Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Budget passed, Rauner veto, Senate override, Wait for the House override.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner says he will veto an income-tax increase that the House has approved.

The House voted 72-45 Sunday to increase the personal income tax rate by 32 percent.  It's designed to start repairing the fiscal calamity caused by the nation's longest budget stalemate since the Great Depression.

Rauner issued a statement that decried "the largest tax hike in history and continue out of balance budgetswith no real reform." The first-term governor insists on business-friendly changes and a statewide property tax freeze in return for agreement on a budget.

The tax increase goes back to the Senate for concurrence.

The House followed the tax bill with approval of an annual spending plan.

The vote was 81-34 for a budget that spends about $36 billion. Democrats point out that it's about $800 million less than what Rauner proposed last winter.


  1. Anonymous7/04/2017

    After all that hard work and attempts to negotiate this for that, and offers to restructure government, hours and hours and days of work the Democrats come up with another "outside the box", totally innovative NEW idea - RAISE YOUR TAXES!!!
    GEE WHO SAW THAT ONE COMING? So lets fast forward two more years and uber rich limousine liberal Pritzker is the Democratic nominee. He will blame this and the jobs drying up and the fiscal irresponsibility on the ONE guy who is opposed to this total economic lunacy. The media will give a typical one side portrayal of events for the stupid masses who know nothing about government and spending and debt - we will kick Rauner out on his ass - and we will be left with a Super Majority of Democrats and a big time liberal Governor who will CONTINUE TO DO ALL THE THINGS THAT GOT US HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE - I love IL but maybe it is time to bail and let the rich liberals pay the freight while I take my tax money and spending to a state that has some respect for the tax PAYER. As usual the Democrats are blaming US - the tax payers , and if we would just giver them "enough" they can "fix" things. One problem - it is NEVER enough.

  2. Anonymous7/04/2017

    He was elected by the majority of voters in Illinois, so his way is the majorities way, not the tax and spend Democrat way.

  3. Anonymous7/05/2017

    More like Madigan's way or no way!

  4. Anonymous7/05/2017

    Did Cunningham and Hurley vote to increase our taxes?

    1. Anonymous7/05/2017

      yes and yes

    2. Anonymous7/05/2017

      Fran Hurley
      Yesterday at 6:30pm · Springfield
      No one likes paying more in taxes. No one !
      The vote on SB6 was difficult . 72 Representatives including 15 Republicans voted yes on SB6.
      I voted yes so our schools would open.
      I voted yes so road construction projects could continue .
      I voted yes so people would not lose their jobs .
      I voted yes so the State of Illinois wouldn't go to junk bond status ... which would cost the state tens of millions of dollars .
      I voted yes so we would fund our institutions for higher learning.
      The 4.95 % tax rate was a number agreed upon with Governor Rauner.
      This balanced budget had 3 BILLION DOLLARS in cuts .
      This balanced budget is spending less than the Governor's spending request .
      This Balanced budget is spending less than we have the last two years without a budget...
      And this tax rate is lower than when I first took office.
      I voted yes to Save our State

      Please feel free to contact me at the office anytime !!! I am more than willing to talk to you in greater detail .

    3. Anonymous7/05/2017

      I hope the Republican Party runs candidates for state senator and state rep.
      I will gladly vote Republican.

    4. Anonymous7/07/2017

      Why vote Republican when they just go along with tax increases with democrats?