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China set to unveil Dongfeng-41 nuke that ‘can strike US in 30 minutes’ at 70th anniverary parade

CHINA will unveil the “ultimate doomsday weapon” on Tuesday during one of the nation’s biggest military parades, say worrying reports.
The super-nuke is expected to take centre stage at a huge arms showcase held in Tiananmen Square, Beijing, to mark 70 years of Communist rule.
 The Dongfeng-41 is a nuke that 'can strike the US in 30 minutes' travelling at 7,600mph
The Dongfeng-41 is a nuke that 'can strike the US in 30 minutes' travelling at 7,600mph
The Dongfeng-41, is a 7,600 mph intercontinental ballistic missile that is said to have the furthest range of any nuclear missile and could reach the US in 30 minutes.
Speculation has been rife as to what weapons will be unveiled, with parade rehearsals showing missiles and aircraft under camouflage wraps.
The Chinese government is keen to assert its dominance in Asia and particularly in the South China Sea where it has been busy building militarised islands in international waters.
And its clear message to the US is that it is getting closer than ever to matching it in terms of military might.
A defence ministry spokesman recently said Beijing had no intention to "flex its muscles" but was instead keen to show a "peace-loving and responsible China".
 China's DF-41 is said to be able to carry penetration aids, designed to confuse US missile devices
China's DF-41 is said to be able to carry penetration aids, designed to confuse US missile devices
The high-profile parade will include 15,00

Eradicated, obliterated, absentiated and confiscated

CPD ordered to stand down

Chicago police instructs officers to not cooperate with DHS, memo shows: ‘Sickening what’s happening'

CHICAGO - The Chicago Police Department advised officers not to cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security, particularly in situations involving immigration arrests, according to an internal department memo obtained by Fox News.

Instead of assisting DHS upon request, officers are instructed to wait for their supervisor to arrive, the memo said. Once the supervisor arrives, “if the request is to assist with an immigration arrest or detention, CPD personnel will leave the scene as directed by the CPD supervisor,” according to the

Who is watching the Cook County Inspector General?

inspector general patrick blanchard talking about transparency and whitewashing

he works for her and presumably takes orders from her

that's a problem

It seems to me that all of Blachard's investigations tend to conclude a  position that is politically favorable to the Preckwinkle / Foxx combine. Consider:
  • He neglected to investigate the purchase of land from the family of a Cook County commissioner at a price that some thought was above market.
  •  He was all over Joe Berrios and even took him to court over some bs. But once Berrios surrendered his power and turned over the party chairmanship to Preckwinkle, Berrios could do no wrong and the investigations stopped. 
  • He even came up with an opinion that Berrios had been victimized by Pritzker when Pritzker somehow got a $132,000 tax refund, thus saving Berrios and his new friend Preckwinkle, from additional scrutiny.
  • He also found no wrongdoing when Preckwinkle's SUV was found in a muddy field in Lemont. The fact that it was loaded with Foxx campaign materials was deemed irrelevant. 
  • He was called upon by Kim Foxx 5 months ago, to review her handling of the Smollett dismissal and yet to reach any conclusion. 

Maybe these are just coincidences or maybe I'm just too cynical. But I would truly feel better if the Cook County Inspector General appeared to be independent. Maybe a retired FBI agent. Those people are transparent for real. Maybe, he should just send all these investigations over to the DOJ. 

Bears do just fine without Mitch

Resilient Bears lose Mitch Trubisky but beat Vikings 16-6 to tie for NFC North lead

It was a wild day at Soldier Field, but the Bears marched off 3-1, thanks to their defense and Chase Daniel.

Joe Maddon shown the door by Ricketts family

Manager Joe Maddon (fired) won't be back with Cubs next season, because he hasn't done anything for them real lately, don't you know

During the past year Maddon has endured

  • Constant leaks to the media re the teams subpar performance and how the franchise is not worth as  much as it could be.
  • Absent ownership as the Ricketts focus on making money ( real estate development around Wrigley Field).
  • Absent ownership as the Ricketts disappear from media view after a scheme to save real estate taxes backfired and was sent by the Cook County government to the Cook County States Attorney for "review".
Perhaps, it is time for the Ricketts to sell the Cubs. Honestly, they haven't done anything for Chicago, real lately. 

