Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Tom Dart

OUR LEADER (defacto)
Now that things have settled down I would like to know what is Sheriff Tom Dart's position on the Black Lives Matter movement and what they did at 111th and Kedzie. It's been two months since the entire Mt. Greenwood neighborhood was targeted by BLM for perceived racist slights. My opinion then and still is, was that their racist characterization was unfair and needlesly tarnished a group of hard working and morally compliant people.

This question is directed to Tom Dart for three reasons:
1. Because he is the top law enforcement official in Cook County
2. Because he is the (defacto ward boss) political leader of Mt. Greenwood and other neighborhoods within the 19th ward and has political aspirations to be the Mayor of Chicago.
3. He has been strangely silent on the subject while seeming to have an opinion on a host of other topics.

Almost everyone in the 19th ward has supported him throughout his entire political career, despite political and personal differences. We all know that he is a good family man and there has always been an implied understanding that he is a good guy trying to achieve something that would benefit the entire city and by extension, ourselves. It is because of our hope that he gets elected Mayor that everyone has always looked the other way whenever he veered off track. I don't know that we should or even can continue to look the other way, considering the enormity of what happened here in November and his continued silence on the topic.

Everyone's emotions have calmed. Now is the time to examine exactly what happened and now is Dart's chance to explain his silence and take a stand.

This post will be kept open for an indefinite period.