Thursday, August 31, 2017

Man meets his end on 111th Street

A man was shot to death early Thursday in the Morgan Park neighborhood on the Far South Side.
Jermaine Jones, 42, was found about 5 a.m. with multiple gunshot wounds to the torso in the 11100 block of South Ashland, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office.
Jones, who lived on the same block, liked sitting on the couch which was forever in the vacant lot next to the liquor store.  He was pronounced dead at the scene. 

Meth head tries to meet Trump

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Hurrican Harvey: Houston looters shoot volunteer rescuers; target whites and Trump supporters

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The saying “No good deed goes unpunished” is a comment on the perversity of human beings.
Cajun Navy is a Louisiana-based informal organization of private recreation boat owners who assist in flood search-and-rescue efforts.
Bob Price reports for Breitbart that there are three Cajun Navy groups doing rescue work in the Houston area, where thousands remain stranded in flood waters from Hurricane Harvey.
Yesterday, one Cajun Navy group saved the life of a woman they found floating face down in a flooded roadway.
But Clyde Cain of Louisiana Cajun Navy told CNN that the rescuers are being shot at:
“We have boats being shot at if we’re not picking everybody up. We’re having to pull out for a minute. We’re dropping an airboat right now to go rescue a couple of our boats that broke, and they’re kind of under attack.”
To protect the volunteers, members of the Louisiana Cajun Navy were ordered to stand down. A message on the group’s Facebook page said that the team members are safe after they were shot at by looters posing as people needing rescue during an attempt to rob and steal the Cajun Navy boat. The post has since been taken down, but below is a screenshot of the Facebookmessage:
Looters are not just shooting at Cajun Navy rescuers, they are boasting about their looting with the Twitter hashtag #harveylootcrew. Here’s a sample of their tweets, congratulating themselves for targeting white people(“crackas”) and Trump supporters.
Their pictures leave no doubt as to their racial identity, but not a word about #harveylootcrew from the corrupt and deceiving MSM.
To make a terrible situation even worse, despite yesterday’s efforts to prevent uncontrolled overflow using slow release, one of two major reservoirs in Houston — the Addicks Reservoir — is spilling over for the first time in history. A Harris County Flood Control District meteorologist said the overflow from the reservoirs would eventually flow into downtown Houston, exacerbating the flood from Hurricane Harvey.
Below are the animal welfare groups that are helping to rescue and provide shelter for animals stranded in the terrible flood. Please donate!

Governor by Proxy

Bosses husband around?

Another city tax increase thanks to Rauner

Egomaniac and not as conservative as he would have you think

If I were the devil | remastered audio | Paul Harvey

Thoughts and Prayers for Eddie Johnson

a very decent man
 - Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson is set for a kidney transplant.
Department spokesman Anthony Guglielmi says Johnson is scheduled to arrive at Rush University Medical Center at 6 a.m. Wednesday for the surgery later in the morning. Guglielmi says that Johnson's surgeon will have a news conference on Thursday to discuss the operation and the operation on Johnson's 25-year-old son who is donating one of his kidneys to his father. 
Johnson disclosed in January after suffering a public dizzy spell that he has battled for decades a potentially life-threatening inflammation of his kidneys and was on a waiting list for a kidney transplant.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Joel Osteen EXPOSED for NOT Sheltering Hurricane Harvey Victims in Houst...

There is something nuts here

New CPS curriculum will emphasize atrocities of police torture scandal instead of reading, writing and arithmetic

UPDATED: AUG 28 2017 09:36PM CDT

CHICAGO (FOX 32 NEWS) - Starting this year, thousands of Chicago Public School students will experience even more liberal indoctrination as they learn about a dark chapter in the city's history, the torture and abuse of suspects in police custody.

The history of former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and the hundreds of people who accuse him of abuse will now be taught in the classroom.

It originally started as a pilot program at just six Chicago Public Schools

Both public school and CPD officials said 8th and 10th grade students across the city will be learning

Humanitarian crisis as mayor failed to evacuate Houston

Mayor Turner does not know why he failed to evacuate the city.

A city of 2.3 million people has 1 million people without clean water, power or food perched on rooftops waiting to be rescued. Armed looters are patrolling the streets. This is another Katrina in the making. The governor issued an evacuation recommendation a week ago only to be ignored by the mayor. In fact, Mayor Turner advised the citizens not to leave. 

The good people of Houston have be reduced to refugee status.

Monday, August 28, 2017

But the media told us...........

Remarkable resemblance of mothers of Charlottesville and Sandy Hook victims

Alert Americans found out about crisis actors because of the Sandy Hook false flag of December 14, 2012 — professional actors who simulate, i.e., pretend to be victims or bystanders or even perpetrators in mass casualty events.
Not only are there crisis actors, there are even amputee crisis actors!
We also know that there “public relations” firms that solicit actors for events, including rallies and protests. Below is a Craig’s List ad by Los Angeles public relations firm Crowds on Demand, soliciting