Beto O'Rourke and the Kent State massacre

Beto O'Rourke hasn't a clue as to the Kent State massacre

This week, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke continued to push his “mandatory gun buyback” idea, no matter how ridiculous of an example he had to use to push it:
Does he really want to go there?

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The Cause of their Problems

The Church is permitting priest like this to operate.

If it's not theft what is it?

Deep Scandals At State: How Clinton, Kerry Used Office To Enrich Their Families

By Pamela Geller - on September 28, 2019

When do the real investigations into Democrat crime and corruption begin? The President blew the lid off their racketeering, it’s why they are hellbent on punishing him.

Investors Business Daily, September 13, 2019:

Corruption: What is it about Democrats and the State Department? Despite their repeated claims of transparency, it turns out that both Hillary Clinton and current Secretary of State John Kerry used their

Rep. Biggs introduces motion to censure Schiff for parody transcript

Dems will preside over a kangaroo court

All this rain we just had.......

was caused by global warming, no doubt. 

Progressive-led hysteria:

Progressive-led hysteria: Psychologists says kids are being damaged by climate change debate

From Daily MailSchool children are developing ‘eco-anxiety’ as climate change continues to dominate the news agenda, a leading psychologist has claimed. 
The panic sparked by the climate change debate has raised fears that the mental wellbeing of young people is suffering. 
Child psychologist Andrew Greenfield explained that ‘eco-anxiety’ comes from young people feeling

Sorry Father, you are not addressing the root causes of the gun violence on the south side

Pfleger’s caravan of faith rolls to Washington to push assault weapons ban
Father Michael Pfleger led demonstrators by bus from St. Sabina in hopes of adopting gun legislation that can be felt even in Chicago’s blood and shell case laden streets. 

By John W. Fountain Sep 27, 2019, 4:35pm CDT

Pfleger’s caravan preparing to travel overnight to Washington, D.C., for their “National Rally to End Gun Violence” at the U.S. Capitol on Sept. 25. John Fountain

This is the first in a series titled, “Caravan of Faith”

In the dead of a cool autumn

Friday, September 27, 2019

There is something wrong with this man

fabricator and fibber, far from stable
With impeachment efforts against President Donald Trump resting on the content of a single phone call, who could blame Congressman Adam Schiff for embellishing the truth a little, all to sell his “Orange Man Bad” narrative.
Though Trump released a transcript of the call in question on Wednesday, the Democrat-controlled House Intelligence Committee pressed ahead with questioning

I have f------ brilliant ideas for the mayor

Scroll down to see my ideas.

How can Chicago erase $838 million budget shortfall? Lightfoot asks aldermen for ideas
Some advised creating a city sticker for Uber and Lyft vehicles and raising parking meter rates but keeping the money instead of sending it to Chicago Parking Meters LLC, though that appears to violate their long-term lease.

By Fran Spielman Sep 26, 2019, 11:21am CDT

Mayor Lori Lightfoot, shown at a news conference earlier this week with Chicago Police First Deputy Supt. Anthony Riccio, is seeking ideas from aldermen on addressing the city’s budget shortfall. Fran Spielman/Sun-Times
Chicago aldermen are urging Mayor Lori Lightfoot to lift the city’s ban on video gambling, create a new city sticker for ride-hailing vehicles and, if a massive property tax increase is unavoidable, phase it in and make the bitter pill easier to swallow by abolishing the $9.50-a-month garbage collection fee.

Those are among the ideas floated during closed-door meetings with small groups of aldermen that Lightfoot’s financial team has been holding this week to solicit cost-cutting and revenue-raising ideas to

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Another FBI Raid!

Federal agents raid McCook, Lyons village halls as part of criminal investigation

Cook County Commissioner Jeff Tobolski is the mayor of the small, southwest suburb of McCook, but it’s unclear if the ongoing criminal investigation is tied to him.

