Monday, February 29, 2016

Millennial discovers the real world: Fired 2 hours after complaining online about her salary

This is a true story about a precious snow flake named Talia Jane, who is emblematic of everything that’s wrong with America’s Millennials, aka Generation Y — those born between 1980 and the early 2000s, who would be 18 to 30 years old today.
Talia Jane's pic on Twitter
Talia Jane was a 25-year-old San Francisco Yelp employee, her first job after college. But Talia didn’t like the fact that Yelp paid her only minimum wage, at $12 an hour. So she wrote an open and very long 2,000-word letter to Yelp’s CEO and co-founder, Jeremy Stoppelman, and posted it online on medium.comon Feb. 19, 2016.
In her letter, Talia said that she majored in English literature in college and always wanted to work in media. She moved to San Francisco, a high-cost city, because she likes the weather, incurring credit card debt from the move. She has a car and lives alone in a $1245 a month apartment, with a landline phone and internet service.
She got a job at Yelp, but is unhappy because:
“I was told I’d have to work in support for an entire year before I would be able to move to a

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Some people would say this is criminal

Pension funds lost millions on deals with Daley nephew, Obama pal

Robert G. Vanecko, left, and Allison S. Davis, right. File photos

A real estate venture created by President Barack Obama’s onetime boss and a nephew of former Mayor Richard M. Daley squandered $68 million it was given to invest on behalf of pension plans for Chicago teachers, cops, city employees and transit workers, a Chicago Sun-Times investigation has found.

The five public pension funds haven’t made a dime on the investments they made nearly a decade ago with DV Urban Realty Partners, a company created by Obama’s ex-boss Allison S. Davis and Daley nephew Robert G. Vanecko, records show.

In fact, the financially troubled pension plans have lost most of the money they gave DV Urban, which used the money to invest in risky real estate deals, primarily in neglected neighborhoods.

It invested in eight real estate deals that, for the most part, had gone belly up by Dec. 31, 2015, when the investment deals with the Chicago pension plans expired.

Though the pension funds lost out, DV Urban and its affiliated companies got about $9 million of the pension money for management fees. And they were in line for more until pension officials, facing losses, got a court order in 2012 to remove Davis and Vanecko from managing the retirement investments.

Following the sale of two properties last year, the pension funds recovered $6 million of their original investments — but $293,716 of that

The Tribune has become such a rag

Endorsing Kim Foxx: Time for a change at state's attorney, like we need a 2d public defender.
Inexperienced and not capable of maintaining law and order
In 2008 and again in 2012, we endorsed Anita Alvarez for Cook County state's attorney. She was elected twice to be the people's lawyer — the prosecutor tasked to convict criminals and, when appropriate, put them away. That is not the entirety of this job. But it is why this job exists.

We don't regret those endorsements. Nor have we joined the more recent chorus arguing that Alvarez's handling of the Laquan McDonald case disqualifies her from office. She didn't whitewash this case; when her office

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.15.19 PM
"I’m not going to pay for that f***in' wall! He should pay for it. He’s got the money," Fox said.

This is still not over!

QUESTION; When will Webb release Koschman records? 


'If you have nothin to worry about, don't worry. But if you have something to worry about, you better worry.'

Feds can't wait to see these records too!

Dan K. Webb. | Sun-Times file photo

The investigations of David Koschman’s death are over: Former Mayor Richard M. Daley’s nephew is on probation for involuntary manslaughter, four cops have retired to avoid punishment for their roles in the case, and two others are fighting suspensions.
But thousands of pages of evidence remain walled off from public view under the state’s grand-jury protection law, including statements from Daley and his relatives.

Meet the next generation of police

John Kass on Trump

Call me a loser conservative, but Donald Trump is not my cup of tea.
Rand Paul was the candidate I liked, one who suffered a charisma deficit, yes, but a conservative who actually referred to the Constitution.
I thought he had a chance to attract young voters and realign the Republicans away from their war-party impulses and toward some semblance of fiscal sanity.
As a result, Paul was savaged early on by the GOP establishment as some kind of dangerous "isolationist," which means he didn't want American kids to fight wars in the Middle East.

