Monday, March 13, 2017

Just the numbers

LINK illegal-aliens-and-violent-crime-some-amazing-facts

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  1. Good of you to report the Breitbart piece in Illegal aliens. Texas has the guts to issue a report and Illinois is still operating on an EO Quinn issued some years ago taking the state out of Secure Communities. Rauner soft on the issue. Texas will turn it around, but Southern Callifornia hopeless thanks to Brown. Illinois led by Preckwinkle,Garcia, Rahm ,Durbin, Guttierez and several others as well. Some recent Illinois data FYI. In 2015 in Cook County there were 466 declined detainers. Detainers are issued to local juristictions when Immigration and Custom Enforcement determine an an individual is here illegally. Of the 466 it was reported that 406 of the illegals had a prior criminal history. Guess who released them from the Cook County jail. There's hope however because the Trumpers claim they are going to hurt these sanctuaries in the pocketbook. I'm somewhat skeptical on this one and time will tell. Gen. Kelly will have to make the rounds and Toni and Rahm a'int gonna cooperate. Maybe Dart might step up to the plate and at least take a swing or two. Hope y'all don't encounter any released criminals and many are MS-13.