By Mark Brown, Jon Seidel, and Rachel Hinton Sep 26, 2019, 12:43pm CDT

Cook County Commissioner and McCook Mayor Jeff Tobolski Sun-Times file photo

Federal agents on Thursday raided the village halls of southwest suburban McCook and Lyons as well

Cullerton "hopes to God" that it doesn't involve the legislature

can't even imagine what it's all about
I don't why Cullerton would fear Sandoval's investigation would involve the legislature. Cullerton must be getting paranoid. It is well documented that Sandoval was a habitual jumper of the turnstile on the Orange line, I'm sure the FBI investigation relates to that. 
Illinois Senate President John Cullerton calls latest federal raids ‘very troubling’
But Cullerton said he’ll “wait and see what happens” to determine whether State Sen. Martin Sandoval should be removed as chair of the Illinois Senate’s Transportation Committee.

By Tina Sfondeles and Jon Seidel  Sep 25, 2019, 5:59pm CDT

With two fellow Democratic state senators facing federal heat, Illinois Senate President John Cullerton on Wednesday said he has no information on what appears to be a “criminal investigation” that resulted in the latest federal raid — on state Sen. Martin Sandoval’s home and offices, including in the state Capitol.

A day after federal agents carted off boxes and electronics from Sandoval’s Chicago home and his offices in Springfield and Cicero, Cullerton said he has not heard from the senator.

Sandoval has not spoken publicly. But his lawyer, Craig Tobin, told the Chicago Sun-Times on

Those people at NU are very smart (and politically correct) don't you know

Expect several more massing shootings this year, Chicago professor says as she omits to even mention a critical factor related to causation
By Sally Schulze

Expect several more massing shootings this year, Chicago professor says

Thousands traveled to Capitol Hill, including many from Chicago, even celebrities like Common. They were all demanding an end to gun violence.

CHICAGO - Thousands traveled to Capitol Hill, including many from Chicago, even celebrities like Common. They were all demanding an end to gun violence.

They chose Wednesday for the national rally because lawmakers met to talk about an assault weapons ban. This heated debate comes as we hear an alarming prediction out of Chicago: expect several more

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Biden sidesteps questions about son's foreign work

Nunes: Here's why Ukraine is the next Russia hoax

This sends a message

Man found guilty of hate crimes for taunting woman over her Puerto Rico flag T-shirt
The jury, which appeared to be all white, deliberated for about 3 1/2 hours before reaching the verdicts against Timothy Trybus.

By Stefano Esposito and Jake Wittich Sep 25, 2019, 4:20pm CDT

Mia Irizarry speaks at a news conference in Chicago in July 2018. AP

A Chicago man who spewed racist words at a woman in a Cook County forest preserve last year was found guilty of two counts of a felony hate crime Wednesday.

The jury, which appeared to be all white, deliberated for about 3 1/2 hours before reaching the verdicts.

DOJ needs to investigate the Biden family

These people are almost as nuts as the Kennedys. Beau dies, Hunter dumps Kathleen and takes up with Hallie. After a while Hallie wises up and dumps Hunter. Hunter tries to get back with Kathleen, can't, and instead meets Melissa Cohen and marries her 8 weeks later. Joe Biden wants to lead the country but can't get his cocaine-snorting son under control. In fact, Joe Biden, just like the Kennedys, has encouraged and facilitated Hunter's misbehavior. 

The media has had a field day over new hearsay accusations that President Trump was wrong to ask Ukranian leaders to investigate political corruption related to Joe Biden. Predictably, several House Democrats have used this news cycle to again demand Trump’s impeachment.
While the whistleblower complaint is based on hearsay, we do know that Joe Biden, while serving as vice president, pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his

She took the bait!

smarter than her and just proved it
Pelosi’s impeachment flip-flop changes everything

By Michael Goodwin September 24, 2019 | 8:14pm | Updated

For months, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi warned itchy Democrats against the perils of impeachment.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Who does this guy look like?

