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What would help is more monies

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Rayna meets a "robot".

BREAKING NEWS 3/31/17 SEN Mccain On Trump Putın Relatıonship

The Ticking Time Bomb That Will Wipe Out Pension Funds

 By Michael Snyder, on March 30th, 2017 

Are millions of Americans about to see the big, juicy pensions that they were counting on to fund their golden years go up in flames in the biggest financial disaster in U.S. history? When Bloomberg published an editorial entitled “Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore“, it simply confirmed what a lot of people already knew to be true.  Pension funds all over America are woefully underfunded, and they have been pouring mind boggling amounts of money into very risky investments such as Internet stocks and commercial mortgages.  Just like with subprime mortgages in 2008, this is a crisis that everyone can see coming well in advance, and yet nothing is being done about it.
On a day to day basis, Americans generally don’t think very much about pensions.  Most of those that have been promised pensions simply have faith that they will be there when they need them.
Unfortunately, the truth is that pension plans all over the country are severely underfunded, and this has already resulted in local fiascos such as the one that we just witnessed in Dallas.
But what happened in Dallas is just the very small tip of a very large iceberg.  According to Bloomberg, unfunded pension obligations on a national basis “have risen to $1.9 trillion from $292 billion since 2007″…
As was the case with the subprime crisis, the writing appears to be on the wall. And yet calamity has yet to strike. How so? Call it the triumvirate of conspirators – the actuaries, accountants and their accomplices in office. Throw in the law of big numbers, very big numbers, and you get to a disaster in a seemingly permanent state of making. Unfunded pension obligations have risen to $1.9 trillion from $292 billion since 2007.
And of course that $1.9 trillion number is not actually the real number.
That same Bloomberg article goes on to admit that if honest math was being used that the real number would actually be closer to 6 trillion dollars…
So why not just flip the switch and require truth and honesty in public pension math? Too many cities and potentially states would buckle under the weight of more realistic assumed rates of return. By some estimates, unfunded liabilities would triple to upwards of $6 trillion if the prevailing yields on Treasuries were used. That would translate into much steeper funding requirements at a time when budgets are already severely constrained. Pockets of the country would face essential public service budgets being slashed to dangerous levels.
So where are all of these pensions eventually going to come up with 6 trillion dollars?
That is a very good question.
Ultimately, even if financial conditions stay as stable as they are right now, a whole lot of people are not going to get the money that they were promised.
But things will get really “interesting” if we see a major downturn in the financial markets.  According to Dave Kranzler, if the stock market were to fall by 10 percent or more and stay there for a number of months, that “would cause every single public pension fund to blow up”.  And Kranzler is also deeply concerned about the tremendous amount of exposure that these pension funds have to commercial mortgages…
Circling back to the mall/REIT ticking time-bomb, while the Fed can keep the stock market propped up as means of preventing an immediate nuclear melt-down in U.S. pensions (all of which are substantially “maxed-out” in their mandated equities allocation), the collapse of commercial mortgage-back securities (CMBS) will have the affect of launching a nuclear sub-missile directly into the side of the U.S. financial system.
The commercial mortgage market is about $3 trillion, of which about $1 trillion has been packaged into asset-backed securities and stuffed into yield-starved pension funds. Without a doubt, the same degree of fraud of has been used to concoct the various tranches in these CMBS trusts that was employed during the mid-2000’s mortgage/housing bubble, with full cooperation of the ratings agencies then and now. Just like in 2008, with the derivatives that have been layered into the mix, the embedded leverage in the commercial mortgage/CMBS/REIT model is the financial equivalent of the Fukushima nuclear power plant collapse.
I have previously talked about the ongoing retail apocalypse in the United States which threatens to make so many of these commercial mortgage securities go bad.  It is being projected that somewhere around 3,500 stores will close in the months ahead, and this is going to absolutely devastate mall owners.  In turn, it is inevitable that a lot of their debts will start to go bad, and pension funds will be hit extremely hard by this.
But the coming stock market crash is going to hit pension funds even harder.  Stocks are ridiculously overvalued right now, and if they simply return to “normal valuations”, pension funds are going to lose trillions of dollars.
We are talking about a financial tsunami that will be absolutely unprecedented in our history, and yet investors continue to act like the party can last forever.  In fact, we just learned that margin debt on Wall Street has just hit another brand new record high
The latest data from the New York Stock Exchange show margin debt, or cash borrowed to buy shares, hit a record $528.2 billion in February, up from its prior high of $513.3 billion in January.
Of course my regular readers already know that margin debt also shot up to dramatic peaks just before the last two stock market crashes as well
Prior periods when margin debt hit records occurred around stock market peaks, including 2000 when the dot-com stock boom went bust, and 2007 when stocks began to crater amid early signs of trouble in the housing market ahead of the 2008 financial crisis.
Margin debt jumped 22% from the end of 1999 before peaking in March 2000 at $278.5 billion, the same month stocks peaked. In 2007, margin debt shot up to $381.4 billion in July, three months before stocks topped.
We are perfectly primed for the greatest financial disaster in American history, and yet very few people are sounding the alarm.
This massive financial bubble is a ticking time bomb, and when it finally goes off it is going to wipe out virtually every pension fund in the United States.

