Thursday, March 26, 2020

Out of his own pocket

CHICAGO (CBS) — As the number of new coronavirus cases in Illinois climbed even further on Thursday, Gov. JB Pritzker said the state is establishing a new initiative to support non-profits during the COVID-19 crisis, and he is donating millions of his own dollars to help get it started.
Pritzker said the state is teaming up with United Way and the Alliance of Illinois Community Foundations to establish the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund to support local non-profits across the state who are helping those hit hardest by the coronavirus pandemic.
“My team and I are incredibly grateful for all of the businesses, and leaders, and organizations who have stepped up to meet this moment,” he said.

The governor said the fund will help provide emergency food and supplies, offer shelter and housing to those who need it, expand healthcare services, assist with utility costs and other financial burdens, and help children and families enduring school closings.
Pritzker named his sister, former U.S. Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker, as the chair of the foundation.
“When JB called me last week to talk about the need for a fund to support basic needs for all Illinoisans during this critical time, he said there was nothing more important that we can do to help the too many people across our great state who are desperate for assistance. That is what this effort is all about,” she said.
Penny Pritzker said the fund would work in cooperation with other foundations to ensure resources are directed where they’re needed most in Illinois. She said the fund already has raised nearly $23 million.
“I have been blown away by the so many people who have answered the call in just the last few days to create this effort. Everyone we asked to help signed on immediately – and I mean everyone — and without hesitation,” she said.
The governor and his wife have personally donated $2 million to the fund, and their family foundation has given another $2 million.
Contributions to the Illinois COVID-19 Response Fund can be made by visiting


  1. Anonymous3/26/2020

    Drew Brees and his Wife have donated 5 mil to victims in Louisiana . Pritzker has net worth of 3.4 Billion.

  2. Anonymous3/26/2020

    Pritzker stands to make millions when the City of Chicago leases out empty hotel rooms through out city at approximately $200.00 per night. The Pritzkers own the Hyatt Hotel chain. Or maybe he'll take out all the toilets and ask for a tax break.

  3. Anonymous3/27/2020

    BGA did an investigation in 2018 of Pritzker’s charitable donations titled “ Pritzkers storied charity costs him a little but taxpayers a lot” . I hate to be cynical but have lived here my whole life and sadly come to know the ways of the Illinois politician are indeed craftier than we could possibly imagine. Hope you and all your families are riding out this thing ok.

  4. Anonymous3/27/2020

    I can’t take much more of Fatty Arbuckle’s news conferences, This is his chance to scold all the normal people, like the ones that picked on him when he was a fat little spoiled rich boy. The worst thing is the planted questions and his well rehearsed answers. What a hand job!

  5. Anonymous3/27/2020

    Pritzker is a good governor, who's running the state much better than Rauner.

  6. I don't care how much money the Pritzkers give or don't give. It's their damn business. Donating 4 million is some serious cash and though I can't stand him this should be applauded

  7. Anonymous3/27/2020

    Rauner spent $7.5 million of his own money to renovate the dilapidated IL governors mansion... just saying