Thursday, June 29, 2017

That Bad Man

Complemented an Irish reporter on her smile. How dare he. 
During a call with newly elected Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar Tuesday, President Trump looked around the Oval Office and observed a bunch of Irish media was present.
He then called on one reporter, RTE journalist Caitriona Perry, to ask which outlet she represented, while stating, “We have all of this beautiful Irish press. Where are you from?”
After greeting Perry, Trump proceeded to tell the PM, “She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well” – at which point the entire room laughed.

They're trying, stay tuned

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Assault Tactics Class

Pat O'Hara 
Saturday afternoon / Dan Ryan Woods. Learn assault tactics from the best. Pat O'Hara and the Haymaker Militia $25.00

19th Ward Liberal Preppers Stock Up On Guns and Food As Trumpocalypse Looms

With President Trump in charge, the survivalist movement — long a pastime of the right — is picking up local progressive converts fast.

Jan 17, 2017 at 8:26 AM ET

Pat O'Hara got his FOID card and bought a shotgun four weeks before November’s election.
An unapologetic liberal, he was no fan of firearms. He had never owned one before. But O'Hara, a 31-year-old from Beverly, couldn’t shake his fears of a Donald Trump presidency — and all of the chaos it could bring. He imagined hate crimes and violence waged by extremists emboldened by the Republican nominee’s brash, divisive rhetoric. He pictured state-sanctioned roundups of Muslims, gays, and outspoken critics.
“I kept asking myself, ‘Do I want to live under tyranny?'” said O'Hara, who supports Tom Dart, Bill Cunningham and supported Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary and later backed Hillary Clinton. “The answer was absolutely not.”
With Trump now in the White House, O'Hara's preparing for the worst. He’s made “bug-out bags” stuffed with ammo, energy bars, and assorted survival gear for his wife and their three cats. He’s begun stowing water and browsing real estate listings in North Beverly, which he’s determined to be a “liberal safe-haven.” Last month, O'Hara added a BB gun to his arsenal. On weekends, he and his wife can be found in the Dan Ryan Woods practicing their survival skills. Next month, they are going to be attending a 2-day course on assault tactics, in Racine, Wisconsin.

MOREBeyond the Bunker: Preppers Go Mainstream
His advice to others on the left fearful of the next four years? “Get ready. Pay attention. Keep your wits about you.” 
O'Hara's not alone. He is among a new cadre embracing extreme self-reliance in the wake of Trump’s

Training with the Haymaker Collective in Chicago

Haymaker is having a training session at ten am every Saturday in Dan Ryan Woods. Cost is $10.00. Come out and learn how to defend against and outwit the right wing extremist that is present everywhere. 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A horrible way to govern

Worst governor of all time!

How Bad Is the Crisis in Illinois? It Has $14.6 Billion in Unpaid Bills

Two years without a budget has left a mammoth past-due backlog, with hospitals, dentists and university towns feeling the pain.

Liberal Hot Spot Strapped for Cash… Squeezing ‘Mom and Pop’ Stores to Death

Tax and Spend

Just wants the money and says there is no need to read the below article


By John F. Di Leo - Laffer Curve
Contemplations on the new Cook County Soda Tax
Cook County, Illinois - the home of America’s fourth largest city - Chicago, is, like many metro areas, broke. So, as many jurisdictions do when broke, they imagine a need to raise tax rates. 
The one they have chosen for July 1, 2017 is a soda tax, in addition to any applicable sales tax, which in Illinois can be as high as ten percent ad valorem already. This new “soda tax” is not just on soda, but on any beverage that is sweetened with either sugar or artificial sweetener (so it applies to both regular drinks and diet drinks), from soda pop to children’s juice boxes, from bottled iced teas to sports drinks. And the price will not be ad valorum (a percentage of the price) as we’re accustomed; it’s a penny per ounce.
So if you buy a package of 10 x 6.75oz juice boxes for your children’s lunches, there’s another 67.5 cents for the county on top of the $2.00 for the juice. If you buy a large Coke or Diet Coke for a dollar at McDonald’s or some other restaurant that 32oz drink alone will add another 32 cents to the bill. And if you buy a 24-can case of pop at the grocery store, which usually costs between six and nine dollars around here, that’s another $2.88 in taxes for that case.

