Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Chicago Mayor BLAMES Right-Wing Extremists For Migrant Crisis in a Disgusting Over The Top Racist Rant


  1. Anonymous11/29/2023

    How sad that this man was a teacher. He should resign because he is not qualified and the ministers cannot do his job. Members of the Church are poor people who cannot support the influx of poor migrants who are arriving each day to get their freebies. Chicago will become a city of broke migrants with no businesses to provide jobs because they will be leaving.

  2. Anonymous11/30/2023

    Classic marxist trick. Blame others for your failures.

  3. Anonymous12/11/2023

    The mayor is a member of the latch key generation that blames others for their mistakes. He is totally out of his league as a mayor of a big city. His people are crying for help and he completely ignores them. He does not care about his people.