Monday, March 13, 2017

The look of someone losing their mind!

Top RINO challenges Trump to prove wiretapping claim


US senator John McCain challenges Donald trump to prove his phone was hacked by Barack Obama during the election campaign

US senator John McCain challenges Donald trump to prove his phone was hacked by Barack Obama during the election campaign (AFP Photo/THOMAS KIENZLE)
Washington (AFP) - A senior Republican lawmaker who never had an original thought, on Sunday challenged President Donald Trump to prove his claim that his phone was tapped by predecessor Barack Obama during last year's campaign -- or else retract the unsubstantiated allegation.
Senator John McCain, a frequent Trump critic and a mouthpiece for who knows whom,
issued his demand in an interview with CNN.
"The president has one of two choices, either retract, or to provide the information that the American people deserve," McCain said.
"I have no reason to believe this is true, but I also believe that the president of the United States could clear this up in a minute," he continued.
"All he has to do is pick up the phone, call the director of the CIA, the director of national intelligence and say, 'OK, what happened?' Because they certainly should know whether the former president of the United States was wiretapping Trump Tower."
Obama, through a spokesman, has denied Trump's claim, which the billionaire-turned-politician made in a series of tweets earlier this month.
Obama's director of national intelligence James Clapper also said in an interview that there was no wiretap of Trump or his campaign.
But Trump has not walked back his allegation, and the White House asked a congressional committee that is examining Russian interference in last year's US presidential election to investigate the wiretapping claim as well.
House Speaker Paul Ryan, part of a group of eight top lawmakers who receive classified intelligence briefings, was asked Sunday during an interview with CBS News if he has seen anything to suggest there's truth to Trump's claim.
He responded simply: "No."
But Ryan added, "I don't want to get ahead of the intelligence committees and their thorough investigation."


  1. Anonymous3/13/2017

    Agent of the deep state.

  2. Anonymous3/13/2017

    Not a fan of former Sec of Defense Chuck Hagle but recall McCain skewering him during his confirmation hearings. What struck me was how petty and vindictive McCain could be. Same as the present, McCain going overseas and giving anti-Trump speeches. Another petty loser. How about the trafficking of the fake document about the Trump having the whores peeing on the mattress in the room Obama slept in? That was a month or so when the "former M-5 agent" gave the file to McCain who in turn gave it to the FBI and then it just happens to show up in the media. McCain and Graham are 2 petty and vindictive losers who've been unable to mask their hatred of Trump. And in view of recent McCain history, he could not be described as any kind of a "hero".

    1. Anonymous3/13/2017

      Very true! He is the liberals favorite "Republican"

  3. Anonymous3/13/2017

    McCain is mentally ill and should be removed from office. Arizona voters should recall this unfit clown.

  4. Anonymous3/13/2017

    Time for McCain to go, he's no republican and no war hero.

  5. Anonymous3/13/2017

    Oath Breaker