If you’ve been doing the math in your head during these past few lines, you’ve begun to

Monday, June 26, 2017

Bishop Paprocki blasted for upholding the teachings of the church

James Martin Blasts Bishop Thomas Paprocki

On June 12, 2017, Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of the Diocese of Springfield, Illinois, issued a Decree “Regarding Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ and Related Pastoral Issues.” The Decree reaffirmed Catholic teaching that a marital union is only possible “between one man and one woman.” The Decree included the following directives:
  • No member of the clergy or representative of the Diocese should assist or participate in a same-sex marriage;
  • No Church property should be used to host same-sex marriage ceremonies or receptions;
  • Persons in a same-sex marriage should not present themselves for Holy Communion, nor should they be admitted to Holy Communion;
  • Those in a same-sex marriage can be restored to communion with the Church through the


Who’s grieving? This dog or these Sandy Hook parents?

Molika Ashford writes for Live Science
“People often assign feelings to animals […] But scientists haven’t determined whether these human-like expressions really mean anything. […]
Scientists believe that certain brain cells in humans called spindle cells are responsible for human social behavior and the interplay between thoughts and feelings. Studies have revealed that chimpanzee, dolphin and whale brains also possess spindle cells. Although these are all animals that can act people-like, the presence of these cells does not mean that the animals have feelings.
Even animals that don’t have spindle cells, such as dogs, have shown behaviors that can suggest a human-like social sense. In recent experiments, dogs have shown that they know to follow a human’s pointed finger to find a food treat. Scientists report that this shows dogs are sensitive to human social cues and are able to correctly interpret them. Still, this only proves that dogs know how to find food, not that they have feelings.
[…] In a recent study, a Barnard College researcher tested dogs to see if their guilty looks were linked to actual bad behavior. Dogs were tempted with a treat and told by their owners not to eat it.
The dog’s owners weren’t allowed to see whether their pets had eaten the treat or not, but were told either that they did or that they didn’t, and were then instructed to scold the dogs that disobeyed. The experimenters noted that scolded dogs showed a guilty look whether or not they had actually done wrong.
This illustrates the difficulty in accurately interpreting animal behavior as a marker of human-like feelings. A guilty look suggests a feeling of guilt in a human but not necessarily in a dog, according to the Barnard research. Similarly, even apparent mourning or empathy behavior might not actually mean these feelings are present in the brains of animals.
Oh yeah?
Tell me this dog, grieving over the death of a companion, doesn’t have feelings. Note his repeated gasping/choking toward the end of the video, his entire body shaking.
And yet we are to believe Christopher and Lynn McDonnell are grieving parents whose child, Grace, was killed by Adam Lanza in Sandy Hook Elementary School on Dec. 14, 2012.
I don’t need “scientists” to tell me the meaning of what I can see with my own eyes, which is that the dog was overcome with feelings of distraught and grief, whereas the smiling and tearless McDonnells were acting.
If the McDonnells were grieving, they sure have a strange way of showing it. I’d sure like to see “scientists” explain their peculiar display of “feelings” over their 7-year-old daughter’s murder.
By the way, Christopher and Lynn McDonnell are among the Sandy Hook residents who purchased their home on December 25, 2009, for $0.

The Forgotten Depression of 1920–1921

The year is 1921…

America is less than three years removed from triumph on the Western Front. It’s the dawn of the Roaring Twenties… and the Jazz Age.

Warren Gamaliel Harding is America’s czar.

And the nation is sunk in depression…

U.S. industrial production plunged 31% between 1920 and 1921. Stock prices plummeted 46%… and corporate profits a crushing 92%.

Unemployment ran as high as 19%. Storefronts everywhere gaped empty.

It was the grand migraine of the day.

Then suddenly it was over. The pain was acute… but the pain was brief.

By 1922 prosperity was finding its legs again.

Welcome to the Forgotten Depression of 1920–1921…

How America avoided depression in the early ’20s is a story seldom told.

