Sunday, November 13, 2016

Eleven people were shot since Friday night on the South and West sides of the city, leaving two men dead, according to Chicago Police.

There was a candlelight procession in Mt. Greenwood, last nite.  Twenty young people and children that were obviously not from around here. They were protesting last weeks police  shooting of a crazed maniac around the corner. 

I suggest that if they want to have a meaningful impact on society, then they should have that candlelight procession in Roseland. There after-all, is where many of the shootings are taking place. It just makes sense.

The reason these protesters are targeting Mt. Greenwood and Marist H.S. is because we are easy. Generally speaking, we won't respond with violence or threats of violence.  Such cannot be said for the streets of Roseland, Englewood or Austin. 

Next time you see one of these protest, keep in mind that they are essentially good natured, idealistic tools that have been sent here by some paid community organizer. Ignore them. 


  1. Anonymous11/13/2016

    Any "Human Beings" involed in the festivities?? These Orks need to stay out of Mt. Greenwood! Put a few of them in the hospital or the morgue and they might get the idea thay have no business in that part of town!
    Go back to the shithole ghetto where they belong and cry to the Democrats that they owe their very exsistence to!

  2. Anonymous11/13/2016

    The protests don't bother me so much as the belief in the false narrative propagated by the extreme left. And that bother is compounded by church leaders, and police leaders and to some extent the Alderman, who neglect the incident, and the perpetrators that initiated this entire incident. Pull a gun and wave it in a threatening manner on a crowded street and nobody says anything. Two law enforcement officers and a fireman concerned with public safety generates protests, racism accusations and visits from Father Phleger. Something is very wrong with all this. And if those leaders turn a blind eye, and a deaf ear towards what's really happening, then they're not representing their respective constituencies at all. Comments like the one above make the residents of Mount Greenwood sound like a bunch of morons. Why play into the false narrative with stuff like that?

  3. Anonymous11/15/2016

    If they go to Roseland they will get killed. So they come here cuz they know whitey is kind and gentle.

  4. Anonymous11/22/2016

    You took the bait Mt. Greenwood. Now you are famous again for the wrong reasons just like with the Ag School. If you had ignored these agitators, they would have been largely ignored by the press. You know, like when a group does a stop the violence march or clean up in Roseland.