Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Highly Organized and Calculated to cause trouble that will be well publicized.


CHICAGO - New Year’s Eve celebrations around the country promise to be even more raucous – and potentially dangerous — than usual this year, with race-mongering radicals planning mass disruptions to protest what they call routine police abuse of blacks.
The group behind the website Stop Mass Incarceration has put together a list of planned “actions” nationwide under the heading, “Rock in the New Year with Resistance to Police Murder.” According to the organization:
“But in this society, cops who brutalize and murder are given the benefit of the doubt and are almost never punished in any way for their crimes. This is illegitimate and unacceptable. It must be STOPPED, and it’s up to us to stop it! On New Year’s Eve, we must act in many different ways to do just that.
Targeted cities so far include New York’s Times Square; Houston’s Market Square Park; Los Angeles’ Grand Park; and Chicago’s Tribune Tower Plaza.

Another fearless attack on the American majority by Newsweek

Newsweek on the Bible — "So Misrepresented It’s a Sin" Imagine the response if a similar slime story was written about Judaism, Islam, Feminism……any attack on anyones religious or personal beliefs is wrong. 

Imagine how full of hate the author must be. 


Newsweek magazine decided to greet the start of 2015 with a massive cover story on the Bible. For decades now, major news magazines have tended to feature cover articles timed for Christmas and Easter, taking an opportunity to consider some major question about Christianity and the modern world. Leading the journalistic pack for years, both TIME andNewsweek dedicated cover article after article, following a rather predictable format. In the main, scholars or leaders from very liberal quarters commented side-by-side those committed to historic Christianity on questions ranging from the virgin birth to the resurrection of Christ.
When written by journalists like Newsweek‘s former editor Jon Meacham or TIME reporters such as David Van Biema, the articles were often balanced and genuinely insightful. Meacham and Van Biema knew the difference between theological liberals and theological conservatives and they were determined to let both sides speak. I was interviewed several times by both writers, along with others from both magazines. I may not have liked the final version of the article in some cases, but I was treated fairly and with journalistic integrity.
So, when Newsweek, now back in print under new ownership, let loose its first issue of the New Year on the Bible, I held out the hope that the article would be fair, journalistically credible, and interesting, even if written from a more liberal perspective.
But Newsweek‘s cover story is nothing of the sort. It is an irresponsible screed of post-Christian invective leveled against the Bible and, even more to the point, against evangelical Christianity. It is one of the most irresponsible articles ever to appear in a journalistic guise.
The author of the massive essay is Kurt Eichenwald, who boasts an
Kurt Eichenwald, the man with an axe to grind.

A good explanation of the media crisis from Second City Cop

  • These stories about the killings of African-American men by police officers (or by a “neighborhood watch captain,” in Trayvon Martin’s case) are all what my long-time radio and podcast partner Brian Ward calls “stories of choice.” They are plucked from a nearly endless supply of sad events that occur daily in a nation of 315 million, and are promoted because they further a political narrative. An unholy alliance of activists and newspaper reporters and editors tries to distort our perception of reality by giving undue emphasis to them. Then, of course, reality begins to catch up with perception, and we have riots, murders of police officers, and so on. But understand that the decision to promote these stories, in preference to others that are equally or more newsworthy, is a choice that is consciously made by people with a political agenda.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Perhaps it's time for the Halas family to rethink their ownership role.

The Bears — this allegedly historic, proud, vicious, rip-out-your-intestines-and-make-you-look-at-them organization — have to hire a 73-year-old former general manager from an NFL search panel to find out who should lead them?
Chairman George McCaskey blathered on Monday during the news conference about how different and success-driven the Bears are. Grandpa George Halas’ inspiring words are just inside the doors, he pointed out. He nearly wept when trying

City offers Christmas tree recycling - FOX 32 News Chicago

City offers Christmas tree recycling

Monday, December 29, 2014

Race Relations in the US haven't been this bad in a long time!

He who could have done so much but has failed so far.

