Thursday, February 21, 2019

Why Illinois is dead broke


  1. Anonymous2/22/2019

    Pensions need to be cut in half.
    I'm retired c.f.d. making 97,000.....way to much

  2. Anonymous2/22/2019

    I have a suggestion. Put government worker salaries on a level even with that of the private sector. Since 2008, various government unions went on strike for higher wages and got them. In contrast, Obamacare has stifled any growth in the private sector, forcing many companies to cut wages by 30% in order to pay for the increased health care premiums. Where's the main stream media on this? Yet, the government continues to raise taxes on private sector taxpayers.

  3. Anonymous2/22/2019

    Irish Welfare, Illegal aliens and "the community"

  4. Anonymous2/22/2019

    Democrats buying votes with other peoples money