An alderman's mind would be a terrible thing to lose, as we almost lost Brookins

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Rough Night in South Shore

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It all started when somebody stole some Easter eggs.

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What is wrong with this guy?

DURBIN RE-AFFIRMS HIS ALLEGIANCE TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD and ignores his moral compass. Will say or do anything for a vote or contribution

WASHINGTON DC - Within hours of the latest undercover video being releasedfeaturing an Arizona abortionist vividly describing how she removes limbs and crushes the skulls of unborn babies as she takes them from their mothers' wombs, Wednesday, Illinois U.S. Senator Dick Durbin alerted the world of his unfailing allegiance to Planned Parenthood or, as he tweeted: "#StandWithPP": 
Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 4.06.04 PM


If you do or say the wrong thing at the wrong time, you could lose your friends, you could lose your job, and you could potentially even lose your reputation.
Michael Snyder

What in the world has happened to the United States? We are rapidly getting to the point where political correctness is in danger of becoming our national religion.

Of course most people would not even call it a “religion”, but for most Americans this unwritten set of rules shapes everything that they think, do and say. Many had been hoping that the spell of political correctness would be broken by the election of Donald Trump, but that obviously has not happened. The forces of political correctness still have a stranglehold on our education system, on all forms of entertainment, on our legal system, and on most of the politicians in both political parties.

The unwritten rules of political correctness are shifting and changing all the time, and if you don’t keep up with them the penalties can be extremely severe.

If you do or say the wrong thing at the wrong time, you could lose your friends, you could lose your job, and you could potentially even lose your reputation.

In fact, there have been numerous people over the past year that have been publicly crucified in the court of public opinion for doing or saying something that was not politically-correct.

And with each passing day, the forces of political correctness take a little bit more ground. The following are 12 signs that America has become a politically-correct madhouse…

#1 According to Time Magazine, a book entitled “Santa’s Husband” will be released on October 10th by a major U.S. publisher that depicts Santa as “a gay man in an interracial relationship”.

#2 A middle school in North Hollywood is facing substantial budget cuts because they have too many non-minority students

Outrage has grown at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, as the school faces layoffs and increased class sizes due to a law limiting funds for schools with a higher white student body.

The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.

In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.

#3 According to Michael Moore, historians will mark “March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began” because Donald Trump has rolled back Obama’s climate change regulations.

#4 One of my readers just sent me a photo that his 16-year-old son took at school. It is a photo of a

UPDATED with Funeral Information

Father Dan Mallette R.I.P.

