Thursday, August 24, 2017

Looming Race War?

LINK un-racism-committee-issues-warning-over-us-tensions


  1. Anonymous8/24/2017

    There has been an on going race war since the 60's look at the high levels of black on white crime every major city in America ruined by blacks high crime rates.

  2. Anonymous8/24/2017

    Got 556??

  3. Anonymous8/25/2017

    When I get caught in some BS, I lie like a rug. I blame somebody else. Sometimes to my embarrassment when I'm called out. Point being, its tough, really tough to accept responsibility for the things we do. Okay, you try to get past it, man up and say you were wrong and try to avoid making the same mistakes again. This climate, not the weather change stuff, but the social environment we're in is an unnecessary exercise in trying to blame somebody else for our own misfortunes. Woulda, shoulda, coulda? It doesn't cut it. Read the paper yesterday where a girlfriend of a recently departed Hispanic gang member threw a Hennesey bottle into the face of a police officer. The injury required stitches. Later in court, the lawyer tells the court, she was under a lot of stress after her boyfriend's funeral. What? No wait, What the F*<#! The media falls all over itself in political correctness unless your leanings are to the right. Politicians go that way too. Look at our own government leaders. Dart, Preckwinkle, Rahm. Are they leaders or panderers? Emptying and closing down parts of the jail, an electronic monitoring program that's lost track of more prisoners who continue to pillage our neighborhoods while out on the street awaiting trial. Understaffing at the jail, top heavy in new and ambiguous job titles going to friends and relatives of those in the media, where does it end?

    So the social entitlement programs for underprivileged are now being extended to those who don't even live here.
    Where does all of this end? My grandfather would look at these programs and say its the end of America. I used to think he was just old and cranky. Well, I'm older now and realize he wasn't such a crank.

    1. Anonymous8/26/2017

      it's not a question if... but WHEN.

  4. Anonymous8/27/2017

    Got OO??