Thursday, June 28, 2018

Impending South African Genocide

A Great Nation Ruined by Karl Marx and Nelson Mandela. Could it happen in the USA?

This is a 1.25 hour documentary by Lauren Southern. Don’t bother watching unless you have time to spare.

What can be done? One thing is to share this around online, and get the word out. Another, and more powerful, solution is prayer. It was prayer that brought down the Soviet Union, and prayer can change things also in South Africa.
South Africa has had a difficult and checkered history in the relations between “blacks” and “whites.” Apartheid government always seemed flawed, and in need of replacement. But the problem is made much worse by marxist provocateurs who raise the temperature of race hatred against the (too easily maligned) white minority.
If the nation continues in the direction it is going, we will see something possibly worse than what is happening in Venezuela. At least in Latin America, race hatred plays no role.


  1. Anonymous6/28/2018

    I like Lauren Southern’s YouTube videos. She is a solid 9.

  2. Anonymous6/29/2018

    Blacks don't fare well in Latin American countries you would think black politicians would want to stop immigration I remember when blacks did all menial jobs downtown.

  3. Anonymous7/01/2018

    They had nuclear weapons their economy was booming because of sanctions had to produce everything themselves they could of held out been like North Korea. The blacks under apartheid were treated well had their own countries like indian reservations here. Now it's all going down the drain fast it won't happen here we are turning into Mexico!