Rev. Daniel J. Mallette, age 85. March 26, 2017. Pastor Emeritus of St. Margaret of Scotland Church. Beloved son of the late Daniel and Anne (nee Kroll). Survived by his beloved Tuffy, his many cousins and friends whom he acquired through his many assignments and ministry in the archdiocese. Lying-in-state Friday March 31st from 3-8 p.m. at St. Margaret of Scotland Church, 9837 S. Throop St., and Saturday 8:45 a.m. until 10:45 a.m. followed by Mass of the Resurrection at 11:00 a.m. Int. Holy Cross Cemetery. 

I would like to know who owns Northstar Lottery Group

Illinois taxpayers pay millions in bonuses to lottery staff

CHICAGO (AP) - Illinois taxpayers have funded about $2 million in "retention" bonuses for employees of a private firm managing the lottery despite the firm performing so badly that the state is working to replace it.

The Chicago Tribune ( ) reports the state approved paying bonuses as part of a complex deal it made in 2015 with the firm, Northstar Lottery Group. The company agreed to end its decade-long deal early if the state met a host of conditions, including paying the firm "disentanglement" fees that included the bonuses.

Records show the company offered an unspecified number of employees 30 to 50 percent of their base pay as a bonus for continuing to work through set periods. The bonus increased to 60 percent of base pay for those who continued to work the first half of 2017.
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The bonuses made up the vast majority of disentanglement fees the state paid and also included covering the firm's additional travel and meeting expenses it says were related to breaking the deal. Records show those purchases ranged from one employee's $200 steakhouse dinner tab to nearly $800 to rent furniture for an empty apartment the company leased.

The firm has declined to release names of the employees receiving the bonuses and reimbursements.

Information from: Chicago Tribune,

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More older women are drinking hard

"It's just wine"

New research finds an increase in binge drinking among older women.
More older American women than ever are drinking — and drinking hard, a new study shows.
Most troubling was the finding that the prevalence of binge drinking among older women is increasing dramatically, far faster than it is among older men, the researchers noted.
The difference was striking: Among men, the average prevalence of binge drinking remained stable from 1997 to 2014, while it increased an average of nearly 4 percent per year among women, the researchers found.
Increased drinking and binge drinking can be a serious health problem for women, said study author Rosalind Breslow, an epidemiologist at the U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism.
Women don’t tolerate alcohol as well as men, and they start to have alcohol-related problems at lower drinking levels than men, Breslow explained.
She pointed out that on average, women weigh less than men, and have less water in their bodies than men do. (Alcohol dissolves in water).
“So, after a man and woman of the same weight drink the same amount of alcohol, the woman’s blood alcohol concentration will tend to be higher, putting her at greater risk for harm,” Breslow said.
For the study, Breslow and her colleagues collected data on more than 65,000 men and women aged 60 and older who were current drinkers. Among these, more than 6,500 men and 1,700 women were binge drinkers.
Older adults, in general, are at greater risk of the effects of alcohol than younger adults, Breslow noted. “They’re more sensitive to the effects of alcohol, which can contribute to falls and other injuries, a major problem in older people,” she said.
As the U.S. population ages, the number of men and women 60 and older who drink will likely increase further, bringing with it more alcohol-related problems.
In the study, said Breslow, “we found that between 1997 and 2014, the proportion of older male drinkers in the U.S. population increased about 1 percent per year, and female drinkers increased nearly 2 percent per year.”
It’s not clear why this is happening, Breslow added.
“There is a great deal of speculation that baby boomers drank more when they were young and continue to drink more as a group. There is some limited evidence to support this speculation,” she said.
“We did find that more younger boomers, ages 60 to 64, both men and women, were drinking than people of the same age in past generations,” Breslow added.
Whether drinking is increasing among certain racial or ethnic groups isn’t something the researchers analyzed, she said.
But alcohol can have devastating consequences, particularly for older adults, Breslow said.
“Too much drinking increases your chances of being injured or even killed. Alcohol is a factor, for example, in about 60 percent of fatal burn injuries, drownings and homicides; 50 percent of severe trauma injuries and sexual assaults; and 40 percent of fatal motor vehicle crashes, suicides and fatal falls,” she said.
In addition, heavy drinkers have a greater risk of liver disease, heart disease, sleep disorders, depression, stroke, bleeding from the stomach, sexually transmitted infections from unsafe sex, and several types of cancer, Breslow said. They may also have problems managing diabetes, high blood pressure and other chronic conditions.
“Think before you drink,” she said. Adults over age 65 who are healthy and do not take medications should not have more than three drinks a day or seven drinks in a week, Breslow said.
“Based on your health and how alcohol affects you, you may need to drink less or not at all,” she added.
Another alcohol abuse expert also felt that the rise in binge drinking among older women was the most concerning finding in the study.
“We know that, overall, women are more sensitive to the negative health consequences of alcohol than men,” said Dr. J.C. Garbutt, medical director of the University of North Carolina Alcohol and Substance Abuse Program, in Chapel Hill.
“These consequences include liver disease, high blood pressure, strokeheart disease and cognitive impairment — serious problems — and addiction to alcohol is possible as well,” he said.
Garbutt said he couldn’t explain the increase in binge drinking among older women.
“One would have to think there are major cultural factors at work, including the greater acceptability for women to drink, family structural changes, and perhaps greater access. But we really don’t know so it would be premature to speculate,” he said.
“Regardless, this speaks to the need to continue to educate the public about the harms of alcohol, including the increased risk to women and older individuals,” he said.
The report was published March 24 in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research.
A study published last October also found the gap in drinking between men and women is closing.
Women across the globe are now nearly as likely as men to drink and to engage in excessive drinking, according to researchers with the National Drug and Alcohol Research Center at the University of New South Wales in Australia.

