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Thursday, August 13, 2020


Dan Ryan Shutdown on Saturday

Demonstrators hope to shut down Dan Ryan on Saturday to protest police brutality and other BS. Question to CPD and Kim Foxx, will the organizers be prosecuted?
Led by several organizations, including Tikkun Chai Inter-National and Chicago Activist Coalition for Justice, the demonstration is tentatively set to start at noon Saturday.
By Madeline Kenney and Fran Spielman Aug 12, 2020, 9:48pm CDT
Thousands of demonstrators are planning to march onto — and possibly shut down — the Dan Ryan Expressway this weekend to protest police brutality, an organizer for the rally said Wednesday. Google Maps

Demonstrators are planning to march onto — and possibly shut down — the Dan Ryan Expressway this weekend to protest police brutality, an organizer for the rally said Wednesday.

Over the last few weeks, organizers for the “Black Lives Matter March: Shut down the Dan Ryan” rally have been meeting with local and state law enforcement officials to coordinate the march that

Tuesday, August 11, 2020

The 5 Best Revolvers on The Planet

Allot of readers are pretty new to the world of handguns. It's ok to trust the content of this video. I have several of these wheel guns and they are very above average.

Memo to BLM, everyday hard-working citizens are getting fed up with your BS.

Black Lives Matter to Lightfoot: Unrest won’t end until ‘the safety and well-being of our communities is finally prioritized’

“When protesters attack high-end retail stores that are owned by the wealthy and service the wealthy, that is not ‘our’ city and has never been meant for us,” the group said in a statement.

By Tom Schuba and Mitch Dudek Updated Aug 10, 2020, 8:18pm CDT

Protesters rally Monday night outside the Chicago Police Department’s District 1 Station demanding the release of individuals incarcerated after looting that day, Aug. 10, 2020. Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times
Black Lives Matter Chicago warned Mayor Lori Lightfoot on Monday that the renewed civil unrest that’s gripped the city throughout the summer won’t end until “the safety and well-being of our communities is finally prioritized.”

“The mayor clearly has not learned anything since May, and she would be wise to understand that the

ANTIFA gets their ass kicked again

Defund the police? Be careful what you wish for.

When There Are No Police, Most Crimes Will Carry the Death Penalty

I fear vigilantism and “lynch law” are about to make a comeback, because in the absence of the even-handed, objective rule of law, there’s little alternative.

Peter is right. The work I have been doing lately has shown me that Peter’s words are right on the money, but he is missing something: People will enjoy lynching too much and will do anything to

Have you paid your reparations today?

BLM In Chicago Justifies Looting By Calling It ‘Reparations’

OPINION | This article contains political commentary which reflects the author's opinion.

Can you even believe this crap?

Monday, August 10, 2020

President Trump, our city needs help

  • we have a mayor who is extremely hostile about everything.
  • we have a mayor who is extremely hostile to the city's police department. 
  • we have a mayor who caters to the criminal element.
  • we have a mayor who has no experience running anything.
A dozen or so U.S. Army rifle companies stationed near downtown chicago for the next 6 months or so, should do the trick. We don't want to wind up being a Portland. 

HELP...........Chicago needs federal troops

Lori Lightfoot Rejects National Guard in Chicago After Night of Looting, 

@chicagosmayor / Twitt
Volume 90%

Chicago officials announced Monday morning that police would be placed on high alert, with 12-hour shifts and expanded patrols throughout the city after the Magnificent Mile downtown was attacked by organized looters overnight.
Mayor Lori Lightfoot stopped short, however, of calling for the National Guard, which had been used to protect the downtown area after an initial wave of riots in late May. There was no mention of federal law enforcement, either.

