Sunday, April 2, 2017

Take Action Against Abominations

April 2, 2017
Today I was scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and it was the usual Trump-bashing from all of the “fake news” mainstream media. I subscribe to and follow many liberal outlets, Planned Parenthood and other radical left-wing groups, so I can keep my eyes on their shenanigans. Like they say, keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.
I have seen many troubling things on Facebook, but what I saw today really topped them all.
The story is about a “man” who recently gave birth to a baby. Accompanying the article was a shocking picture of what appears to be a burly man nursing a baby. It was published by
Time half a year ago and posted by the increasingly radical Yahoo, bearing the caption: “My brother’s pregnancy and the making of a new American family.”
This “man” is actually a woman who supposedly transitioned into becoming a man. While the alleged transition was happening, the sibling and author of the article tells us that their brother never lost the desire to one day get pregnant and have his own baby.
As if the story itself is not enough of an abomination, the accompanying disturbing and cringe-worthy image can never be erased from my mind.
It was antithetical to the images I have cherished of my own wife nursing our children, the vision of womanhood and motherhood all at the same time. I have also seen images of the Blessed Virgin Mary nursing Baby Jesus in a similar fashion.
While those beautiful images can also never be erased from my mind, the fact that that frightening and horrible image of a hairy, balding, heavyset “man” nursing a child is just like throwing mud and filth on a clean and clear window.
I have had just about enough of these diabolical social experiments and social engineering that are turning our world on its forsaken head. We are now living in a vile world that seems to be inhabited mostly by a bunch of zombie sheep who are easily programmed into buying all of this madness without complaint.
While there is always hope with God, it’s still hard to navigate in a world which used to embrace the beauty of God’s creation as it was taught to us in the Bible. Most of history and most of the world maintained some sense of normalcy and decency, despite the presence of original sin
Earlier, it seemed that the various perversions and aberrations that have polluted our society in the last 50 to 100 years were the creations of a few twisted individuals. But, as we know, at the root of it all is Satan himself.
The scariest thing about all this is that too few people are shocked anymore. Most of the lemmings just go along with the flow of the secular Godless agenda without a blink. I would say it is more like a whirlpool in a toilet bowl, flushing itself down like the filthy waste our society has become.
I now understand why there is so much despair in the world as well. Many cannot even identify the main reason why they feel despondent and hopeless. It is a simple fact that the less God that we have in our lives, the more evil enters into us, physically and spiritually.
Having images like the one I described on the Internet where many children are exposed to it is our fault: yours and mine. Why? Because we have not expressed enough outrage or taken steps besides prayer to try to stop this social cancer from spreading any further.
Today we have a “man,” who is still biologically a woman, all pumped up with all sorts of testosterone and steroids to mimic the natural characteristics of a human male. All the same, this selfish and misguided individual still wants the license to do womanly things like get pregnant, give birth, and nurse.
I am sorry, but this person forfeited her right to do womanly things when she made the decision to supposedly become a man. That is right; I said it. No more woman things for you. If you want to look like a hairy, fat, balding middle-aged construction worker, the last thing you should do is have a baby and nurse that baby, pretending to be a mother when you no longer fit that description.
We also have “women” who are actually men all pumped up with estrogen and whose names are really Tom, Dick, or Harry. Prancing about in dresses, demanding to be let in to public women’s restrooms, they yell discrimination when normal people stand against it.
Then we not only have the fake news media pushing for all this, but we also have insane legislators and elected officials who demand these mentally ill people be given special protections at the cost of everyone else’s freedom.
Quit sitting on the sidelines and start fighting against all these travesties. Raise your voice, say no, and urge your pastor to address these abominations from the pulpit. Instead, we have priests wasting hours upon thousands of hours by giving homilies about how everything is hunky-dory and how we should all love each other no matter what.
Get involved in your local elections and make sure you know who is trying to run for office and make decisions for you. Remember that today’s senators, congressmen, governors, and judges all got their start somewhere, so today’s crazy school board member may be tomorrow’s governor or even worse.
Just look at Obama as a prime example of what becomes of our neglect to get more engaged politically.
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(Rey Flores is a Catholic writer, speaker and political trainer. Contact Rey at for more information about having Rey speak to your group or provide political training to candidates and campaigns.)


  1. Anonymous4/02/2017

    Facebook is the modern equivalent of the National Enquirer....

  2. Anonymous4/02/2017

    Sadly, So is any liberal cable station that does 24 hour news.

  3. Anonymous4/03/2017

    This is so true. My home page is yahoo and whenever I go online there is just a barrage of propaganda "news" stories with certain themes. One Trump Bad. Two gays good. Three. Transgender good. Four: white people racist. Five Trump Bad. Six. Muslims good. Seven: Christians are bad. Eight: Trump bad. Nine: Republicans bad. It is like an endless loop of propaganda. People liken this type of thing to a drum beating. it is more like a solid wall of noise coming from a million drumbeats forming a solid sound. We need to wake up our neighbors and show them the non stop political and social bias that pervades our media.