Back then the GOP establishment didn't mind Trump, when he was sucking up all the TV media oxygen on Fox News and thereby asphyxiating the Paul campaign. In the establishment mind, Trump must have been a useful idiot.
He'd take attention away from candidates that threatened the establishment, and when it finally was time, the wise men would unleash Jeb! and his $100 million

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

So much talent and such a wimp

Derrick Rose is out: 'Just don't want to take any risks'


After three straight games of breaking opponents’ ankles, Derrick Rose went back to breaking hearts.
The Bulls point guard opted to sit out the Wednesday showdown with All-Star John Wall and the Washington Wizards, insisting that his right hamstring was acting up and “Just don’t want to take any risks.’’
Rose did say that it was his decision, and when asked who he consulted about not playing he said, “Myself.’’

Read this list, tell me if you substantially agree with his positions.

Donald Trump: 22 things the Republican believes 

Donald Trump on 19 November, 2015 in Newton, IowaImage copyrightGetty Images

Donald Trump is the frontrunner in the Republican race to be the presidential nominee for next year's election. What are his policies and beliefs?
1. Arab-Americans cheered the attacks on 9/11. Trump repeatedly claimed that on 11 September, 2001, there were thousands of Arab-Americans celebrating in New Jersey after two planes flew into the Twin Towers. He says such public demonstrations "tell you something" about Muslims living in the US. However, there are no media reports to back up the claim.
2. There should be surveillance on US mosques. Trump believes Muslims should be tracked by law enforcement as a counterterrorism initiative. He has walked back some comments about keeping a database on all American Muslims, but says he doesn't care if watching mosques is seen as "politically incorrect".

Demonstrators protest surveillance at New York mosques in 2013Image copyrightGetty Images
Image captionDemonstrators protest surveillance at New York mosques in 2013

3. The US should use waterboarding and other methods of "strong interrogation" in its fight against the Islamic State. The candidate said that these methods are

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

White Guilt

On track to break all records!

Homicides in Chicago this year double same period last year as Rahm instead chooses to use city resources to grab the old post office for his buddies. 

John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune
Alexandra Chachkevitch and Megan CrepeauContact ReportersChicago Tribune

Four homicides over the weekend and two more Monday morning pushed Chicago's homicide count so far this year to double the same period last year.

The city has recorded at least 95 homicides since the first of the year, compared to 47 last year, according to data kept by the Tribune. The city has also more than doubled the amount of people shot - about 420 this year compared to 193 last year.

Kirk is a bum

Sen. Mark Kirk who has been bought and paid for says Obama's Supreme Court pick deserves fair hearing in Senate

Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., is breaking ranks with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the issue of filing the Supreme Court vacancy created by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. | Getty Images

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama should nominate a replacement for Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and the Senate should consider the appointment, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., announced on Monday, splitting from Senate

Monday, February 22, 2016

God Bless the USA - The Texas Tenors


By Mark Rhoads - 
On Election Night in 2014, many conservative Republicans were very happy that the GOP won the majority in both houses of Congress because they hoped the victory meant that GOP leaders would stand firm against liberal policies of President Obama.
Maybe those expectations were unrealistic.

But in any case, those high hopes of 2014 soon faced the

Sunday, February 21, 2016

It's looking like

Clinton vs Trump in November
Conventional wisdom has it that Hillary Clinton will crush Donald Trump next November, if they both happen to be their respective parties’ nominees. We’re told that Trump is too brash, too crude, too inexperienced, and too offensive to present a real challenge to a seasoned pro like Clinton.

As has been the case repeatedly where Trump is concerned, however, that conventional wisdommay prove not simply wrong, but entirely backward.

Clinton has two major weaknesses as a candidate – presuming, of course, that voters can and will overlook her apparent dishonesty.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Instead of buying bullet-proof vest

Emanuel moves to acquire, redevelop old Main Post Office

Bill Davies, a British investor and resident of Monaco with International Property Developers North America, Inc., at a 2009 auction for the old Chicago Post Office (File Photo by Richard A. Chapman/Sun-Times)
After years of grand plans and empty promises, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is moving to seize control over a giant civic embarrassment: the vacant Main Post Office that hovers over the Eisenhower Expressway.
British developer Bill Davies, who purchased the dilapidated hulk of a building eight years ago, was notified Friday of the city’s intention to use its sweeping condemnation powers to acquire the building and solicit bids to redevelop it.