Attorney General Eric Holder insisted to MSNBC earlier this month that “we are in a better place than we were before” in race relations since Barack Obama was elected president.
The president doubled down in an interview with NPRlast week. Asked if race relations were worse since he took office, he said, “No, I actually think that it’s probably in its day-to-day interactions less racially divided.”
But that’s not what the American people see. A Pew Research Center poll

Friday, December 26, 2014

This is weird

Watching WLS TV last week, I saw WLS extending "Happy Hanukkah" greetings. Fair enough. Why not?

I was watching WLS yesterday, Christmas Day, and WLS was extending "Seasons Greetings".

Am I missing something here? Considering 80% of the population celebrates Christmas, why wouldn't they wish everyone Merry Christmas? Why wouldn't they give Christmas the same respect they give Hanukkah? 

No Christmas Greeting from Obama but…………..

HONOLULU — President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama are sending their prayers and best wishes to those celebrating Kwanzaa.
The Obamas say in a statement that the Kwanzaa celebration highlights the rich heritage of African Americans. They say

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

E-Z Pass helps states clock motorists' speeds; accounts suspende - FOX 32 News Chicago

E-Z Pass helps states clock motorists' speeds; accounts suspended



CHICAGO - Last week, the Chicago Tribune released the results of a study it commissioned on injury crashes and red light cameras, revealing that while right angle crash incidents have been reduced, rear-end crashes that resulted in injuries went up 22 percent. The results of the study throw cold water on the booster efforts of Mayor Rahm Emanuel and raise questions about the use of red light cameras as a whole.
Chicago is the home of the nation's largest red light camera program and encompasses 350 cameras at a variety of the city's intersections. The red light camera program has been accused of mismanagement and

Monday, December 22, 2014

More Corruption

CPS a profitable investment for Chicago Board of Ed member

Posted: 12/22/2014, 12:15am | 
Chicago Board of Education member Deborah Quazzo attends a school board meeting on Oct. 22, 2014.                                                                                               | Brian Jackson/Sun-Times
Companies that Chicago Board of Education member Deborah Quazzo has an interest in have seen the business they get from the city’s schools system triple since Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed her to the board last year, records obtained by the Chicago Sun-Times show.
From 2010 until her June 2013 appointment, the total payout to companies that Quazzo invested in has come to about $930,000, the records show.
Quazzo’s companies have gotten an additional $2.9 million in Chicago Public Schools

On our backs


CHICAGO - David Sirota writes in the International Business Times (IBD) about Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's handling of accusations that his reelection campaign improperly accepted contributions from companies that manage city pension funds.
As reported here on IR, campaign contribution caps for the race were removed when William J. Kelly placed $100,000 of his personal funds into his Chicago mayoral campaign. Shortly thereafter, Kelly announced he was dropping out of the race. However, not before his donation to himself allowed all other candidates - including Emanuel - to collect

Sunday, December 21, 2014

This is leadership?

Our extreme liberal leaders should be acknowledged for their role inciting all these attacks on the police. Sad to say, there is more to come. 

It is time for the public to hold those bastards accountable. 

More Real Estate Rackets

Government fuels next housing collapse with unstable mortgages

Nobody wants to return to the kind of risky home loans that spurred 2008’s banking collapse. Sliding back toward lax lending would be nuts.
Yet Washington officially endorsed such loans this month.
Federally controlled mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced they’ll back loans to low-income Americans who put just 3% down, even though such loans have a high default rate.
The risky mortgage program has the blessing of Federal Housing Finance Agency chief Mel Watt, the

Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Tale of the Roving Realtor

Many people in Fisher, Barnabas, etc. have reported the site of a bearded man on a bike, stopping and asking all kinds of personal questions about themselves or a neighbor. Loaded with the information, he resumes his ride, not to be seen again for several weeks, when the same episode is repeated. 

Sincere inquiry or something else? Police investigation? IRS? DEA? Casing for a 
burglary team?

Answer. He lives somewhere near Kennedy Park and seems to be employed as a real estate salesman. It is thought that he uses this info as a tool to obtain listings.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Black Lives Matter……………or do they?

