Thursday, April 18, 2024

Bring on the strike!


Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates
Having former CTU organizer Brandon Johnson in the mayor’s office won’t keep the union from walking out if needed, CTU President Stacy Davis Gates told the Sun-Times, adding that “we’re a labor union that understands the power of solidarity and the power of work stoppage.”

I wonder if they understand the power of the word "no"?


  1. Anonymous4/19/2024

    Disgrace. I feel for those who have to rely on the government to educate your children. Private education more precisely Catholic education. Bring in vouchers.

  2. Anonymous4/20/2024

    Many educated parents teach their children at home. High achievers are taught at home in preparation for entering high achieving schools. All children can learn if guided correctly. Parents are the first teachers. Many children enjoy teaching themselves.

  3. Anonymous4/21/2024

    I learn many years ago that if you want a great job done you do it yourself. If you want your kids to receive a great education, you get the books and teach them yourself. Once they can read, they can teach themselves because the teachers simply assign activities and homework that you can do as well. Today you have the internet to tell you how to teach whatever you want to learn by simply typing the question and reading the instructions.

    Hope that helps because if you are waiting on the system to educate your kids, you will be waiting because there is a severe shortage of qualified teachers all over the country. Many students are sitting in classrooms waiting for a teacher.

  4. Anonymous4/23/2024

    Irish Welfare!!

  5. Anonymous6/01/2024

    Qualified teachers should be well compensated because too much is expected of teaching a generation of students who are required to parent themselves. The world has changed since the old days. Students are telling me that they are not learning anything to help them to qualify for current jobs.