Wednesday, January 13, 2021

We are nearing the halfway mark of Mayor Beetlejuice's term in office.........

competent or incompetent?

  • Downtown Chicago and Michigan Avenue are in shambles
  • The city finances are in disarray
  • Violent crime is rampant
  • The restaurant industry and convention business is shut down
  • CTU is telling her how to run the schools


  1. Anonymous1/13/2021

    And she has the store bought balls to talk about trump she has a suckhole media that doesn't says crap .

  2. Anonymous1/13/2021

    Not sure anyone could have dodge all of the bullets shot at the City of Chicago. However, following the run-off where Lightfoot garnered support from many Chicago communities, she literally pissed it away, and showed an arrogant, condescending dislike for anyone who offered a different point of view. With the leadership of the Chicago Teacher's Union threatening to strike, Lightfoot caved in to demands, and they went on strike anyway.
    The Chicago Police are entering their 4th year without a contract. Following the riots and looting downtown, and the BLM/Antifa confrontation with CPD in Grant Park, Lightfoot pandered to the masses, echoing the democratic line about 1st Amendment rights and peaceful protests. As the police were pelted with frozen water bottles, debris, urine and feces, the mayor pointed out the lawlessness of this activity while at the same time informing protesters how to file complaints with COPA.

    Now as residents flee the city and the tax base continues to shrink, the business community has decided they've had enough and are pulling up stakes. Water Tower anchor stores are leaving, The Magnificent Mile looks like a plywood exhibit and the remaining businesses, drug stores and 7-11's are targets for raiders and robbers from the Red Line. Nine months into her term and she's over her head. Cursing at alderman on open mics, belittling citizens who appear at city council meetings and disregarding her own lockdown guidelines by throwing parties on City Hall rooftops, stealing manpower from police districts to guard her Bucktown residence and eliminating vacancies that would allow hiring to maintain staffing in neighborhoods.

    As if that isn't enough, she makes media appearances to give the President a big F-U and then criticizes the lack of assistance from the federal government to deal with the pandemic. Forgetting that Trump sent the Army Corp of Engineers to construct a 3000 bed facility for overflow Covid patients that ultimately only used 35 of those beds.

    It gives little consolation to citizens in the neighborhoods who've watched increases in their taxes, have seen the cost of licenses, city stickers, garbage collection and water/sewer bills increase, now being billed monthly as some feeble attempt to improve city cash flow. Meanwhile, "underserved" communities of people of color needn't worry about water, gas, electricity shutoffs as well as being evicted for non payment of rent.

    I'd be very curious to see if this little gay woman has intentions on running for re-election. I've seen nothing for which she can say she's improved life for all Chicagoans. We pay more, we get less. And for our troubles we get condensation. Maybe Lakeview and Boys Town applaud what she's doing but its highly debatable she'll get a round of applause for a second act in the 19th, 23rd, 41st and 45th wards. No matter what effort Matt might put behind her.

  3. Anonymous1/13/2021

    The rules are for thee but not for me is very telling. She won't be able to spend her way out of this one.

  4. Anonymous1/13/2021

    The Anti Police bill passed it's over for Chicago!

  5. Anonymous1/13/2021

    Shaved has word on SSC. Not looking good.

  6. Anonymous1/14/2021

    Admin, nothing new today? you are complicit!

  7. Anonymous1/15/2021

    Biden will make Lightfoot a federal judge and rescue her from all of this.

  8. Anonymous1/15/2021

    Random question: Everytime I drive by Deja Brew on 95th street in Oak Lawn, it looks packed inside. How can this be?

    Not looking for any political spins or commentary. Just curious. Anyone go there regularly?

  9. Anonymous1/15/2021

    Is Ringling Brothers in town, at Rosemont or the United Center. No wait, they went out of business a few years ago. Murph, it looks like you ran away to join the circus. Whats going on with this site. First SCC now you?

  10. Anonymous1/17/2021

    Someone send a squad to check the well being of Murph. SCC down and out, not much to read on blogs

  11. Anonymous1/19/2021

    no police contract, only attacking cpd

  12. Anonymous1/19/2021

    no contract and attacking cpd

  13. Anonymous1/20/2021

    WTF happened to this site?

  14. Is this blog on hiatus? ಠ︵ಠ

  15. Anonymous1/24/2021

    Uh oh Murph !! Don't tell me they got you TOO? Hope you are well and that you can get back wishes !!!

  16. Anonymous1/25/2021

    Checking the obituaries, looking for Murph

  17. Anonymous1/28/2021

    Hello, is there anyone still here? We are starting to worry about you out here. It has been a little while since you had time to post, life must be busy. It is none of our business but I am checking to see if beetlejuice had you disappeared for letting any truth escape about your betters in government. I am old enough to remember the long lost constitutional republic, long before our elected representatives decided we needed to trade our liberty in order for them and US to be safe. Hope all are well, healthy and enjoying a fruitful week in the democratic banana republic lunatic asylum!

  18. Anonymous1/29/2021

    Stopped by Andy McGann and sons to see if you've been around. They say they haven't seen you.

  19. Anonymous1/30/2021

    19th Ward sucks ass. Buncha commies, whining Leftists