Thursday, June 8, 2017

Comey - Leaker

Comey’s leaks were an unauthorized disclosure of privileged talks.

May have a legal problem. 

What else did he leak? Had access to all kinds of classified info. Incredible. 


Anonymous said...

The head of the FBI, supposed to investigate internal leaks of classified and privileged information is the leaker in chief himself. Lordy, what a phony SOB this guy is. Interesting a guy could be about 6'5 and not have a spine.

Anonymous said...

This guy has been a political hack for the Democrats, and Clintons specifically since the Whitewater days. He is like the mob guy who is hired to come in after a messy "hit" to clean up the blood and gore. I am pretty sure that those guys end up smelling pretty badly and getting some guts and blood on themselves in the process.

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