Friday, March 10, 2017

FRANCE: 2800 Churches to be demolished, 1868 Neo-Gothic Église Saint-Jac...

The direct result of liberal and politically correct policies.  France will soon enough be a muslim country as plans for an evacuation to Quebec are being readied. 


  1. Anonymous3/10/2017

    Progressive Center left agenda does not include religion......

  2. Anonymous3/10/2017

    From 1970 to 2010 scores of Catholic churches in Chicago have either been abandoned or demolished
    because off social engineering policies designed by anti Catholic progressive,secularists that conned the church and Democratic politicians to move several hundred thousand sharecroppers from the south to move into Catholic ethnic neighborhoods. The south side suffered the brunt of these policies. Catholics had their collective heads in the sand and now live in suburban sub divisions and watch endless cable TV and wonder why their kids are functionally illiterate who attend silly public high schools that look the other way while the goofy kids text all day. Just think of the glory days of the 79th Street St. Pat's parade and multiple masses on Sunday. The same thing happened in Detroit,Philly, St. Louis etc. Democratic pols continue to be conned as we embrace same sex marriage and illegal immigrants. It's a great life!

  3. 200 years ago stone masons and other artisans working on those demolished churches believed it was a straight ticket to Heaven.
    the pearly gates were wide open.