The “request for proposals” for the entire building — not pieces of it — is expected to be issued this spring with a winner chosen this summer. The designated developer will be required to bankroll the city’s acquisition of the property and develop the project without tax-increment-financing (TIF) or any other city subsidy, said Planning and Development Commissioner David Reifman.

Obama skipping Scalia funeral.

So why is Obama afraid to go into a Catholic church?

Friday, February 19, 2016


CSX could care less
I would like to acknowledge the good efforts of Ald. O'Shea as he battles CSX Railroad at the Surface Transportation Board. 

During the past few years CSX trains have been blocking grade crossings throughout the neighborhood. Their actions have caused serious inconveniences for drivers and have threatened the safety of our neighborhood. CSX needs to be looked at closer and held accountable. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Experiencing Black Fatigue?

You’re Not Alone!

A lot of Americans are becoming increasingly fed-up with the constant whining and grievance mongering put forth by black people — as well as the liberal moonbats who grovel at their feet.
Speaking of groveling, Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said this while delivering a speech in Harlem this Tuesday:
White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers that you face every day. We need to recognize our privilege and practice humility, rather than assume that our experiences are everyone’s experiences.
Hmm. Perhaps black people should do a better job of listening to their teachersfollowing directions and behaving in a respectable manner?
And oh, why must white Americans “do a better job of listening” to only black people? What about Asians, Hispanics and other non-black minorities in America? Did we become invisible or something?
Better yet, shouldn’t black people have to listen to whites as well, or does their black pigmentation entitle them to do this? (points to the pic below)
Black People Not Listening
Many black people have been conditioned to prop up and celebrate bad choices and bad character, not to mention irresponsibility. Thus they now feel entitled to bitch and moan incessantly about perceived injustices, when in fact many of the things they consider to be unjust are in actuality fully justified.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chicago Values

February To Date
Shot & Killed: 20
Shot & Wounded: 76
Total Shot: 96
Total Homicides: 29
Week in Progress (2/14 – 2/20)
Shot & Killed: 4
Shot & Wounded: 19
Total Shot: 23
Total Homicides: 4
Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 73
Shot & Wounded: 322
Total Shot: 395
Total Homicides: 86


One sick bastardOver the years, we’ve read more than our share of sad, sick and/or sadistic stories.This one however is one of the more f’d up ones:
“Allen McDowell, 23, of the 4000 block of North Sheridan Road, was arrested last week with the Ventra card of a man with cerebral palsy who says he was raped Feb. 2 in the Downtown park, prosecutors said.
The details came to light Friday, when McDowell and five others were charged with various crimes in Cook County Circuit Court. McDowell was charged with armed robbery, robbery, aggravated battery to a transit employee/rider, aggravated criminal sexual assault and aggravated armed robbery.
Prosecutors allege McDowell met the 26-year-old rape victim Downtown, where they shared a cigar and alcohol in an alley.
The pair then headed to Grant Park, where McDowell threatened the victim with a heavy object and told the man he’d killed people before, according to prosecutors. McDowell allegedly raped the man and forced him to perform oral sex before stealing the victim’s wallet, cellphone and Ventra card.
McDowell and five others would continue a string of Downtown robberies and batteries last week until Feb. 10, when they were arrested. In one robbery, the offenders beat a CTA passenger with a hammer until he lost consciousness.”
The only thing missing from this story is the “turning his life around” happy ending. In any event, all those charges should be good enough for time served and he’ll be back on the street in 6-9 months turning other peoples’ lives around, again, still.
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2016 Chicago Homicide Shot Placement Challkie

2016 Shot Placement

As of 2/12/16
2016 Chicago Homicide City Map

2016 Deadliest ‘hoods

Garfield Park54045
North Lawndale12122
Humboldt Park41216
Grand Crossing11112
New City4812
Chicago Lawn1910
Grand Boulevard1910
Gage Park639
Little Village279
South Shore279
Brighton Park268
Auburn Gresham347
All Others2585110
As of 2/12/16
2016 Chicago Police Involved Shootings

