Monday, April 10, 2017

This is who they are

Christians in Sydney, Australia, are being advised to hide their crosses after an Arabic-speaking gang shouting “F*** Jesus!” attacked a couple on a train while transport officers looked on from a “safe space” and did nothing.
The Sydney-based Daily Telegraph – a News Corp outlet unrelated to the Telegraph Media Group newspaper of the same name – reports the couple were attacked while riding the train through “Muslim enclaves” in south-west Sydney.
Mike, who asked for his surname to be withheld for fear he might be targeted, said that four men of Middle Eastern appearance ripped his cross from his neck, stomped on it, and rained kicks and punches on his face, back, and shoulders. Two women attacked his girlfriend when she tried to protect him.
Five uniformed transport officers watched the attack take place but failed to intervene, Mike claimed, leaving the police to meet the train at a later station.


  1. Anonymous4/10/2017

    Real professional thug Officers couldn't even try to talk the guy into leaving peacefully slam his head on the armrest drag him off the plane hope they get fired!

  2. Anonymous4/10/2017

    DOA!!! The best and brightest........NOT!!

  3. Anonymous4/10/2017

    Good thing DOA doesn't carry firearms....they may have killed that guy.......