Tuesday, November 28, 2023

It is too bad that this imbecile has been elected mayor of Chicago


JUST IN: Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson lashes out and blames "right wing extremists" for Chicago's problems and says Republicans are mad that black people are free. The left always blames others for the problems they create. Instead of taking responsibility for the failed liberal policies, Johnson claimed Chicago was "targeted" by Republicans. "What we've seen is a very raggedy form of right-wing extremism. Everyone knows that the right-wing extremism in this country has targeted democratically run cities and quite frankly and they have been quite intentional about going after democratically ran cities that are led by people of color." "It's the same Republican right-wing extremism that stormed the capital, its the same right wing extremism that refuses to accept the results of the civil war. Its raggedy its disrespectful, its mean spirited." "They're still mad that a black man is free in this country."

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  1. Anonymous11/29/2023

    Still Stoopid, I see. Is there ANY hope for Chicagoans?

  2. Anonymous11/29/2023

    Mr. Johnson you are not qualified to make Chicago a better place for all people of our great city. You are determined to turn this great American city into a ghetto of poor, non English speaking, uneducated, and uncaring illegal foreigners housed in tents. to disgrace all people of color to make us look like we don’t have a brain. The money you are spending to accommodate foreigners belongs to taxpaying citizens to make a better life for American citizens who are poor, homeless, malnourished, uneducated, unskilled, mentally ill, drug addicted, and unhealthy, yet you are taking their money to make life better for illegal migrants who are broke, lazy, uneducated, unskilled, uncaring, and happy to sleep in the streets and tents playing video games and waiting for their next free meal and money for housing. If they were great citizens of their country, they would not be subjecting themselves to living like animals walking around in filthy clothing, no hygiene for weeks, diseased from wading in contaminated waters, sleeping with animals, and so on because they want to find a higher paying job in America. Books and computers have been available for many years, yet migrants were not aware that they needed coats and boots to protect themselves from freezing to death in a northern city like Chicago? Give me a break! Send them back to their country and spend our money on us!

  3. Anonymous11/29/2023

    Mush. Him and the softballs that voted for him

  4. Anonymous11/29/2023

    Dems are dumb. How much are they willing to suffer?

  5. There a a lot of black republicans

  6. Anonymous11/30/2023

    Ibeciles electing imbeciles. Its the democrat way.

  7. Anonymous11/30/2023

    I think imbecile is an understatement

  8. Anonymous12/04/2023

    He’ll go to his grave thinking Lincoln was a democrat and Republicans wrote the Jim Crow laws.