2016 Police-involved Shootings

2009-2012 stats account for CPD incidents only. 2013-2016 may include other police forces within Chicago, such as the Illinois State Police, Cook County Sheriff or various 3 lettered federal agencies. Historical data pulled from Independent Police Review Authority.
2016 Chicago Homicide Cause of Death

2016 Cause of Death

As of 2/16/16
2016 Race of Victim

2016 Race of Victim/Assailant

As of 2/16/16

*Victim metrics only include homicides. Assailant metrics only account for those incidents where either an arrest has been made, part of a murder/suicide, self defense or if it involved the police.
2016 Chicago Homicide Gender of Victim

2016 Gender of Victim

As of 2/16/16


As of 2/15/16
Robbery Spree


Warning: some of the images found within the Gallery may be graphic. View full Gallery
2016 Total Shot in Chicago

2016 Total Shot

 201420152016YoY %
Feb 1-13372873+160%
As of 2/13/16
2016 Chicago Homicide Clearance Rate

2016 Homicide Clearance Rate

Legal OutcomeHomicides
No Suspect Charged64
Suspect Charged11
The clearance rate is a calculation of Total Homicide Suspects Charged/(Total Homicides – Police involved – Self Defense – Murder/Suicides). Regardless of how many people are charged in relation to a single homicide, it’s only counted as one suspect for calculation purposes. The rate has nothing to do with criminal proceedings and convictions (or lack thereof).
Multi-victim or mass shootings

2016 Multi-victim Shootings

# of Victims# of Incidents# Killed
5 shot11
4 shot1-
Hat Trick125
2 shot3015
As of 2/15/16
Chicago Homicides by Year, 1957 - 2013

Yearly Murder Trend (1957-2015)

Richard J. Daley1955-197610,910
Michael Bilandic1976-19792,408
Jane Byrne1979-19833,202
Harold Washington1983-19873,295
Eugene Sawyer1987-1989978
Richard M. Daley1989-201114,653
Rahm Emanuel2011-2,208

Police Scanner Frequencies

If you’re interested in listening to Chicago mayhem, invest in a quality scanner or a cheaper two-way radio and tune in to the frequencies below:
If you’re not local, head over to either the Apple or Google app store and download a scanner app or check out Broadcastify’s Live Audio Feeds.
Freq.CPD Dist.Main 'hoods
460.1250CW 1Citywide
460.1750CW 2Citywide
460.15001 & 18Loop, Mag Mile, Gold Coast
460.50002 & 21Hyde Park, Grand Boulevard
460.07503Woodlawn, South Shore
460.20004 & 6Auburn Gresham, Chatham
460.02505 & 22Roseland, West Pullman
460.40007 & 8Englewood, Chicago Lawn
460.450012 & 14Near West Side, New City
460.100010 & 11Garfield Park, Humboldt Park, N. Lawndale
460.425015 & 25Austin, Belmot-Cragin
460.050019Lincoln Park, Lakeview, Uptown
460.375020 & 24Edgewater, Rogers Park
Chicago FireCitywide

*Source Data & Editor’s Note

We compile our own dataset using the following sources: Chicago TribuneChicago Sun-TimesHomicide Watch ChicagoDNAInfo ChicagoChicago Redeye Homicide Tracker(no longer updated), NBC5 Chicago, Chicago Tribune’s Shooting Tracker &Homicide TrackerCity of Chicago Data Portal and CPD CLEARMAP.
Community areas and neighborhoods are determined by the Chicago Tribune’s Boundaries App.
Editor’s note: All murders are homicides, but not all homicides are murders. We count homicides, whereas the CPD counts murders. A homicide, regardless of type or by whom, within the city limits of Chicago counts towards our total metric. CPD-involved, ISP-involved and justifiable homicides all count. Reckless homicides may count if the Medical Examiner rules that the cause of death was a homicide. Suicides do not count. Additional definitions can be found on the Glossary page.