Feds raid Blowhard & State Sen. Martin Sandoval’s Springfield office

An FBI spokesman confirmed law enforcement activity in the state capitol Tuesday.
State Sen. Martin Sandoval in a 2017 file photo
 Ashlee Rezin Garcia/Sun-Times
Federal agents on Tuesday raided the Springfield offices of State Sen. Martin Sandoval.

Big Deal........where was the offense?

Tug of war: Bears beat garbage Redskins behind 5 takeaways from dominant defense, 31-15

“You know, you get a turnover, you get pick, you get a sack,” linebacker Danny Trevathan said. “Kinda like Oprah.”

By Patrick Finley Sep 23, 2019, 10:21pm CDT

Bears outside linebacker Khalil Mack hits Redskins quarterback Case Keenum to cause a fumble during the first half Monday. AP Photos

LANDOVER, Md. — The Bears’ defense was back in the end zone and up to their old stunts.

With players standing in a circle, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, who had just returned an interception 37 yards for a touchdown in the first quarter of Monday’s 31-15 win against the Redskins, stood across from fellow safety Eddie Jackson, and … was that a game of tug-of-war?

“We had been working on it all week, and I kinda went blank when it was time for us to do it,” Clinton-Dix said.

Outside linebacker Khalil Mack admitted that “my performance was terrible,” while cornerback Prince Amukamara applied that critique to the rest of the team.

“We weren’t organized, we weren’t ready,” Amukamara said. “We let America down.”

The rest of the game, though, they lived up to their reputation just fine. The Bears’ defense looked like unit that was the NFL’s best last season — only more so. Their five takeaways were the most for any Bears team since 2013 — and five times more than their season total through the first two games.

Clinton-Dix’s score marked the Bears’ seventh defensive touchdown since the start of last season, the most of any NFL team.

“Being a part of this team: we emphasize scoring,” said Clinton-Dix, who broke down the Bears’ huddle in the locker room after defeating his former team. “We don’t care about catching the ball — we care about scoring.”

And Mack cares about getting the ball. In the first half, the Bears’ star sacked Redskins quarterback Case Keenum twice, forcing two fumbles by swing at the ball.

The Bears recovered one of them. After Akiem Hicks fell on the ball, he sprinted toward the sideline before stopping to spike it, Refrigerator Perry-style.

Another Mack sack was wiped out by his own offside penalty — and a Mack sack-fumble was taken away by Amukamara’s illegal-hands-to-the-face penalty.

“He just loves showing out,” Amukamara said. “And I’m not complaining about it at all.”

How dominant was the Bears’ defense? It sacked Keenum three times and intercepted him twice more on his first 14 drop-backs. It hit him on seven of those plays and knocked him down five times.

The defensive showing gave the Bears something they’ve spent the entire season searching for: confidence on offense. After not throwing a touchdown all season, quarterback Mitch Trubisky threw for three in a six-minute, 11-second span.

Ahead 7-0 after Clinton-Dix’s touchdown, Trubisky and the Bears marched 67 yards on 11 plays, aided by three Redskins penalties. Trubisky converted two third downs — an 11-yard pass to Allen Robinson and a 15-yarder to Anthony Miller — before rolling left on second-and-goal from the 3. He could’ve walked it in but threw to an open Taylor Gabriel to go up 14-0.

Two plays later, Mack’s strip-sack of Keenum — and Hicks’ fumble recovery — gave Trubisky the ball at the Redskins’ 11. Three plays later, he threw a one-yard pass to Gabriel.

Two plays later, cornerback Kyle Fuller picked off Keenum, starting a Bears possession that ended with a 36-yard strike from Trubisky to Gabriel on third-and-16. Trubisky hit Gabriel at the front right pylon, but officials ruled the play an incomplete pass. Upon further review, Gabriel — who in the fourth quarter was ruled out with a concussion — was judged to have gotten both feet down before falling out of bounds.

The Bears led 28-3 at halftime before thee Redskins scored the only two touchdowns of the second half, missing a two-point conversion each time. Down 13 with about seven minutes to play, Keenum tried a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-1 at the Bears’ 16, but inside linebacker Danny Trevathan swiped the ball out of his arms. Jackson fell on it.

