Thursday, June 1, 2017

Maybe the way they figure it is why bother, Rauner will veto everything


Budget plan not among bills to reach Rauner's desk before summer

For the second year in a row, partisan dysfunction sent lawmakers into a summer overtime session, leaving unanswered questions about whether an agreement can be reached to ensure elementary schools open on time this fall, universities can avoid further cuts and the poor can get social services.


  1. Anonymous6/01/2017

    But never Madigan's fault.

  2. Anonymous6/01/2017

    Not Madigans fault. Rauner is a jerk.

    1. Anonymous6/01/2017

      Yeah the steady increase in taxes, huge deficit spending since Democrats took total control of our State for the past decade is all the fault of the Governor of 2 yeas who basically has done nothing because he has no power. It is certainly not the fault of Madigan who has been in office since Jimmy Carter was President. Whether Rauner is a jerk or not he has done nothing except try to obstruct the Democratic Machine that ruined Chicago, ruined
      Cook County and is now ruining our State. Our State is a national joke and these problems have existed and just got worse and worse when Blago and Quinn (Democrats) ran the State for over a decade solidly.. They are chasing out our successful people who are sick of having their hard earned money confiscated by pseudo Socialists called Democrats. Taking and giving to the gib me dat crowd.

    2. Anonymous6/02/2017

      Madigan has been in office since Jan 1971 when Nixon was president. The state last had a balanced budget when Edgar was Governor. So now its all Rauner's fault?

      "he Democratic Machine that ruined Chicago, ruined
      Cook County and is now ruining our State. So this is Rauners fault?

    3. Anonymous6/03/2017

      Democrats and Republicans need to compromise we are the laughing stock of the country!

    4. Anonymous6/03/2017

      Rauner is going to lose I wont support or vote for any Republican who is against Trump.