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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

A model Alderman

Lately, there has been vague talk of a challenger to Matt O'Shea. Why? Nothing in particular just vague grumbling by people that like to grumble. 

I would like to put an end to that crap right now. There is nobody, nobody out there that can do the job he is doing. He is available 24-7 to handle anything that happens and he does respond. He knows how to play the political game with Rahm and because of that he is able to bring home the bacon. He is not an asshole or a drunk. He is a good family man and a model citizen. Anybody out there that thinks they can do it better needs to just shut up. 

Does he have some clowns around him? Sure, we all do. So what? He gets the job done and he does it better than most. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

O'Shea for Alderman

Matt O'Shea
During the last month I have invited aldermanic candidate Schaible to discuss the many issues facing the 19th Ward of Chicago. The way I see it, the more we talk about it the better chance of arriving at a resolution. Her response has been non-existent. All I have gotten are comments from her supposed supporters, most of which were unfit for publication. In other words, she wasn't interested in participating on this forum. I question why she is running. 

That brings me to the question of why shouldn't we continue with Matt O'Shea. I think we should. He is good for the neighborhood and every resident benefits from his leadership. 

When he took over four years ago he was handed a bowl of fish heads and told to make soup. 
  • 95th Street, a problem made worse by shortsighted planning.
  • Western Avenue, an old and tired commercial strip that needed some positive energy. 
  • School overcrowding.
  • A worsening crime problem.
His response has been spectacular and has resulted in 
  • Horse Thief Hollow
  • Barraco's
  • The restaurant project on the east side of 106th and Western.
  • The sports complex at 115th and Western.
  • The South Side Irish Parade.
  • Mt. Greenwood School addition.
  • Maximization of the use of all other CPS facilities.
  • A "hands on" approach with the CPD resulting in greatly reduced crime.
  • A refinancing of the Beverly Arts Center, based on reality. 
Alderman O'Shea gives new meaning to the term "Public Service". Additionally, he finds the time to be a good family man.