May she burn in hell


Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 10.21.10 AM
Wednesday, the Center for Medical Progress released an undercover video taken at a Planned Parenthood networking event in which an abortionist vividly describes her technique of ending the lives of unborn babies at up to six months in their mother's wombs. 

In a 12-minute long portion of a 27 minute long unedited conversation, Planned Parenthood Arizona's Medical Director Dr. DeShawn Taylor goes into detail about how she dismembers unborn babies so that her staff isn't upset when the extractions are intact,

RUSH: We're Not That Far From A CIVIL WAR!

McCain is usually not that funny!

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Rahm is so full of it!

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The (second) American Civil War is already here

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Do you, like I, have the sense that although Clinton lost and Trump won the election, things are even worse than before?
Daniel Greenfield, an expert on radical Islam and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, has written a stunning and searingly truthful article that explains why things are even worse today.
That’s because the Left, having lost the election, are now in open rebellion against nothing less than our system of government. We are in a second American civil war — a war that stems from irreconcilable differences between conservatives and the Left who have formed a treasonous anti-government.
Nor can our differences be resolved by secession, because the Left do not want to secede. They want total control.
Below is Greenfield’s article in its entirety. I cannot recommend it more highly.
H/t FOTM‘s Anon

The Civil War Is Here

The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule.
Daniel Greenfield • March 27, 2017 • Frontpage Mag
A civil war has begun.
This civil war is very different than the last one. There are no cannons or cavalry charges. The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule. Political conflicts become civil wars when one side refuses to accept the existing authority. The left has rejected all forms of authority that it doesn’t control.
The left has rejected the outcome of the last two presidential elections won by Republicans. It has rejected the judicial authority of the Supreme Court when its decisions don’t accord with its agenda. It rejects the legislative authority of Congress when it is not dominated by the left.
It rejected the Constitution so long ago that it hardly bears mentioning.
It was for total unilateral executive authority under Obama. And now it’s for states unilaterally deciding what laws they will follow. (As long as that involves defying immigration laws under Trump, not following

Kennedy: Shakes from inherited disorder — ‘not that big a deal’

Or was he scared after insulting the party bosses? The same bosses that dragged his uncle across the finish line in 1960. 