(Update: At a subsequent press conference, Lightfoot, standing alongside Governor J.B. Pritzker, said that “both of us believe this is not an incident that requires the National Guard. … We do not need federal troops in Chicago. Period. Full stop.” She added that President Donald Trump should help by enacting “common-sense gun control.” If Trump wanted to help, she said, he should not “rattle the saber” but rather enact gun control, which she said would provide “real safety.”)
Superintendent David Brown told journalists at a press conference (carried live on the Facebook page of local ABC affiliate WLS-7 TV) that the looting was triggered by a shooting on the South Side of Chicago, when a 20-year-old suspect who was fleeing police fired at officers in pursuit. After officers returned fire and injured the suspect, who was hospitalized and is expected to survive, a crowd gathered.
“Tempers flared, fueled by misinformation as the afternoon led into evening,” Brown said, and posts on social media called for downtown Chicago to be looted.”
Other neighborhoods in the city were also looted, according to police and local news reports:
Though police mobilized in response, they were overwhelmed by “car caravans” that coordinated the looting. Police made 100 arrests and 13 officers were injured. Shots were fired at police, and a civilian and private security guard were hit by gunfire.
Chicago looting (Charles Rex Arbogast / Associated Press)
Yogi Dalal hugs his daughter Jigisha as his other daughter Kajal, left, bows her head at the family food and liquor store Monday, Aug. 10, 2020, after the family business was vandalized in Chicago. Chicago’s police commissioner says more than 100 people were arrested following a night of looting and unrest that left several officers injured and caused damage in the city’s upscale Magnificent Mile shopping district and other parts of the city. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)
Brown said that the looters acted as if they believed there would be “no consequences,” and strongly suggested that the criminal justice system should impose harsher penalties on looters than it had done in the past. He noted that there had also been 31 shootings over the weekend, and three murders, and hundreds of guns recovered by Chicago police. He added that access to downtown Chicago would be restricted from 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. for the near future.
The mayor, who said the city had woken up “in shock,” angrily denounced the looting, which she said had no connection to legitimate protests. “This had nothing to do with legitimate, protected, First Amendment expression,” Lightfoot said.
President Trump offered federal law enforcement help to Chicago and other Democrat-run cities last month, as riots continued to rage:

2 shot, more than 100 people arrested, 13 officers injured amid widespread downtown looting

CPD Supt. David Brown called the looting “pure criminality” in a news conference Monday morning, not connected to any protest.

By Sun-Times Wire Updated Aug 10, 2020, 8:50am CDT

A CVS at LaSalle and Kinzie was one of the stores hit as part of widespread looting in downtown Chicago. Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times

Two people were shot, more than 100 people were arrested and 13 police officers were injured as crowds broke windows and looted stores along Michigan Avenue and on the Near North Side overnight and into Monday morning.

Supt. David Brown called the looting “pure criminality” in a news conference Monday morning, not connected to any protest.

“Criminals took to the streets with the confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions,” Brown said, adding that police would aggressively pursue cases against people involved in the looting.

“You have no right, no right to take and destroy the property of others,” Mayor Lori Lightfoot said at the news conference.

The police have started a neighborhood protection plan, and Brown said a team of detectives has been assigned to scour security footage of all incidents.

Access to downtown will be restricted from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m., effective Monday night, Brown said.

For several hours this morning, there were no bus or train services in the area bordered by Fullerton and Ashland avenues and Cermak road for several hours, the CTA said. The transit agency was in the process of restoring normal service shortly before 8 a.m.

All downtown bridges except LaSalle Street were raised. The Chicago Department of Transportation said they were being lowered again as of 7:15 a.m., but ongoing street closures could be expected throughout the downtown area.

Brown said “the seeds for the shameful destruction we saw last night” started with a police-involved shooting in Englewood Sunday afternoon. About 2:30 p.m., officers responded to a report of a man with a gun. He fled as they arrived, Brown said, and fired at officers. They returned fire, striking the man, who was taken to the University of Chicago Hospital and is expected to survive. The 20-year-old man had previously faced charges of domestic battery, reckless conduct and child endangerment, Brown said.

After the shooting, a crowd gathered in the area. “Tempers flared, fueled by misinformation,” Brown said. Shortly after that, police became aware of “several social media posts” about looting planned downtown. He said the department reacted by deploying 400 officers to the downtown area.

The first looting incident, Brown said, was at 87th Street and the Dan Ryan Expressway, but “soon, car caravans were headed into the Loop” to begin looting.

Brown and Lightfoot called on the Cook County state’s attorney’s office to handle the arrests from the looting seriously, arguing that previous arrests by Chicago Police from looting in May and June were not. With local prosecutors dropping cases, looters believed there would be no serious consequences for committing crimes.

Chief Judge Timothy Evans ordered all Cook County courts in downtown Chicago closed Monday due to restricted access to the area. Bond courts at the Leighton Criminal Courthouse, the Domestic Violence Courthouse, the Juvenile Justice Division and the suburban municipal district courthouses will remain open.

All non-bond cases scheduled for Monday will be continued for 30 days and affected parties will be notified of their new court dates, according to the chief justice’s office.

Federal court in Chicago was closed as well.

Videos posted to social media showed large crowds breaking windows and entering stores along the Magnificent Mile.

Media is not reporting facts, just spinning

The Morning Briefing: The Mainstream Media Has Betrayed Its Constitutional Privilege

AP Photo/Evan Vucci
The Media Is Concussed 
Wishing a most happy Monday to you, my dear Kruiser Morning Briefing readers.
I didn’t want to begin the week going off on the mainstream media since that’s where we left

Chaos on Michigan Avenue Overnight

Chicago cops return fire after person shoots at officers in Loop: police

CHICAGO - Chicago police officers exchanged gunfire with someone Monday morning in the Loop.