Unnamed-1 (1)
By Fran Eaton - 
Anyone browsing social media or watching network news is likely to be familiar with #BlackLivesMatter, #ICantBreathe or #HandsupWalkOut. They are terms that express the angst fueling a continuing clash between minority protesters and law enforcement after the tragic deaths of Florida’s Trayvon Martin, Ferguson’s Michael Brown and New York City’s Eric Garner.
For the past several weeks, those hashtag terms have been

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Who is this guy that is bringing so much change to America? Are these changes something we want? Are they needed? His background is truly unusual. Does anyone know who he is?

Author and 2008 Libertarian Party VP nominee Wayne Allyn Root was an undergraduate student at Columbia University the same time as President Obama. In fact, Root and Obama are supposed to be in the same graduating Class of 1983.

For five years now, since 2007, Root has maintained that when he was in Columbia U., he’d never met, seen, or heard of fellow student Obama, nor does he know any student or faculty who had.

Now, in an essay for The Blaze, “Barack Obama: The Ghost of Columbia University,” Jun. 4, 2013, Root makes two more significant revelations:

1. Obama was a no-show at every reunion of his Class of 1983.
Root writes: “I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30th Columbia University reunion. I celebrated with my esteemed

Jay Cutler benched; Jimmy Clausen to start Sunday for Bears

Jay Cutler benched; Jimmy Clausen to start Sunday for Bears

Wednesday, December 17, 2014



CHICAGO - Labor unions representing City of Chicago beurocrats and government workers have filed a lawsuit arguing a law overhauling Chicago's pension systems is unconstitutional. Chicago currently has the worst-funded pension system of any major U.S. city.
Legislation approved last year seeks to eliminate a $9.4 billion unfunded liability in two pension systems by increasing contributions and cutting benefits. It would affect about 57,000 government employees.
The lawsuit filed Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court asks a judge to stop the law from taking effect Jan. 1. Mayor Rahm Emanuel says the law is constitutional. He says the changes are needed to ensure pension funds remain solvent and retirees receive benefits.

Corporate Welfare


By Scott Reeder -
SPRINGFIELD, IL – It appears, Pat Quinn cleared the way for his 30-year-old campaign aide, Lou Bertuca, to start drawing a $160,000-year taxpayer-funded salary heading the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority.
That agency owns the ballpark where the White Sox play and helped renovate Soldier Field, where the Chicago Bears play.
Some politicians are crying foul. They don’t think it is appropriate for a group of Quinn appointees on the ISFA

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Real Michael Brown Criminally Assaults and Robs an Old Man

This is what that cop had to contend with!

This guy is an asshole.

Sorry I voted for him.
Governor Pat Quinn late on Friday thumbed his nose at Governor-elect Bruce Rauner and made 51 appointments to state boards and panels.
He’s not going quietly.
Quinn appointed individuals to multiple state commissions, councils, and boards, such as: the Illinois Council on Aging, Ambulatory Surgical Treatment Center Board, Blind Services Planning Council, Board of Credit Union Advisors, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Commission, Illinois Early Learning Council,

The Bears are booed!

What a pathetic organization. The owners need to clean the whole place out. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

This legislation combined with the death panel provisions of Obama care will be the death of you.


Toe tag black white
CHICAGO - An advocacy group is holding a Chicago screening of a documentary propagandizing that people diagnosed with terminal illnesses should be allowed to kill themselves.
The documentary "How to Die in Oregon" will be shown Saturday with a discussion afterward.
The group Compassion & Choices organized the free screening. Oregon was the first state to allow individuals diagnosed by a doctor as terminally ill to kill themselves using lethal medications prescribed by a doctor.
The issue has gained attention because of the recent death of 29-year-old brain cancer patient Brittany Maynard, who moved from California to Oregon to make use of the Oregon law.
Exploiting Maynard's death, Compassion & Choices has launched a media campaign urging Illinois lawmakers to pass a similar law.

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush said he was preparing to release 250,000 e-mails from his years as governor of Florida, in perhaps the most concrete sign he is leaning toward declaring his intention to run for president in 2016.
Bush told a South Florida ABC news affiliate he would release the

Bears vs. Saints: Plenty Of Cheap Tickets Available

Why even watch them? You have ownership, management, coaches and players whose priority is other than winning. That's the sad truth. 

Bears vs. Saints: Plenty Of Cheap Tickets Available 

Saturday, December 13, 2014

This creep should be in jail.


