Thursday, March 26, 2020

Don't get pneumonia

While you weren’t looking, our painfully gentle, meek-looking, politically-correct, athleisure-clad American Illuminati moved the entire American pharmaceutical industry to China — lock, stock, and the proverbial barrel of penicillin. They did this because Thomas Friedman’s book told them that the world was flat and that “China, in many ways, is closer to us than Mexico.” It never in a million years occurred to them that they were putting significant power into the hands of people who consider American “thought leaders” mere dung flies to be swatted away or cultivated in manure, depending on the mood of the moment. Our Eloi are charmingly naive that way; they’re like the eight-year-old child who thinks he’s found a new way to cheat at Monopoly, not realizing that the adults around the table can predict his every move before it happens. Raised to operate in quarterly timeframes, they can’t imagine the thought processes of men (and it’s men, not womyn or furries or whatever) who might knowingly lose money on factories and industrial production for decades in a row in order to have the whip hand when it matters most.
Through their state media, China reminded the United States that they could easily choose to exercise, and I quote, “strategic control over medical products.” Such an exercise of control would turn this country into a bloody hellscape. It’s not just the coronavirus victims: it’s every diabetic, every person with a thyroid disorder, everyone who needs blood thinner or any other constant supply of live-
saving medicine. You’d be surprised just how many people around you need a daily or weekly dose of something in order to function. At the very least, it would be a death sentence for anyone who is fighting cancer, heart disease, or a dozen other maladies.
Oh, by the way: don’t get pneumonia.
This would be something very close to a checkmate move for China. Our only possible response would be to vaporize a couple of cities — a choice that no potential American President of late 2020 likely has the courage or bloody-mindedness to make. 
Oh, and it’s not just medicine. I used to work for Cardinal Health, one of America’s two largest suppliers of various medical products. (McKesson is the other one.) The vast majority of their stuff was sourced through trade relationships with the lowest bidder. Imagine having a very minor car crash and then having everyone in both cars die because they can’t even get bandages or basic antibiotics. It could happen in six months. 
Many years ago, a very wealthy relative of mine assured me that we had nothing to fear from China. “We’re like a homeowner with a $300,000 mortgage on a $200,000 home — and China is the bank,” he laughed. “They need us more than we need them.” Except they probably don’t. They’re prepared for eventualities which we cannot begin to imagine. Certainly the Party would let a half billion people starve, if necessary, to ensure that China replaced America as the world’s unipole superpower. 
President Trump is already sounding the alarm on this monopoly, but it’s not something we can rectify overnight. We’d need the equivalent of the Manhattan Project and the Tennessee Valley Authority, all at once. And you could expect any attempt at building a national medical capability to be fought tooth and nail all the way to the last inch by the various corporate interests who would prefer an accommodation with China at any cost. They will tell us we can’t build a national capability of any sort, and that the stock market could suffer. Well, the stock market is suffering now, isn’t it?
If nothing else, this virus has shown us just how fragile, cynical, and worthless the globalist future would be. We need to reject that future at any cost. Including that of our lives. Does that sound melodramatic? If it does, then chances are you’re not expecting to lose family members to the fruits of our current perfectly flat, totally optimized, completely virus-susceptible world. 

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