North Korea fires missile over Japan

Crazy Fat Kid

Houston, how to help

All Hands: This non-profit recommended to Vox by disasterologist Samantha Montano has staff on the ground in Texas, and is in contact with emergency management officials about assisting in the response and recovery. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)
Global Giving: A charity crowdfunding site that is attempting to raise $2 million to be used exclusively for local relief and recovery efforts. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)
Foundation Beyond Belief: The humanist group, also recommended by Montano, is evaluating how best to use the funds that they collect. You can give here.
Greater Houston Community Fund: A broad-based relief fund established by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. You can give here.
Local food banks: The Houston Press has compiled a list of food banks in the affected area, including Houston Food BankGalveston County Food BankCorpus Christi Food BankSoutheast Texas Food Bank, and more. They recommend contacting a food bank directly about their need and what you can do.
Houston Humane Society: The group is helping marshal care and shelter for pets in the area. You can give here. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Texasis undertaking similar efforts. You can give here. The San Antonio Humane Society is doing the same. More here
Blood donations: The Houston Chronicle noted that Carter BloodCare and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center are accepting donations.
Americares: The non-profit focused on medicine and health is seeking to provide emergency medical supplies and other basic resources to first responders and others in Texas. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)
Portlight: A disaster response group dedicated specifically to people with disabilities. They are seeking to help affected people with evacuation and finding shelter, any medical equipment needs they might have, and more. You can learn more about their efforts here.
SBP: The New Orleans-based organization is planning to send Americorps volunteers, assist local leaders and nonprofits, and eventually help rebuild damaged or destroyed homes. You can give here. (4/4 stars from Charity Navigator.)
AirBNB: The hospitality company is working to coordinate people in need of a place to stay with people willing to offer a free room. More information here.

Houston Mayor announces Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

UPDATED: AUG 28 2017 04:15AM CDT

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund following inquiries from citizens and corporations who offered help. The fund, administered by the Greater Houston Community Foundation, will accept tax deductible flood relief donations.

“We are getting calls from across the country and right here in our hometown, and the generosity of people who understand this disaster is truly amazing,” said Mayor Turner. “Together we can make a difference to those who will need extensive help to get back on their feet once this storm is over.”

Tropical Storm Harvey slammed Houston with devastating floods pouring into the nation's fourth-largest city, dropping nearly 24" across the Houston-area. On Sunday, rising water sent thousands of people to rooftops or higher ground. Rescuers stepped into high gear to assist with more than 2,000 constant calls for help. Tropical Storm Harvey dropped as much as 24" of rainfall across this area.

And Kaepernick would have done the same for the bar owner too

7 dead, 25 wounded in Chicago

Friday, August 25, 2017

Texas Hurricane

Your attention is called to the disaster that is currently taking place along the Texas coast, a mere 800 miles away. It appears that there are already shortages of drinking water and basic food. Surge, heavy rainfall and power outages will be hitting tonight. 

It is expected that there will soon be collection points set up soon for bottled water. 

Women of the 19th Ward

Beverly Resident, works in the medical field

This time it's different


Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson

A Great Guy
“My doctor told me I should bottle my positive mental attitude,” chuckled an almost euphoric Johnson, who said he plans to take his Bible bookmarked to the Book of Job with him when he heads to surgery at Rush University Medical Center August 30.
“I keep that Bible on my desk at work, and what Job teaches is never to lose my faith in God,” he said.
“It’s the story of patience and faith and calamity.

But this time it's different!


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Law and Order Restored

Shots fired by police on SW Side, persons of interest in custody of the Fire Department

Police on the scene waiting for a firetruck
POSTED: AUG 22 2017 10:22PM CDT

SUN-TIMES MEDIA WIRE - Multiple people are in custody after shots were fired by Chicago Police officers responding to a call of shots fired Tuesday night in the Little Village neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

The officers fired the shots about 8:50 p.m. near the intersection of 26th Street and Albany Avenue, according to Chicago Police. The number of officers who fired shots was unknown. The persons of interest surrendered after a firetruck showed up on the scene.

No injuries were reported, police said.

The peoples business all right

AUGUST 22, 2017
After threatening thousands of job cuts, President Preckwinkle agrees to a lucrative contract with one of Cook County’s unions.
After claiming more than 1,000 jobs would be lost, if the sweetened beverage tax was not implemented, Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle negotiated a generous new deal with one of the county’s unions. In the end, Teamsters Union Local 700, which represents 3,500 guards and other security personnel, ended up with a slew of new perks including: payment for attending roll call, eliminating the cap on the use of personal time, a $1,200-per-person signing bonus, no increase in health care premiums, and 4 percent in additional salary increases, according to Crain’s Chicago Business.
This contract agreement comes only weeks after the implementation of Cook County’s sweetened beverage tax, commonly called the “soda tax.” Cook County expects to receive $67.5 million in soda tax revenue for the remainder of 2017 and another $200 million in 2018. The county has claimed 1,100 government workers would be laid off if the tax was not implemented. While some workers were laid off, the county managed to rescind other layoffs.
In November 2016, the Teamsters came out in support of the beverage tax to “guarantee job security for hundreds of people that work in Cook County.” Additionally, the Teamsters Local 700 Political Action Committee has contributed more than $10,000 to Cook County commissioners since 2016. Preckwinkle’s candidate committee has received $6,000 from the Teamsters Local 700 PAC since June 2016.
Still, a bipartisan group of Cook County commissioners filed an ordinance to repeal the unpopular tax amidst a public outcry against excessive taxation and bureaucratic insensitivities in Chicago and greater Cook County.
With each passing day, it is becoming clearer that the beverage tax was never about public health. It is simply a money grab used to benefit government and those connected to it.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

North Korea


Would make a good fireman!

Ambushed Ohio judge shoots gunman dead outside court

the Jefferson County courthouseImage copyrightGOOGLE
Image captionThe attack occurred in an alley outside the Jefferson County courthouse

A US judge in Ohio has fatally shot a gunman who critically wounded him in an ambush-style attack outside court.
Judge Joseph Bruzzese Jr was shot several times just after 08:00 local time (12:00 GMT) in