Thursday, June 8, 2017


Listening to the radio. Comey reminds me of the kind of kid that would rat me out to the nun. And I would be at the park a few days later, looking for him. 


  1. Anonymous6/08/2017

    The hearing was so contrived and Comey, now one of the admitted leakers, trying to play up his whistle clean image is a little nauseating. Can you imagine, leaving a dinner appointment and going to your car and typing up a summary of what was said? Who does that? I wonder if he was told to stand down when the Fast and Furious investigation startled to unfold. Where were all these principled politicians then? He can't have it both ways. You support the team or you resign. This gee whiz, aw shucks posturing he does would have me looking for him in the schoolyard as a snitch.

  2. Anonymous6/08/2017

    Sounded like Commey's brother from Sicily showed up to testify on his brother's behalf. Just like Frankie Pantangela and his brother in the Godfather 2.

  3. Anonymous6/08/2017

    As seen inj this clip.. Commey will go home sit in a warm bath and slit his wrists as the old Romans used to do.

  4. Anonymous6/09/2017

    The clip:

  5. Anonymous6/10/2017

    Never trust an FBI man........