Gubernatorial candidate Chris Kennedy speaks before the Cook County Democratic Party, delivering his campaign platform for a possible endorsement at Erie Cafe on Monday, March 27, 2017.
Calling it “more of a nuisance than a disability,” Chris Kennedy on Tuesday acknowledged that he suffers from a hereditary disorder that causes tremors — a day after the Sun-Times reported that the gubernatorial candidate’s hands were shaking during a meet-and-greet with Cook County Democratic leaders.

“I wanted to set the record straight. The shaking is a condition I’ve lived with my whole life called familial [tremors.] It runs in the family. Doctors don’t know what causes it other than it is hereditary and does not cause impairment — more of a nuisance than a disability. In fact, many of my family members live with it. It doesn’t limit any of us in any way,”

Monday, March 27, 2017

Technically legal but still what some people would call a bribe.

Clutch Cargo Blago

Mihalopoulos: After Midway deal, restaurateurs gave big to Rahm

Mayor Rahm Emanuel announces new concessions, more security entrances and parking spaces at Midway Airport. Thursday, August 6, 2015. File Photo. (Brian Jackson/For the Chicago Sun-Times)
Dan Mihalopoulos

After getting clearance for takeoff from City Hall a month ago, a clout-heavy group of business interests stands to profit richly from providing expanded restaurants and stores at Chicago’s No. 2 airport.

Not long after the Midway Airport deal was finally approved, restaurateurs with a stake in the winning proposal showed their love for Mayor Rahm Emanuel — in the form of big contributions to the mayor’s campaign fund.

City records show three brands from Richard Melman’s Lettuce Entertain You Enterprises Inc. — Big Bowl, M Burger and R.J. Grunts — will be among the restaurants doing business at Midway under the new deal between the city and concessionaire Midway Partnership LLC.

As part of the team the Emanuel administration chose over other bidders, the three restaurants will offer their menus to the captive audience of travelers beyond the airport’s security checkpoints.

Since the City Council vote to ratify the mayor’s preferred concessions plan, the Chicago for Rahm Emanuel campaign committee has reported getting contributions worth $86,200 from Melman family

The county is losing people


By Nancy Mathieson - 
Although I live near Chicago, I was in Phoenix last week when the Census Bureau reported Cook County IL had the largest population loss and Maricopa County, Arizona (Phoenix metro) had the largest gain of all counties between July 1, 2015 and July 1, 2016.  During that period, Cook County lost a net of 21,324 people to reach population of 5,203,499, while Maricopa County climbed by a net of 81,360 to 4,242,997 residents.
While Phoenix is happy to welcome new residents, experts are encouraged to see slower growth compared to the extreme population surges right before the 2008 housing crash.

Is the radical left threatening violence?

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Rahm doesn't know where to stop

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Problems solved

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Whoever thought this up is a genius. 

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Doesn't look English to me!

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Isn't diversity wonderful? 

It may be time to redefine what it means to be a citizen of Great Britain. United States too. 
He looks English

Fake News, global warming

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The sad thing is if you talk to any person age 25 or younger, they have bought into the concept of global warming. They are so impressionable. 

Lack of leadership?

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Another Fake News Item

THE WATCHDOGS: Chicagoans take triple hit on old Wrigley factory. 
There is so much missing from this story. It's slanted to create the impression that Thompson did something improper. Not so. There was a fire, a demolition, an insurance company payout and a legit attempt to attract jobs. Non of it is mentioned. 

The abandoned Wrigley factory at 35th and Ashland. | Rich Hein / Sun-Times
The abandoned factory that the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. left behind in Bridgeport has been like a wad of gum stuck to the shoes of Chicagoans.

First, Wrigley shut down the factory, sending 600 jobs to the far suburbs, in 2006 — four years after Mayor Richard M. Daley gave the company $16 million in tax breaks to keep its headquarters in Chicago.

Then, Wrigley sold the 31-acre site including the shuttered chewing gum factory for nearly $4.9 million. The buyers? A group of Lombard businessmen who, within months, had Daley’s nephew, attorney Patrick Daley Thompson, working to cut their property taxes on the land.