But had it been otherwise, the Forgotten Depression may have become known to history as the Great Depression.

Why wasn’t it?

The economic doctors of the day mostly let the ailing patient be.

Despite the Progressive Era’s encroachments and WWI’s assaults laissez-faire still had roots in American soil — roots both deep and wide.

In the America of 1921 the stock market looked after itself… and buried its own dead.

Business was on its own hook. And banishing the business cycle was not the work of government.

Just eight years old, the Federal Reserve was still in knee pants.

Its role at the time was simple and it knew it — to provide liquidity to the banking system in the event of another banking crisis. Little more.

Inconceivable today, the Fed sat back as the economic machinery seized heading into 1921.

In the words of one economic historian, “Despite the severity of the contraction, the Fed did not move to use its powers to turn the money supply around and fight the contraction.”

Believe it or not (you might not), they actually increased rates.

The Fed raised rates from 4% in 1919 to 7% in 1920. And to 6% in 1921… right in the teeth of the depression.

Angels of mercy! Raising interest rates in a depression. Didn’t they know?

Not until 1922, after the recovery was well along, did they reduce rates to 4% again.


And once depression broke upon the scene, Harding broke every one of today’s commandments.

Did he try to spend the country into recovery? Did he raise taxes on the rich?

No and no.

Harding nearly sawed the federal budget in half between 1920 and 1922. He shriveled the national debt by a third. He slashed taxes A through Z.

If Paul Krugman were around he would have screamed blue murder and set Mr. Harding down as an enemy of the people.

But Harding followed a different set of lights than the good Dr. Krugman…

Imagine — if possible — a contemporary president pounding this drum:

We will attempt intelligent and courageous deflation, and strike at government borrowing which enlarges the evil, and we will attack high cost of government with every energy and facility which attend Republican capacity…

Let us call to all the people for thrift and economy, for denial and sacrifice if need be, for a nationwide drive against extravagance and luxury, to a recommittal to simplicity of living, to that prudent and normal plan of life which is the health of the republic.

Harding prescribed a medicine too bitter for modern America.

But it was the proper medicine in the proper dose.

Recovery was underway by the summer of 1921. Unemployment was down to 6.7% by the following year… and a vanishing 2.4% the year after.

Industry was on the jump again.

As one economic historian noted, “The economy rebounded quickly from the 1920–1921 depression and entered a period of quite vigorous growth.”

So… the budget was cut… the money supply fell… and interest rates rose.

Worse medicine is scarcely imaginable to today’s economic healers.

The great Jim Grant, who wrote a book on the Forgotten Depression of 1920–1921:

By the lights of Keynesian and monetarist doctrine alike, no more primitive or counterproductive policies could be imagined.

Yet these policies proved so primitive and counterproductive the country was out of depression within 18 months.

The facts are the facts.

But for his efforts — or lack of same — Harding has been read out of history altogether.

It was the saint FDR who a decade later “saved capitalism from itself” with his New Deal and massive assault on enterprise.

Ironic, that. But history smiles upon men of action… even if it’s the wrong action.

Inaction makes for dull history. And idle historians.

But if Harding had been the man of action FDR was, the 1920s might have been known as the Great Depression — not the 1930s.

And the term “Roaring Twenties” would probably be as unknown today as Harding himself…

Below, Charles Hugh Smith shows you what all the “action” governments and their central banks have taken over the past eight years has led to. Read on.

Cook County attempts to issue anti-business mandates to our surrounding burbs

LINK many-minimum-wage-workers-in-suburbs-wont-be-getting-a-raise-july-1

Sunday, June 25, 2017

The Great Pat Hickey Speaks

Welcome to Foxx's Rooster Coop, Where the Roosters Spit Hockers

Image result for kim foxx idiot chicagoImage result for Spitting Roosters

Minor Offenses

Taking the last cold beer in the icebox, or that slice of pizza?

Nah. Those transgressions might get a raised eye brow, or a verbal rebuke, but here are some things one might do in order to find oneself before Cook County Judge Peggy Chiampas.