Andrew Klavan takes a look at the disturbing history of the Reverend Al Sharpton - called reverend because he is revered, by Al Sharpton.


Metra board members Friday endorsed a $952 million project that would dramatically reduce freight delays on Metra’s SouthWest Service line while also allowing 30 more BNSF, Heritage Corridor or Amtrak runs into Union Station.
With the new $142 million Englewood flyover now addressing what had been one of the nation’s worst rail choke points, Metra

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Marc Trestman aware of ‘noise,’ still supports Jay Cutler and admits he is a closet idiot.

Marc Trestman aware of ‘noise,’ still supports Jay Cutler. In other words, the coach has decided to ignore the obvious. Despite having good numbers throughout most of his career, Cutler is just not a good leader. In fact, Cutler has no leadership skills. I would venture to say that a coach that can't sense this won't ever amount to that much of a coach. 

Both Cutler and Trestman have to hit the road. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CIA Gutted

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and proveyor of truth. We need to hear about her husbands numerous real estate deals with the U.S. government.
WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States brutalized scores of terror suspects with interrogation tactics that turned secret CIA prisons into chambers of suffering and did nothing to make America safer after the 9/11 attacks, Senate investigators concluded Tuesday.
The Senate Intelligence Committee's torture report, years in the making, accused the CIA of misleading its political masters about what it was doing with its "black site" captives and deceiving the nation about the effectiveness of its techniques.
The report was the first public accounting of tactics employed after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, and it described far harsher actions than had been widely known.
Tactics included confinement to small boxes, weeks of sleep deprivation, simulated drowning, slapping and slamming, and threats to kill, harm or sexually abuse families of the captives.
The report produced revulsion among many, challenges to its veracity among some lawmakers and a sharp debate about whether it should have been released at all.

Next time we need something done, don't call the CIA.

Roosevelt University president could have gotten this kind of money in private industry all day long. Proof that hard work pays off.

Was once considered to be the next CEO of GM
Roosevelt University president’s pay ranks No. 5 nationally

Charles R. Middleton has served as the President of Roosevelt University since 2002.

Middleton graduated with his Bachelors degree from Florida State University. He received both his Masters degree and Doctorate from Duke University.

He served as Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University System of Maryland, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs at Bowling Green State University, and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2002 he became the President of Roosevelt University.
He is a member of the Royal Historical Society, the American

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Obama's Black Skin Privilege

Everyone knows it is true, and no one has the courage to say it. The American people are letting Barack Obama destroy this country through illegal executive orders for one reason and one reason only.

Federal Prosecutors are biased against African-Americans?

That's what Obama's pal claims!

College Playoffs

Alabama, Oregon, FSU, Ohio State are in playoff

Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State have been selected to play in the first College Football Playoff.
Alabama is the top seed and will play No. 4 Ohio State in one semifinal at the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. Oregon is the second seed and will play third-seeded Florida State in the other semifinal at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. Both games will be played New Year's Day.
The winners will advance to the national championship game to be played Jan. 12 at the home of the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas.
A 12-member selection committee set the field, revealing its selections Sunday morning. Later in the day, it was expected to complete its full top 25 and make the matchups for the other four New Year's bowls that are part of the playoff rotation.
Committee chairman Jeff Long said the top three were clear and the final spot came down to a debate between the Buckeyes and Big 12 co-champs Baylor and TCU.
Among those three, Long said: "It was decisive for Ohio State."
The College Football Playoff is replacing the Bowl Championship Series this season. The BCS matched the top two teams in the country in a national championship game.
The playoff contenders did not make it easy on the committee by all winning on Saturday.
The committee has been ranking the top 25 weekly since late October's rankings and last week had Alabama and Oregon at the top, followed by TCU and Florida State.
The committee ranks teams differently than traditional college football polls, such as the AP Top 25. Instead of collecting a ballot from each member and tallying votes, the committee ranks small groups by a series of votes. And Long, the athletic director at Arkansas, has said that each week the panel starts with a blank slate.
The great debate for weeks was whether TCU or Baylor would make it into the final four. The Bears beat their Big 12 rivals 61-58 in Waco back in October, but from the start the committee ranked TCU ahead of the Bears, who lost at West Virginia by 14 and played a particularly weak nonconference schedule.
For weeks, Long said that the difference between the Bears and Horned Frogs was not close enough for it to come down to the head-to-head result. But when the season concluded the teams had played 10 common opponents. The Big 12 further muddled the issue by not designating a champion by a tiebreaker. The Bears and Frogs both got a trophy and are called co-champions.
Ohio State has come from the farthest during the season, overcoming an early loss to Virginia Tech to make a strong run. The Buckeyes final statement was a doozy: 59-0 against Wisconsin in the Big Ten championship game Saturday.
"We think they overcame that (loss to Virginia Tech) with nine wins against bowl-eligible teams," Long said.