Then, Thompson’s clients got $8 million by selling 13 acres of the Wrigley land to ComEd so the

Harassment, thin skinned or some other agenda?

LINK Iranian cop, quits, sues, claims harassment

Friday, March 24, 2017

John McCain Wimp Creep

Trump blames Democrats for health bill failure

Not Good

House Republican leaders abruptly pulled a rewrite of the nation’s health-care system from consideration on Friday, a dramatic defeat for President Trump and House Speaker Paul D. Ryan (R-Wis.) that leaves a major campaign promise unfilled and casts doubt on the Republican Party’s ability to govern.
In addition to leaving the Affordable Care Act in place, the news also raises questions about the GOP’s ability to advance other high-stakes agenda items, including tax reform and infrastructure spending. Ryan is still without a signature achievement as speaker — and the defeat undermines Trump’s image as a skilled dealmaker willing to strike compromises to push his agenda forward.
In an interview with The Washington Post, Trump deflected any responsibility for the setback and blamed Democrats instead. 
“We couldn’t get one Democratic vote and we were a little bit shy, very little, but it was still a little bit shy so we pulled it,” he said. 
“I don’t blame Paul,” Trump said, referring to Ryan.
Which Republicans forced Trump to pull the health-care bill
In a news conference shortly after the decision, Ryan conceded that his party “came up short.”

Dad Shreds Video Games

Psycho kid addicted to video games

This guy is an ass....

Michigan State Trooper


There you go

LINK worlds-greatest-leader

The article doesn't explain ifs they think he is the greatest leader of all time or just this year. Either way, this is a marvelous example of what a PR agent can do.  Shame on Theo for allowing an article like this to be published. 

House Votes Today


WASHINGTON (AP) - Abandoning negotiations, President Donald Trump demanded a make-or-break vote on health care legislation in the House, threatening to leave "Obamacare" in place and move on to other issues if Friday's vote fails.
The risky move, part gamble and part threat, was presented to GOP lawmakers behind closed doors Thursday night after a long and intense day that saw a planned vote on the health care bill scrapped as the legislation remained short of votes amid cascading negotiations among conservative lawmakers, moderates and others.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Nothing funny about this

Leftists giggle as Robison warns: This is a war.

Tommy Robinson, one of the boldest anti-Islam advocates in Britain, tore into Islamapologists and leftists who interrupted an interview he was delivering to Rebel Media at the site of Wednesday’s jihadist attack in London.

Robinson was speaking with an equally impassioned Caolan Robertson about the day’s horrific events, of which Robinson has warned constantly for years, as the Islamization of Britain continues unchecked.

“This isn’t a shock to me – I don’t understand people who are surprised by this… we are at war,” he

Not Good

LINK chicago-lead-nation-population-loss

How did America become so naïve?

How did America become so naïve?
By Peter Lemiska

Considering America's 240-year history, 16 years is not a long time. But for some, it's long enough to forget the outrage and fear all Americans felt after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Nineteen hate-filled Muslim extremists exploited our flawed immigration controls and came to our country for the sole purpose of slaughtering innocent men, women, and children. In the aftermath of those attacks, there were no outcries for open borders or for sanctuary cities. For that brief moment, everyone understood the need to secure our borders from ruthless enemies abroad.

The hatred that drove those terrorists hasn't diminished. There have been too many painful reminders of

Lollapalooza 2017




What states share photos

LINK /fbi-facial-recognition-state-driver-license/

Obama spying - hows extensive was it?

Nunes claims some Trump transition messages were intercepted

The move gave cover to the White House but was rebuked by top Democrats.


03/22/17 01:19 PM EDT

House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes declared Wednesday that members of Donald Trump’s transition team, possibly including Trump himself, were under inadvertent surveillance following November’s presidential election.

The White House and Trump’s allies immediately seized on the statement as vindication of the president’s much-maligned claim that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower

This is what happens when you allow muslims to enter your country

LINK attack-near-britains-parliament

A once great nation being brought too it's knees. 