  • Retail Theft
  • Minor Drug Offences
  • Mental health-related charges
  • Simple Assault
  • Indecent Exposure
  • Prostitution
  • Drug Possession
  • Drug Sale
  • Criminal Damage to Property
Minor things. Image result for christian brown , spits at Judge Chiampas
Poor folks no longer worry about getting up the cash to bond out before court date, because Cook County Government President Toni Preckwinkle, Sheriff Tom Dart and States Attorney Kim Foxx are all about Prison/Jail/Detention/Correction Reform.

Good news!!! You can now expedite the bonding process by emailing before you come to the CCDOC. When we receive the email, we will begin getting the release paperwork together, which could cut down on your wait time. Your email must include the following:

That means, not holding people charged with Minor Offences in Cook County Jail.  People like gentle giant and Lynnwood resident Christian Brown, 23.

Brown, 23, of south suburban Lynwood, was up for a minor offense in the Leighton Criminal Courts Building on Saturday afternoon before Judge Peggy Chiampas when she handed down an I-bond, or signature bond, by which the defendant isn’t required to post cash for release, according to several people present during the hearing.
 Witnesses said Brown then spat at the veteran judge, striking one of her arms and her black robe. Some of those present for the incident wondered whether Brown knew that he would have been released without posting bond.
Before Brown was hustled out of the courtroom by deputies, Chiampas held him in direct contempt of court and ordered him held in Cook County Jail for 30 days. She initially ordered him held for 30 months but said she misspoke and corrected her previous order. Chiampas *did note that she could have had Brown jailed for six months but opted not to.
Mr. Brown spit at the Judge, when he was asked if he understood that the Cook County I-Bond insured that he would waltz out of the Leighton Criminal Courts Building and onto the pavement on California Avenue - guilty as hell and free as a bird.  

Well, not quite. And there's pizza!

Guilty as hell, free as a bird.

That is a paraphrase from Old Bill Ayers and his Old Lady, one of the master switches in turning our Justice System into the one where Minor Offenders like Christian Brown can spit on a Judge doing him a solid.

The above referenced news article from the Chicago Tribune does not explain exactly what 'Minor Offence' had been the cause of Mr. Brown's visit to the Leighton Criminal Courts Building.  However, Mr. Brown's new status as a guest of Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart is for Criminal Contempt. 

Kim Foxx is all about criminal contempt or Justice.

Minor Offence

One wonders how much saliva will be needed to splatter to keep Cook County Offenders from spilling even more blood into our streets.  As Fats Waller said, "One never knows, do one?"

Judge Chiampas is a hero of the American judiciary.


Progressives are the new Nazis

Do you get this feeling? 

While we were watching Walking With the Enemy, it reminded me of the way the Democrats and anti-free speech collaborators are attacking American citizens who hold a different opinion. Nearly every Democrat has remained silent about the protests. Some have even blamed the disruptions on the speakers.
During his interview with Tucker Carlson, Charles Krauthammer said the following about the cancellation of Ann Coulter’s Berkeley speech: ““[T]he danger here is, that we’re reaching a situation where thugs are threatening violence. Basically, fascist gangs can shut down free speech… 

This is how it started in Europe in the 20s and the 30s, fascist gangs would literally intimidate their opponents to the point where they became dominant. This also occurred during the 1980's in the 19th Ward where any difference of opinion was not tolerated. 

I don’t think they’re going to take over. This is not Mussolini. But nonetheless, it is very disturbing that in America, somebody cannot speak because there are thugs who threaten violence.” Nazi-like tactics were on full display in Oregon over a threatening email that led to the cancellation of a parade:
“We will have two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push those people out as we will not give one inch to groups who espouse hatred toward LGBT, immigrants, people of color or others. In case the message was not clear to you this is a sanctuary city and state, and we will not allow these people to spread their views in East Portland. You have seen how much power we have downtown and the police cannot stop us from shutting down roads so please consider your decision wisely … This is non-negotiable.”

