Thursday, December 27, 2018

Now the Knights of Columbus are bad?

Kamala Harris..... extremist, black radical who can't control her hate on the senate floor,  a would be  presidential contender don't you know

Recently, Sen. Mazie Hirono claimed that Democrats have a hard time connecting with voters because they (Democrats) are so “smart” and “know so much.” If Democrats are smart and knowledgeable, you can’t prove it by Hirono. She embarrasses herself routinely on the Senate Judiciary Committee, where she almost invariably finds herself in over her head.
The latest embarrassment is her attack, along with Sen. Kamala Harris, on a judicial nominee for belonging to the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic social and charitable organization founded in 1882 that, in the words of Ramesh Ponnuru, has heretofore been roughly as controversial as the Rotary Club.. Hirono and Harris are insisting that Brian Buescher, nominated for a U.S. district court judgeship, drop his membership in that organization and recuse himself from cases in which it has taken a position. 
Hirono claims that the Knights have taken “a number of extreme positions.” She cites its support for Proposition 8, a California ballot initiative that defined marriage in state law as the union of a man and a woman. As Ponnuru points out, a majority of California voters agreed with this “extreme position.” 
Ponnuru also notes that Buescher belongs to two other organizations that consider marriage to be the union of a man and woman (and that also are anti-abortion, another position Hirono deems “extreme”). The two organizations are the Catholic Church and the Republican Party.
To be consistent, Hirono and Harris should demand that Buescher quit the Catholic Church
and the Republican Party, and recuse himself from cases in which they have taken a position. As Ponnuru puts it:
If Harris and Hirono want to maintain that all judicial nominees must support abortion, beyond just saying that they will respect existing law, then they should just say that there are scores of millions of Christians they would never allow on the federal bench on account of their beliefs. There is no need to launch an attack on the Knights.
Hirono and Harris don’t want to ban all Catholics; just the ones who take the Church’s teachings seriously. They subscribe to the left’s view that it’s okay (for now at least) to be a Catholic, as long as you don’t subscribe to any Church doctrine that’s inconsistent with modern left-liberalism. That’s toleration, lefty style.
Steve Cortes at Real Clear Politics wonders whether Hirono and Harris would make demands similar to those they present to Buescher of an observant Muslim nominee. After all, that faith also believes in traditional marriage. I think we know the answer to this question. 
Cortes reminds us that both Hirono and Harris howled in horror when President Trump enacted travel restrictions upon troubled countries, which they incorrectly assailed as a “Muslim ban.” Hirono described that policy as “a dark day for our country,” adding that “every time our country has singled out a minority group for discriminatory treatment, we have been proven very, very wrong.” 
But singling out orthodox-thinking Christians for discriminatory treatment when they seek important government positions is fine, even necessary, according to the oh-so smart Mazie Hirono. 
Hirono and Harris are not the only Senate bigots. Cortes recalls that last year, during confirmation hearings, Sen. Dianne Feinstein noted the devotion of Judge Amy Coney Barrett and her family to the Catholic Church and admonished that “the dogma lives loudly within you, and that’s a concern.” Sen. Dick Durbin was similarly concerned. 
The real concern for anyone who believes in freedom and the Constitution is the trend within the Democratic Party to exclude faith from the public square and people of faith from positions of power.


  1. Anonymous12/27/2018

    Lets not forget our own Dick Durbin, who interrogated Judge Amy Barret, a Roman Catholic who Durbin, along with Diane Feinstein treated her faith as a membership in a cult, pre-supposing it would influence her judicial decisions over the rule of law in this country. And Durbin is a Roman Catholic. How he continues to get voted in with his preoccupation with issues not related to the citizens of Illinois baffles me. I don't know who will be running against him the next time around, but whoever it is will have my vote over this phoney bastard.

    1. Anonymous12/28/2018

      Hope somebody goes after Durbins senate seat in 2020. He would be easy to run against because all an opposing candidate would have to do is highlight Durbins voting record and public comments.

  2. Anonymous12/27/2018

    I think they are both clear thinkers. I think that the only lawful marriage should be between a man and a donkey. There, I said it.

  3. Anonymous12/27/2018

    Democrat Party platform. Go to their website. Then go to the Communist Party web site. Look at their views. Not a dime's bit of difference. And now we have radicals who represent us. Walk away. That is the movement to join. However, I would rather call it run away. P.S. IF you are a Catholic in this Ward, and actually believe and try to follow the precepts of your church? They HATE you! Hate. Only a fool sucks up to someone who HATES them.

  4. Anonymous12/27/2018

    Hey 19th ward Democrats. So called "white ethnics". This is not your Father's Democratic Party any more. Why do you vote for them?