LINK Additional Info

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Texas high school has a prayer room for Muslims

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The Left constantly scream about “separation of church and state” — a phrase that, by the way, is not in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. It’s a phrase in Thomas Jefferson’s 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptist Association, which has become the meaning of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause (“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”) in the minds of too many Americans.
At a time when school prayers are forbidden on the basis of the vaunted “separation of church and state,” it is curious that Liberty High School, a public taxpayer-funded high school in Frisco, Texas, bends over backwards to accommodate Muslim students by providing them with a prayer room.
Marisa Uddin writes for Liberty High’s student newspaper Wingspan, March 3, 2017, that “Every day during lunches, [class]room C112 is utilized as a prayer room.
The campus prayer room has been available for students since 2009 ostensibly because by providing a place for Muslim students to pray, it would enable them to minimize the amount of class missed.
Liberty High’s principal Scott Warstler said:
“This is my seventh year at Liberty, my first year it kind of started when a core group of students were leaving campus every Friday for Friday prayer. Their parents would come pick them up, so they may miss an hour and a half to two hours to two and a half hours of school every Friday, so I met with those students and a couple of their parents and suggested if they would be okay if the students were able to lead the prayer at school as a group, and we gave them a space to do that so they didn’t have to be in a car traveling thirty minutes each way on a Friday missing an hour, hour and a half, of class.
I think the trademark of what makes Liberty High so great is our diversity and in how our students respond to the different cultures and diversity on campus. Like I’ve said, this is the seventh year that we’ve been doing this and we’ve never had one issue. You know we have other religious student groups that meet maybe before school or maybe after school. As long as it’s student-led, where the students are organizing and running it, we pretty much as a school stay out of that and allow them their freedom to practice their religion.”
According to Leo Hohmann of WND, at least a dozen students use the “Muslim prayer room” between 2:05 and 2:35 p.m. Monday through Friday. That prompted Texas State Attorney General Ken Paxton, a Republican, to instruct Deputy Attorney General Andrew Leonie to send a letter to the school district warning that special accommodations for one religion over another are unconstitutional. The letter says:
“Liberty High School’s policy should be neutral toward religion. However, it appears that students are being treated different based on their religious beliefs. Such a practice, of course, is irreconcilable with our nation’s enduring commitment to religious liberty.”
School-district officials told the local CBS affiliate the room is not exclusively for Muslims and any student can go there to pray or meditate. But Principal Scott Warstler told Wingspan that while students of other faiths are allowed to meet on campus as well, those other meetings are held “before or after school.”
Liberty High School’s prayer room is just the latest example of special accommodations being made for Muslims by America’s public schools. Many high schools and colleges in Minnesota, Michigan and other states have been installing ritualistic footbaths.
Given Islam’s toiletry code, one wonders if the footbaths are also used by Muslim students to splash water on their butts after they defecate. (See “Muslim chef contaminates kitchen with feces by wiping his butt with his hand, in accordance with Islamic toiletry code”)
Here’s contact info. for Liberty High School:
Address: 15250 Rolater Road, Frisco, TX 75035
Phone: 469-633-5800
Fax: 469-633-5850

While the British Army was having a parade on the Russian border, this was happening

British Army on review, earlier today

BREAKING NEWS: Woman dead and several suffer 'catastrophic injuries' after muslim car mows down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge before a knifeman is shot after attacking police officer in the grounds of Parliament

  • Four-wheel drive car said to have driven over Westminster Bridge knocking down pedestrians this afternoon

  • Victims were said to have been left scattered in the road, with some reportedly floating in the River Thames
  • 'Asian' knifeman then got into the grounds of Parliament where he reportedly stabbed a police officer

  • The 'middle-aged' attacker was then shot by armed officers as the area was cleared by emergency services

  • Parliament was suspended and the Prime Minister was rushed from the scene in an unmarked police car 

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has warned the European