Tuesday, August 29, 2017

There is something nuts here

New CPS curriculum will emphasize atrocities of police torture scandal instead of reading, writing and arithmetic

UPDATED: AUG 28 2017 09:36PM CDT

CHICAGO (FOX 32 NEWS) - Starting this year, thousands of Chicago Public School students will experience even more liberal indoctrination as they learn about a dark chapter in the city's history, the torture and abuse of suspects in police custody.

The history of former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and the hundreds of people who accuse him of abuse will now be taught in the classroom.

It originally started as a pilot program at just six Chicago Public Schools

Both public school and CPD officials said 8th and 10th grade students across the city will be learning about Burge, who is accused of leading the abuse and torture of hundreds of African-American suspects, some by use of a cattle prodder or suffocation by plastic, forcing confessions from dozens.

“This is a great thing, to teach our children what happened so that we don't repeat it,” Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said.

Burge's abuse is said to have happened during the 70's, 80's and parts of the early 90's while running a group of detectives.

He was fired from the department in 1993 but it wasn't until an investigation led by a special prosecutor, more than a decade later, confirmed the allegations.

However, it left no time for victims of the abuse to sue because the statute of limitations had expired.

A reparations package passed by City Council in 2015 approved $5.5 million to be given to his victims, as well as the curriculum to be taught in history classes.

“It is very timely that this kind of curriculum is being rolled out. It talks about what actually happened. It's straightforward. It's factual. It's true,” said Frank Clark, president of the Chicago Board of Education

In a statement, the city's police union disputed some claims of wrongful conviction, writing "Until the full review of the wrongful conviction movement is completed, the FOP does not believe the Burge mythology should be codified into public school curriculum."

Students are expected to learn about the abuse, itself, as well as hear from victims.


  1. Anonymous8/29/2017

    Will there be any references to the thugs and murderers that the Peoples Law Office freed, or the Northwestern University's "Innocence Project" role in framing an innocent man? I'm glad my kids don't have to listen to this bullshit.

  2. Anonymous8/29/2017

    Most shooters and shooting victims are CPS products.
    Few Catholic school kids shooting or getting shot.
    The CPS needs to focus on teaching moral values, not rewriting history.

  3. Anonymous8/29/2017

    he who controls "the community" controls the crime.........

  4. Anonymous8/29/2017

    No suprise. The far left has been running that system fro years. Bill Ayers was an advisor at Bowen and his wife on the LSC at the school jail.

  5. Anonymous8/29/2017

    Insert 2 pages on bourbon street

  6. Anonymous8/29/2017

    95% of all of these allegations is bullshit. They treated actual murderers as they should have been treated. Liberal mayors who were afraid of the ghetto vote paid without defending the Officers. Eddie Johnson is a piece of shit, as well as the little punk on the 5th floor.

  7. Anonymous8/29/2017

    So sick of these GD communist police and law and order hating weirdos indoctrinating our kids. These leftists have taken over everything...even the Vatican....the Pope is a left leaning Socialist from South America who has no understanding of how our incredible, dare I say miraculous system of free enterprise has lifted the minds, bodies and souls of millions in America and around the world...these beat off (stupid), mostly female (feminists) are brain washing a generation of haters who feel entitled to hate and to take up violence to address their grievance fantasies.

  8. Anonymous8/29/2017

    Karen Lewis is a lunatic leftist as is Sharkey The Socialist who are literally working to dynamite the very foundations of our country. I am sure they are enjoying the fascist left wing mobs destroying peace and order and tearing down monuments all around our country. I mean they really seem to be fellow travelers. And after all, this is what communists have done all over the world. Read history. These wild eyed malcontents who were trying to bully us in our own Ward were taught and approved by these creeps !!

  9. Anonymous8/29/2017

    Will the 8th & 10th graders be taught that African Americans are approximately 13% of the U.S. of America's population and 4% of the 13% commit 48% of violent crimes in the U.S. of America? Will the 8th & 10th graders be taught that each day in the U.S. of America that approximately 16 African Americans are murdered every 24 hours by other African Americans 99% of the time? Will the 8th & 10th graders be taught that the average I.Q. of an African American is 80 & 20% are 70 and below?

    1. Anonymous8/30/2017

      They can't handle the TRUTH!

  10. Anonymous8/30/2017

    Home school your children!!

  11. Anonymous8/30/2017

    Tip 15%

    1. Anonymous8/30/2017

      I tip 5% because I'm a cop