“You know, you get a turnover, you get pick, you get a sack,” Trevathan said. “Kinda like Oprah.”

They weren’t the queens of daytime. Five turnovers made the Bears the kings of prime time.

The Bears eventually added a 38-yard Eddy Pineiro field goal. The kicker missed an early try but made four extra points as he battled through a pinched nerve.

“The caliber of guys we have in this locker room is built for this,” Mack said. “It’s built for these moments. We want to go out and show the world every time we step out what Chicago Bears football is all about.”

Monday, September 23, 2019

A nut in the making

This guy will say or do anything in order to get another run at the presidency..........dangerous

Mitt Romney calls for Trump-Ukraine whistleblower complaint to be released

Mitt Romney. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images
Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) told NBC News' Geoff Bennett on Monday that the Trump administration should make the whistleblower complaint that reportedly involves the president and Ukraine available to Congress, adding that it would be "very helpful to get [to] the bottom of the facts."

The big picture: Romney continues to be the only Republican senator to condemn allegations that Trump pressured Ukraine's president to investigate Joe Biden, tweeting on Sunday that the reports are "troubling in the extreme." Romney told NBC that it would be "up to the House to decide how to proceed" if the administration fails to release the whistleblower complaint.

Most Popes like to talk about Jesus, this one wants to talk bs.

Pope Francis Calls for ‘Drastic Measures’ to Combat ‘Climate Emergency’

Human beings have caused “a climate emergency that gravely threatens nature and life itself,” Pope Francis said Sunday before urging “drastic measures” to fight global warming.

In his Message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation, the pope adopted the apocalyptic

Very legit too, don't you know

Packers are now 3-0

The Denver Broncos kept it within striking distance all game Sunday but it was the Green Bay Packers’ defense, specifically regarding their capacity to take the ball away, that provided the ultimate difference.
The Packers came away with the 27-16 victory at home, covering the 7.5-point spread in the process, but the Broncos were right there statistically until the Packers imposed their

Sunday, September 22, 2019

A Bishop That Defends Christ's Real Presence


“My friends, we’re in trouble. I won’t mince words with you,” said Robert George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University and director of the  James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions.  “Culturally, politically, morally, civilizationally – we’re in bad shape.”

The rapid transformation of society’s values, George argued, can be traced to a second century heresy: Gnosticism.

“For many of us, it is difficult to understand. How did we get from there to here? How is it that today you are considered a bigot if you think biological males should not be in the women’s shower rooms in high school? Are you wondering how did that happen? Wasn’t it just yesterday that it was common sense that girls shower with girls and boys shower with boys?” George said.

Opposing beliefs of what it means to be a human being define the conflict between Judeo-Christian and natural law worldviews and “social liberalism” based on neo-Gnosticism, George said in a talk to several hundred people during the four-day Napa Institute conference in northern California earlier this month. The conference was created to inform Catholics in an age of growing secularization, according to its website.

Neo-Gnosticism views the body as a mere instrument of the spirit or mind, he said. In contrast, Catholicism believes that spirit and body are unified, George said. In the Catholic Church, St. Irenaeus successfully refuted Gnostic philosophies in the second and third centuries, including a view that only Jesus’ spirit rose from the dead. Nevertheless, different versions of Gnosticism recur through the ages, George said. “Gnostic heresies have arisen time and time again. Today they are back again.”

Same sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia, transgenderism all derive from a neo-Gnostic view of what a human being is, George said. Gnostic ideas are “ideologically dominant among our cultural elites,” George said.

Pope Francis “has been a determined critic of gender ideology and the neo-Gnosticism that underlies it,” George said. He quoted Pope Francis in his encyclical Laudato Si: “It is not a healthy attitude which would seek to cancel out sexual difference because it no longer knows how to confront it.”

In Gnosticism, the spirit or mind can choose its identity without regard for biology, whether a person is born a man or a woman, he said. “If human persons are merely mental substances…then human beings and being a biological member of the human species is not necessarily enough to be a human person,” George said.