Jasmal White is gone

The Train
A 19-year-old high school dropout, Jasmal  White, was run over, electrocuted and killed by a CTA Red Line train Saturday afternoon near Guaranteed Rate Field, authorities said.
Crews were called about 1:30 p.m. to the 35th Street Red Line station for reports of a person struck by a train, according to Chicago Fire Department Cmdr. Walter Schroeder.
Police said they believe Mr. White, while riding a bike on the platform, fell onto the tracks directly in front of a train as it was pulling into the station. He was pronounced dead at the scene and crews were still gathering body parts as of 7:00 P.M. Area Central detectives were conducting a death investigation.

"Junk status" What has he done?

Intentionally crashed the state into a wall
Illinois is on track to become the first U.S. state to have its credit rating downgraded to "junk" status, which would deepen its multibillion-dollar deficit and cost taxpayers more for years to come.
S&P Global Ratings has warned the agency will likely lower Illinois' creditworthiness to below investment grade if feuding lawmakers fail to agree on a state budget for a third straight year, increasing the amount the state will have to pay to borrow money for things such as building roads or refinancing existing debt.
The outlook for a deal wasn't good Saturday, as lawmakers meeting in Springfield for a special legislative session remained deadlocked with the July 1 start of the new fiscal year approaching.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Stock Market Turbulence Ahead

David Stockman joined Boom Bust to discuss the massive storm that is building and about to slam into Wall Street. During the discussion Stockman reveals what he believes is ahead for the stocks in the market and the economy.
The interview began with the Boom Bust host asking the acclaimed author about his concern surrounding a government shutdown.  David Stockman began “we’re in the midst of the biggest political train wreck in modern history… There will be no governance in Washington. There will be no tax bill, stimulus or infrastructure.”
“We’re heading for an expiration of the debt ceiling and running out of cash that will create an enormous crisis by August or September. They’re not going to be

Trump is handling it

Trump is struggling to stay calm on Russia, one morning call at a time

Something is wrong with this man

LINK emanuel-airs-failed-plan-to-end-budget-stalemate-sell-thompson-center

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cook County Sheriff patrolling the 9th Ward

Seems that CPD just can't get the job done. Now they can sit back, watch and learn how it's done. 

Radical Conservative Nuns

Meet the counter-cultural young women who have committed their lives to poverty, obedience and chastity.

National Post

Wearing a traditional blue and white habit from head to toe, Sister John Mary is at once peaceful and intense. She warmly welcomes visitors into the quiet convent tucked between a church and a Catholic school in Toronto’s east end.

She sings softly during a midday prayer, one of four she attends each day. “Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now and will be forever.”

Sister John Mary has no possessions and wears a ring to signify her marriage to God. She’s one of the Sisters of Life, a convent of young, ultra-conservative Catholic nuns that was founded in New York in 1991, and arrived in Canada in 2007.

In today’s world, choosing to become a nun obviously takes strong conviction. Choosing to become

For Trump it's just a matter of time

So let’s start with two obvious points about the whole Russia fiasco…
Namely, there is no “there, there.” First off, the president has the power to declassify secret documents at will. But in this instance he could also do that without compromising intelligence community (IC) “sources and methods” in the slightest.
That’s because after Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013, the whole world was put on notice — and most especially Washington’s adversaries — that it collects every single electronic digit that passes through the worldwide web and related communications grids.
Washington essentially has universal and omniscient SIGINT (signals

Boarded up windows at the Morgan Park Hockey Rink

What happened?

Poor guy never heard of term limits

LINK sneed-exclusive-cook-county-clerk-david-orr-wont-seek-re-election
How many pensions?

8 terms of "public service" is to damn much!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

So, who is it going to be?

Rahm is not running again. Take that to the bank. (If you think there is even a slight chance of him running again, you have too much time on Western Ave).

We have had 2 years to contemplate it. Which favorite daughter or son of the19th Ward are we going to support for mayor of Chicago in 2019?

The favorites are:
Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer

Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart

Both of these people are accomplished and capable. Since their positions on the key issues are probably identical and their personal lives are probably similar, it really comes down to who do you think can win against a radical left wing candidate. A candidate that will have lots of out of town money. Your thoughts please.