Florida State's unbeaten record hasn't gotten the respect the Seminoles believe it deserves from the committee. The defending national champions are the only undefeated team in FBS. But numerous close calls and comebacks have led the committee to drop the Seminoles in the rankings.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

So much for Community Organizers.

Not only did Obama give his approval for this mission. Being under intense political pressure to "do something, anything to make his presidency relevant", he masterminded the failed attempt. A community organizer organizing a rescue in Yemen. Think about that. What's next? Whatever it is, be assured that the last 2 years of Obama could be an especially perilous time for the USA. 
U.S. Special Forces members got within about 100 meters of the Yemen compound in which al Qaeda affiliates were holding American hostage Luke Somers before his captors discovered them and foiled the raid, Defense Department officials said Saturday.
The rescue mission was the second in recent weeks and an eleventh-hour attempt to save Somers, following a threat late Wednesday by al Qaeda Arab Peninsula, backed by intelligence reports, that he would be killed on Saturday morning unless unspecified demands were met.
Defense officials said the team of roughly 40 U.S. commandos touched down in Osprey helicopters about 10 kilometers from the new hostage site, then continued on foot across rugged terrain under the cover of night.
At some point early in the roughly five-to-10-minute firefight, an al Qaeda member apparently went into the holding chamber and shot Somers, 33, and South African Pierre Korkie.
Both were alive and received emergency care from surgeons onboard the V-22 helicopters but neither could be saved, officials said.
One victim died en route to the USS Makin Island and the other died aboard the U.S. warship.
Officials have not said how the U.S. commandos were discovered.
However, none was killed or injured in the mission, which lasted roughly 30 minutes and included rescuing Korkie, a teacher, and Somers, an American photojournalist with duel U.S.-British citizenship.
At least five members of al Qaeda were killed in the fight but none was taken hostage.
The raid, in southern Yemen, was approved on Friday by President Obama and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel. It started Saturday about 1 a.m. local time (5 p.m. eastern standard time) and was monitored in real time by U.S. officials in Washington and by Hagel who was flying to Kabul, Afghanistan.
Somers, a freelance journalist, was kidnapped just over a year ago in Yemen's capital. The 56-year-old Korkie was abducted 18 months ago in the city of Tazi.
The rescue attempt this weekend followed U.S. drone strikes in the area, U.S. officials said. 
There are conflicting reports about whether the raid included support by Yemeni ground forces.
U.S. officials said there was no possibility that Somers or Korkie were struck by American gunfire, based on the location in which they were being held.
The rescue mission follows one on Nov. 25 at a remote al Qaeda safe haven in a Yemen desert region near the Saudi border. 
Eight captives, including Yemenis, a Saudi and an Ethiopian, were freed. Somers was not at that location. He and five other hostages had been moved days earlier, officials later said.
Roughly a dozen people are believed held by al Qaeda militants in Yemen.

Derrick Rose is a lunkhead and needs to be sent back to Englewood


Nobody, nobody has been rewarded so much for contributing so little. Now he wants to pick up the police protest mantle. He needs to be traded out of here. Thanks to True News USA for this story.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Medical Examiner with a Political Agenda?

I saw the video and there was nothing unusual in the take down. Perhaps the autopsy needs to be re-looked at.  Considering that the decedent was a 40 something, overweight, black man, the odds are good that his cardio vascular condition was poor. 

I am suggesting that the take down may not have been the cause of death and was merely incidental. 

