Monday, June 1, 2020

Another alderman that was let down

another good alderman, gives it his all every day

Heartbroken South Side alderman doesn’t understand looting – or police response: ‘I think we should have had a better plan’

It took Ald. Howard Brookins Jr. the better part of two terms to convince Walmart to locate a store in
his 21st Ward, but it took looters only a couple of hours to destroy it.

On Monday, an extremely frustrated Brookins lamented the extensive damage to businesses in his South Side ward and questioned why police had not done more to prevent it.

Brookins estimated 95% of stores that sell merchandise in the ward were hit by looters over the weekend.

Jewel, Home Depot, Marshalls, Dollar Tree, Dollar Store, Walgreen’s and TCF Bank were among those suffering extensive losses, to name just a few.

The looting was a heartbreaking setback to Brookins and other African-American aldermen, who know better than anyone how difficult it has been to attract whatever investment they’ve seen over the past two decades in their South and West side neighborhoods and how long it might take to replace it — if ever.


  1. Anonymous6/01/2020

    No Chicago Police, Cook County Sheriff, State Police or FEDS.

    It was all planned this is how they will get their bailout due to the riots and businesses will get an insurance payout what a racket!

  2. Anonymous6/01/2020

    Really Alderman...You're blaming the police. You are a disgrace. Every one of those businesses should pack up and move out of the city. Try preaching some self respect and respect for others.

    1. Anonymous6/02/2020

      Youre not that bright. He is not blaming the police. He is blaming the mayor for sending all the police downtown.

    2. All of the police entities mentioned cover large to huge geographic areas. There's no way Illinois, Cook County and Chicago will ever have enough cops, even if none were sick. :-|

      Alderperson Brookins was lucky to have the stores remain until now. Retail is dying from online shopping and thefts. Stores can only write off thefts, for so long. If the stores raise prices, they're accused of discrimination. :-[

  3. Anonymous6/01/2020

    New footage is surfacing...

    In a new video, you can clearly see drug baggies falling out of Floyd's pants before they ever take him near the cop car. The cop even picks one up at one point.

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    So far all the video and written evidence supports this version of events, but the ch!mps are already out of their cage. They won't listen to reason even if you put the evidence right in front of them.

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    Drugs fall out @ 3:31 & 3:45

    1. Anonymous6/02/2020

      The police officers can never be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

  4. Anonymous6/02/2020

  5. Anonymous6/02/2020

    Enraged protesters violently drag & toss cop in
    Chicago amid George Floyd Riots

  6. State Reps. LaShawn Ford, Lamont Robinson and Thaddeus Jones want money to rebuild looted areas. :-\

    Should looted areas receive money? I say NO! B-)