Lt. General Thomas McInerney: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi Laptop We...

Without any doubt, Trump is going to be jailed within weeks of leaving office, never to be seen again. He will probably meet the same fate as Epstein as the government is scared of him.

Pre-Nazi Germany tells us the fight to save American democracy is just beginning

Michael Brenner

The Washington Post

Jan. 9, 2021

Updated: Jan. 9, 2021 9:39 a.m.


A mob of several thousand outraged people rampaged through the streets of the city after a long rambling speech by their leader inciting them to do so. Some used violence. Windows were broken, shots were heard, there was bloodshed. The leader of the pack demanded that the political swamp be drained. After a tumultuous few hours, order was restored, and elected officials emerged from their

A Nation Shaken To The Core, but there is hope

The Ingraham Angle 1/8/21 | FOX BREAKING TRUMP NEWS January 8,21

For four years Trump was surrounded by politicians

He thought their advice was sincere. 

He is so swell


communism doesn't bother him as much as the concept of free thought

Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin to reintroduce Domestic Terrorism Prevention

Double standard?


Remember when BLM rioters were burning down cities and Colin Kaepernick literally called for more violence? And then, instead of banning him, @Jack gave him $3M?

Article Image

Upcoming Polar Vortex next week

Friday, January 8, 2021

Tucker: Crackdown on America's civil liberties is here now

What to expect with the Joe Biden administration.

  • continued anger on both sides
  • higher income taxes
  • a possible wealth tax
  • immigration reform
  • eventual open borders
  • sign on to the Paris Treaty
  • more social media regulation
  • tensions with Russia
  • more trade with China
  • universal basic income 
  • shrinking military
  • more gun regulations
  • DC, Puerto Rico and Guam admitted as a state
  • more stringent environmental regulations
  • relaxation of sanctions with Iran
  • post-birth abortions
  • possible covid lock-down
  • negative interest rates
  • severe inflation
  • food shortages
  • low oil prices
  • expansion of Obama care
  • impeachment of Justice Kavanaugh
  • continued legal harassment of Trump
  • a poor economy

SECEDE? To be avoided.......

Get Ready


Buckle up, folks: A preview of life under the Biden administration

Funny how quickly the left go from “resist” to “insurrection” when it’s not their protests.

The tweets above are going to look like child’s play once Biden gets in the White House and The Swamp, DNC-media and Big Tech really tighten their grip on conservative voices.


These people were so ahead of their time....this occurred October 2019

They are very smart don't you know. 

Who's afraid of the CTU?



From 2d City Coppers

No Shows at Schools?

Any teachers fired yet?

  • Chicago Teachers Union members who refused to return to classrooms Monday said they’re worried about losing their jobs, but they believe that reopening schools is a greater risk.

    “We’re afraid for our lives. We don’t want to lose our jobs. The fear of losing our jobs is real. Many of us are the sole income earners in our homes,” Chicago Public Schools teacher Lori Torres said at a morning news conference. “But

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Reflections on President Trump and the Elections and what we do next

Is It Time To Start a THIRD PARTY?

ANTIFA was breaking the windows


Replying to
Yes! Trump supporters tried to stop breaking of windows more than once —even ended fighting with them. I was there watching n taping!


Video Of Antifa Being Bused To Capital Building before the Storming.

Once inside they were fed lunch.

A Citizen talking about being a Citizen

Ashli Babbitt, Air Force vet, Patriot, shot and killed inside US Capitol

Why was lethal force used against an unarmed woman? Who fired the shot? 

3:00 A.M. Statement from Trump


there will be an orderly transition on January 20th

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

'Go Home in Peace'

Mark Levin: This Is a Constitutional Crisis

Post-Election Special

Trump urges everyone to go home


The man who will never be president


no balls, no integrity  


TRUMP Protestors Take Over the CAPITOL

LIVE: President Trump addresses supporters gathered in Washington, D.C.

HAPPENING NOW: Historic crowds in Washington DC in support of President ...

How It Happened

Now what?

Do you remember reading Animal Farm?

 Ascent of the killjoys

By Cherie Zaslawsky
January 4, 2021

How did you like life in 2020 America? That’s an important question, because if the Dems’ blatant theft of our election is not overturned and Biden manages to lurch into office, 2020 will soon start looking good.

No one needs to be reminded of the tragedy of so many beloved small businesses closing permanently, or children being deprived of their normal school routines, or Americans locked out of their places of worship and of all manner of entertainment. It’s almost as it someone didn’t want us to have any fun—or any freedom. So let’s take a quick look at a few exhibits of the “Do as I say, not as I do” phenomenon during the Coronavirus lockdowns.

As you may recall, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was caught on surveillance video having her hair

Wal-Mart coming to Michigan Ave.


   The 170,000 sq ft of space being vacated by Macy's will soon be occupied by Wal-Mart. 
                                      The announcement will be made next week.