Saturday, January 28, 2017

Matt O'Shea, wishing him the best!

Works his ass off.
Alderman O'Shea is running up 80 floors at the AON center this weekend as a fundraiser for Lauri Children's Hospital. 


  1. Anonymous1/28/2017

    Oppose Illinois Senate Bill 9 and Amendment #2

    The bill would impose a 5% tax on any membership or access fees for a shooting range or gun club.
    That would include: Gun club and hunt club membership, Range access fees (commercial range/gun shops), and range rental fees. There would be a tax on training classes and match fees to the extent they apply to range access and not ammunition or training costs.

    The 5% tax is assessed and collected like sales tax. It is imposed on the payment made, charged to the buyer, collected by the vendor, and remitted to the state. Returns would be filed on a monthly basis, though tax revenues under $50 per month would be filed annually and tax revenues under $200 per month would be filed quarterly.

    The bill would also require all providers to register with the state and pay an annual registration fee of $75.
    The tax applies to a broad category of amusements and does not singularly target gun clubs. It includes country clubs, golf, swimming, tennis, fishing and yachting clubs, gym membership, sporting events, movie theaters, live music venues, etc.

    What are the practical effects of this tax;
    1. A tax on all gun club memberships
    2. A tax on any range rental. Whether individual at a commercial operation or rental for a concealed carry class or a Boy Scout merit badge.
    3. A tax on match entry fees
    4. A tax on field exercises for hunter education classes that take place on a range
    5. A tax on training classes that use ranges.
    6. A tax on hunt club memberships
    7. If you are a concealed carry instructor and use a private range, you will have to register, pay the $75 fee and then charge a tax on at least a portion of your class if not all of it and remit it to the State.
    At least a portion of any match fees would have to be taxed if not the entire match fee.

    Training classes would also see the tax creep in. That would be concealed carry classes or other training that get put on by high-level instructors.

  2. Anonymous1/28/2017

    Will the alderman ever find time to finish the intersection at 115th and Pulaski?

    1. Anonymous1/29/2017

      signage is very bad there.

    2. Anonymous1/29/2017

      Signage, pavement condition and markings, timing of lights.
      A project poorly managed for well over a year.

  3. Anonymous1/29/2017

    Major pothole developing................111 st eastbound in front of ag school. Right lane.

  4. Anonymous1/29/2017

    One of the better out of the gang of fifty.

  5. Anonymous1/29/2017

    It will be interesting to see if he ultimately ends up with the goo from the slimy Democratic Party all over him. He is as I have pointed out times before, truly a closet liberal like his buddies Fran, Bill Cunningham, and Tommy Dart. They are supported by and support the screwball policies that have turned our city, county and state into a national joke and punch line. The joke is on us for supporting these taxaholics.