Sunday, November 13, 2016

Screw Mike Evans and the NFL

A total boycott of Pro Football is in order. 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans sat out the national anthem, saying he could not stand for "what's been going on in America," referring to Donald Trump's election victory. He declined to answer when asked if he would continue to accept American currency as payment as a football player. 


  1. Boycot the NFL and its sponsors!! Call them and tell them why. NFL=Negro Felon League!
    Let the negroes of this country pay to watch fellow tribe members!

  2. Anonymous11/14/2016

    I have been a Bucs fan since their existence into the NFL....I mean dealing with 24 straight losses and being the laughing stock of the NFL. But, I served the military for 20 years and now I consider the Bucs are the laughing stock again, With Mike Evans and his statement it not being a protest about Dems and Republicans but his opinion that Donald Trump is a joke. Well, Mike Evans, I protest you. On a Veterans Day weekend you have to draw attention to yourself. Fine! I will not support the Tampa Bay Bucs again! All my fan pages have been deleted and I won't support the Bucs Organization ever again. I just might as well thank you as it now opens up any social events I want to participate in as I don't have to follow the team now or in the future.

  3. Anonymous11/14/2016

    Geez, thought the USA was a democracy. Maybe the ownership of the Buccaneers, as well as NFL commissioner could get out in front of this entire movement and let NFL players know that while their wearing their team's uniforms, they represent the team and as such keep their politics to themselves. If they want to go out into the parking lot after their on field duties are completed, they can go say anything they want. If I owned the Bucs, or for that matter the 49'ers, I'd suspend any player whose lack of conformity clearly goes against that of the franchise. Grow a pair for Christ sakes!

  4. Anonymous11/14/2016

    I agree. The only thing some of these owners and players understand is the money.
    Considering that the Bears are pretty awful anyway it is not a bad time to boycott. But we must also remember to let the NFL know by phone, email etc...that you are boycotting, and more importantly, WHY you are boycotting.
    On another note I would like to tell the blogger that I appreciate opening the comments sections to anyone anonymously, pending of course your editing of those posts which might violate your policy.