Thursday, April 18, 2024

This Disease Can DESTROY Black Chicago But The MAYOR Don't CARE!

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  1. Anonymous4/19/2024

    The health department handles the problems migrants and others who are having problems with diseases resulting from inadequate nutrition and sanitation to help the immune system protect the body from diseases that they brought to the city.

    Chicago is a large city with a 2020 population of over 9 million people consisting of 35.9% Whites, 29.8% Hispanic, 29.2% Black, 7% Asian, and so on. It appears as though the people who are making the majority of the complaints against the mayor are Blacks. It also seems like the race of people who are causing the most crimes that makes the city have a bad reputation are the Blacks.
    It is time for black people to pray together and ask God to give them the strength to stop the self hatred and work together to make our black race of people become the most law abiding, the most educated, and the most loving people on earth because people are complaining negatively about us all over the world. Peace!