”In that case, those human beings in the embryonic and early infant stages are not yet persons. They are human beings but they are pre-personal human beings.” Similarly, victims of advanced dementia, comatose patients “are no longer persons. Uncle Harry was a person once…but you see no one is home,” George said. “You see how abortion and euthanasia are justified,” he said.

Similarly, if physical bodies do not matter, then sexuality can take any form for any person, regardless of biology, he said. “It is not that people think you are wrong to oppose the concept of same sex marriage. They think you are nuts,” George said.

Originally posted on Catholic San Francisco

Celtic Woman - Ave Maria

Saturday, September 21, 2019

50 years of doomsday climate-change predictions that didn’t come true

50 years of doomsday climate-change predictions that didn’t come true
Posted on September 21, 2019 by Dr. Eowyn 

Yesterday, Sept. 20, 2019, was Friday, a school day. But countless young people in the U.S. and across the world skipped school to protest in a global “climate strike”.

In the “woke” San Francisco Bay Area, school children skipped school to protest about climate change, putting pressure on politicians and corporations they say are contributing to an environmental crisis.

As reported by Berkeleyside, one of the protesters, Berkeley High junior Adrienne Mermin, 16, described climate change as apocalyptic. She warned: “There’s a deadline on our existence and a deadline on when we can reverse this. When climate change and climate justice was connected to environmental racism, it became more than just ‘the ice caps are melting,’ and more ‘this affects all of

Hunter Biden.....What did Joe Biden Know?

Why hasn't Hunter Biden been investigated and prosecuted?

For all you global-warming freaks

Thanks to Irish for posting this.

Antonio Brown no more

Patriots cut Antonio Brown after latest allegations

After the latest allegations against Antonio Brown – he reportedly contacted a woman who made an anonymous allegation of sexual impropriety against him in a Sports Illustrated story – the New England Patriots have released the wide receiver.

Brown effectively broke the news himself on Twitter, writing, “Thanks for the opportunity @Patriots #GoWinIt”.

A couple of minutes later, NFL Network confirmed the move.

The Patriots released a brief statement:

“The New England Patriots are releasing Antonio Brown. We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time.”

Earlier Friday when he met with media, Patriots coach and de facto general manager Bill Belichick walked off the podium after around three minutes when he was peppered with questions about only Brown.
The Patriots parted ways with Antonio Brown on Friday afternoon. (AP)

In his one game with New England, last Sunday in Miami, he recorded four catches for 56 yards and a touchdown.
Financial impact of Antonio Brown getting cut

NBC Sports Boston reported on Friday morning that the there was a Monday deadline for the Patriots to pay Brown the first $5 million of his $9 million signing bonus.

Last week, Yahoo Sports’ Charles Robinson reported that the language in Brown’s contract around his guaranteed money said that if the receiver “takes any action that materially undermines the public’s respect for, or is materially critical of, the Club, the Player’s teammates or the Club’s ownership, coaches, management, operations, or policies” then all guarantees will be null and void.

Reaching out to an accuser to intimidate her likely fell under the umbrella of “materially undermining the public’s respect for” the Patriots.
Brown’s alleged group text message to accuser prompts action

On Thursday night, Sports Illustrated reporter Robert Klemko posted a story that he’d been contacted by an attorney for the artist who alleges that Brown made sexual advances toward her in 2017, including approaching her fully naked and with only a small towel covering his penis as she painted a mural in his Pittsburgh-area home.

In group text messages that include the woman, some Brown associates and his lawyer, Darren Heitner, Brown reportedly posts pictures of the woman’s children and her Instagram account, saying, “let’s look up her background history see how broke this girl is.”

The woman has not sought money from Brown, and in a letter to the NFL, her attorney Lisa J. Banks said she has no intention of seeking money from Brown for his alleged sexual misconduct.

The lawyer wrote to the league on her client’s behalf hoping to put an end to the text messages, “which are clearly intended to threaten and intimidate her.”(Amber Matsumoto/Yahoo Sports)
Incident with artist, personal trainer

The NFL responded to Banks’ letter within an hour of receiving it, arranging for a call between league investigators and the artist’s attorney.