Someone fired at police and officers returned fire near Michigan Avenue and Lake Street, according to a tweet from Chicago police spokesman Tom Ahern. Heavy looting reported.

The details below are from Second City Coppers as the media is a little light in the reporting.
  • Hundreds of people swept through the Magnificent Mile and other parts of downtown Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting stores, confronting police and at one point exchanging gunfire with officers, authorities said.

    The shots were fired at Michigan Avenue and Lake Street around 4:30 a.m., nearly five hours into the widespread vandalism. Officers were not hit and returned fire, according to the department, which said it was not known if anyone else was hit.

    Earlier, an officer was seen slumped against a building by Grand and Wabash avenues as other other cops tended to him. It was unclear what had happened to him. Down the block, police in camouflage gear and shields briefly stood outside at a shop at Rush Street and Grand Avenue.

    The looting began shortly after midnight as people darted through broken store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue carrying shopping bags full of merchandise. Cars dropped off more people as the crowd grew. At least one U-Haul van was seen pulling up. Police made several arrests through the night and recovered at least one gun, officials said. One woman with shopping bags in her hands fell on the sidewalk as an officer was chasing her. Another woman appeared to have been pepper-sprayed. A rock was thrown at a squad car.

    The looting seemed to be centered in Streeterville and North Michigan Avenue, but some looting was reported on State Street in the Loop and on the Near North Side. By 3 a.m. police appeared to be getting things under control. But some vandalism continued into the daylight hours, and the CTA suspended train and bus service into downtown during the morning rush, while the Illinois state police blocked off ramps from expressways. Bridges across the Chicago River were raised, except for the one on LaSalle Street for emergency vehicles.
As of this morning, OEMC says they are following the previous "shutdown protocols" meaning pretty much nothing is open and the local economy is grinding to a halt meaning no tax revenue to keep government services afloat.

But hey, Groot put up a fence at Montrose Beach to stop the congregating of peaceful sun worshipers.

UPDATE: No usable descriptions of the looters, so don't expect any arrests or prosecutions.

Sunday, August 9, 2020


It’s Time To Say It: Portland Is In A State Of Open Rebellion Against Local/Federal Government, Send In The Guard… 
This kind of crap just simply can’t be allowed to continue night after night after night. For weeks we’ve watched this play out online and in some cases even on mainstream television. The Portland Police are either unable or unwilling to quell this. Night after night they fight with these clowns only to retreat after pushing these clowns back only to have to come back minutes later.
If the state and local government won’t handle this, it’s up to President Trump to enact Posse Comitatus (look it up) and nationalize the guard in Oregon and direct them to stop

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Democrats Are Preparing the (Coup) Battlespace

Going back as far as Sun Tzu’s The Art of War – circa 500 B.C. – military and political strategists have recognized the value of intelligence and propaganda in preparing for battle – and indispensable for that, preparing the field on which the battle will take place in order to maximize the odds of victory.
The “field of battle,” in turn, is not solely be what we now call “kinetic,” involving the use of weapons

Monday, July 27, 2020

You're on your own

Seattle police chief to residents and business owners: You’re on your own against violent protesters

Seattle’s Chief of Police Carmen Best has penned a letter to the city’s residents and business owners, informing them that they’re on their own against this Sunday’s anticipate violent protests because her hands are tied by the City Council.
Dated yesterday, July 24, 2020, the letter reads as follows (source: The Magazine):
July 24, 2020
Dear Business Owner and/or Resident:
Please know that the Seattle Police Department is committed to addressing life safety

Saturday, July 25, 2020


The owners made the players kneel to honor BLM on opening day and the players went along with it. 


Dems and ANTIFA


     — “These soldiers are disregarding and overriding the elementary rights of American citizens by applying tactics which must have been copied from the manual issued the officers of Hitler’s storm troopers.”

     — The president is substituting “military dictatorship for the Constitution of the United States.”

     — “My fellow citizens, we are now an occupied territory.”

All this because, after 50 days of raging violence, President Trump has

Friday, July 24, 2020

Dont Stop Buying Ammo | The Shortages Will Continue Past November

Reminds me of when Richie shut down Meigs Field, in the middle of the night

in over her head or like a fish out of water
Christopher Columbus statue taken down hours after Lightfoot ordered its removal. I can't imagine her reasoning for this giant F.U. to the Italians. This is a tremendous insult to a nationality of men and women that contributed greatly to the building of Chicago.

Please know that these statues will someday be raised again, to their place of rightful honor. 

Ald. Brian Hopkins (2nd) told the Chicago Sun-Times late Thursday that the mayor made “a unilateral decision” to take that statue down along with another in Arrigo Park on the Near West Side.