I am also suggesting that the Medical Examiner in making a ruling of "homicide" may really have been positioning themselves from a political perspective. It seems that the New York Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is under the direct control of Mayor Bill de Blasio. During the past year, we have seen this creep do nothing but cater to anti-establishment elements. Did the mayor attempt to gain political advantage by influencing the medical examiner's ruling?   

We can thank the media for making this incident into something it wasn't while they continuously fan the flames of racism.  

Protests erupt after decision in chokehold death

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

This family needs help.

As most of you know a fire has destroyed the Sheahan family’s home on W. 107th Pl. There is nothing left. Ald. Matt O’Shea Tuesday evening announced an account at Beverly Bank to benefit the family during this difficult time.
Anyone interested in supporting the Sheahan’s can make a donation at Beverly Bank & Trust (10258 S. Western Ave.) to acct #400099295. The account is under Benefit of the Sheahan Family.
Please share this information with anyone who may want to help.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An evil SOB

Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan threatened to “tear this godd*m country apart!”over Ferguson.
Farrakhan told parents to teach their kids how to toss Molotov cocktails.
The radical Jew-hater told supporters at Morgan State University, “We going to die anyway. Let’s die for something.”
The Daily Caller reported:
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan went on a fiery tirade about Ferguson on Saturday — threatening that if the demands of protesters aren’t met, “we’ll tear this goddamn country apart!”
Farrakhan stated in his speech — given at Morgan State University, a black college located in Baltimore, Md. — that violence was justified in response to the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson and peaceful protests are only in the interest of “white folks.”
“We going to die anyway. Let’s die for something,” the radical figure told the crowd to roaring applause.
He even said the parents of teenagers should teach their kids how to throw Molotov cocktails. “Teach your baby how to throw the bottle if they can. Fight,” the minister advised, and then imitated throwing the explosive device.
Farrakhan argued that violence was justified by the “law of retaliation” HE claims is in both the Bible and the Koran.

Monday, December 1, 2014

TSA Problems?

Someone screwed up. Forgot to schedule extra screeners.

Security line at Midway Airport Sunday morning was reportedly a - FOX 32 News Chicago

The Season


Photo from 2013 Nativity Scene showing
CHICAGO - Saturday, Chicago's new Archbishop Blase Cupich blessed the 30th showing of the Nativity Scene in Chicago's Daley Plaza. 
"This Christmas display represents classic free speech and free exercise of faith by private citizens in the public square," a statement from Chicago Thomas More Society said. "The manger scene depicting the baby Jesus has been part of Chicago’s holiday tradition for three decades, but its appearance at Daley Plaza was not without controversy."
In 1984, city and county officials nearly shut down the Daley Plaza Nativity Scene, silencing Christians’ expression of their faith in that traditional public forum. Protection of the Nativity Scene came in the form of a lawsuit, which spared the manger scene statues from physical destruction. Late Chief U.S. District Judge James B. Parsons prohibited the local authorities from discriminating against religious expression on Daley Plaza, a regular venue for political rallies.
“The First Amendment protects religious speech, equally as political speech,” said Tom Brejcha, President and Chief Counsel of the Thomas More Society. “If you can get up on your soapbox and plead for a candidate or a point of view in a public forum such as Daley Plaza, then you may likewise get on the soapbox to proclaim the joyous, hopeful message of the Christ Child!”
“Government is neither censor nor endorser of such religious speech,” added Brejcha. “The Daley Plaza nativity display is privately funded and sponsored, bereft of any government aid or endorsement, and therefore it is clothed and armored with the full protection of the First Amendment of our U.S. Constitution.”
The Daley Plaza Nativity Scene Committee's organizers Jim Finnegan, Terry Hodges, and Ed O’Malley work with the American Nativity Scene Committee.  They have helped place Nativity Scenes in public places in twenty-one states.
This year, the Thomas More Society is co-sponsoring crèches at the State Capitol building in Illinois, Florida, Georgia, Rhode Island, and Texas.
“We are very pleased to be celebrating the thirtieth year of the nativity scene in Daley Plaza,” said Finnegan. “We are especially grateful that Chicago’s new Archbishop, Blase Cupich, is joining us. A joyous Christmas to all!”