Brown had become acquainted with the woman because she painted a portrait of him that was part of a

Another economic calamity for the south suburbs!

MetroSouth Hospital stops accepting new patients, where are the poor people supposed to go?

One official calls the move a ‘calculated tactic’ to force the Blue Island hospital into closure.

By David Struett@dstru312  Sep 20, 2019, 8:11pm CDT

MetroSouth Medical Center stopped accepting new patients Friday evening as its owners and community advocates continue to fight over the future of the south suburban hospital.

One official calls the move a “calculated tactic” to force the Blue Island hospital into closure.

MetroSouth temporarily closed its emergency department and obstetrics emergency department and “immediately” stopped accepting new patients, a hospital spokesperson said in a statement issued Friday.

Reached by phone, an employee of the hospital’s ER said they had stopped accepting patients and

Friday, September 20, 2019

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Can't Stop

Aerosmith - Cryin'

Time to shop at Chicago True Value


Mass Private I
September 19th, 2019
Activist Post
Comments (13)
This article was originally published by Mass Private I at Activist Post. 
Home improvement stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have become partners in Big Brother’s ever-expanding public surveillance program.
Home Depot’s “You Can Do It. We Can Help” slogan should really say, “We Can Do It. We Can Help Big Brother.” And Lowe’s “Do It Right For Less. Start At Lowe’s” slogan should say,

Varsity Football vs. Marist Tonight

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss

dedicated to fighting flooding
Floodplain flap: Is assessor’s fix for well-heeled North Shore homeowners a ‘correction’ — or a ‘gift’?
Many of the affected properties are routinely marketed on the desirability of their scenic locations along Forest Preserve land or golf courses, despite their proximity to the floodplain of the North Branch of the Chicago River, also referred to as the Skokie River.

By Mark Brown@MarkBrownCST Sep 19, 2019, 6:02pm CDT
This mansion on Locust Road in Winnetka is one of 1,136 homes in New Trier Township that would receive a major property tax assessment reduction under a proposal from the Cook County Assessor’s office. The seven bedroom, eight bathroom house was purchased in 2017 for $3,550,000. The assessor is seeking to reduce its assessed value to $2.4 million from $3.7 million. Apple maps

In an unprecedented move, first-year Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi is seeking to slash the

Thursday, September 19, 2019

A hypocritical bastard!

Do as he says, not what he does.

A Democratic Indian



Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 1.54.22 PM
JOLIET - Prayers concerning the remains of 2,246 babies discovered at the Crete home of abortionist Ulrich "George" Klopfer will be offered outside the office of Will County's coroner Thursday at noon, Pro-Life Action League's executive director Eric Scheidler announced Wednesday. 
"Those fetal remains are the bodies of 2,246 tiny baby boys and girls, our brothers and sisters ... are in the custody of the Will County Coroner in Joliet," Scheidler said in an email to the group's supporters. "I hope you’ll join me too, offering prayers of mourning for these children and for the Will County authorities to determine what happened to them and provide them a proper burial."
Scheidler said he would be joined for the prayer vigil by his father, Joe Scheidler, Alexandra Kurator of the Diocese of Joliet, Susan Walker of the Rest in His Arms group, and others.
Scheidler participated in a press conference in South Bend Indiana Tuesday with a member of the Indiana State Legislature, a Baptist minister, a leader in a local prolife group and a woman that experienced an abortion at the hands of George Klopfer when she was 13 years old. 
Standing outside the now-closed Women's Pavilion abortion clinic in South Bend, Scheidler shared concerns about other babies' bodies that may be yet to be discovered of which Klopfer may have not properly disposed. 
"How many other corpses may be inside this building right now? Or inside the other abortion facilities elsewhere in Indiana, or who knows where else? I'm here to speak on behalf of those children who's lives have been snuffed out by abortion." 
The Will County Coroner's office is located at 158 North Scott Road in Joliet, Illinois.