Friday, January 20, 2017

President Obama

This guy talked a good game and that was 
about it. There was so much good he could have done but didn't. Good riddance. 


  1. Anonymous1/20/2017

  2. Anonymous1/20/2017

    And to think 55% of our 19th ward neighbors voted for this guy in 2008. Clearly the worst president in American History. You know one ever hears from these pro Obama folks in the ward. They have been strangely silent.

  3. Anonymous1/20/2017

    The Beverly libs won't like you for saying that.

  4. Anonymous1/20/2017

    0bama was America's most prolific flim-flam man.

  5. Anonymous1/20/2017

    Obama was unqualified for the job.He was a back bench State Senator known mainly for voting "present" far more than his colleagues - and that was in a Senate dominated by liberal Democrats. He was hand picked to run for Senate. His primary opponent Hull was gunned down by Trib by forcing private divorce records public. His opponent in the general election was gunned down by Trib the same way. He was barely in the Senate before deciding to run for Pres. The media were his offensive line blockers and the referees. He built no working relations with the Democratic Senate and Democratic House his first two years or even ever, let alone building any working capital with the Republicans. He hid behind the media and used Executive Powers to legislate. His accomplishments? Adding 10 plus trillion dollars to the govt debt. Forcing through an unpopular Health Care bill with ZERO bipartisan support. He weakened our military and emboldened our enemies. Under Obama we have been experiencing terrorist actions in our country on an increasingly regular basis. He regulated the hell out of the economy and never averaged even 2 percent growth over 8 years. He failed his own black base. Noone can argue that blacks are better off today than eight years ago. He failed the entire country. Good riddance.

  6. Anonymous1/20/2017

    Am I the only one who is getting pretty ticked off with the Beverly Review these days? They are getting far more political - remember how they endorsed Obama for re-election even before the Republicans had selected Romney? Beverly liberals are insulated from the economic winds it seems. I even know a Democrat who moved to the SW suburbs and has a business that has suffered terribly for the last eight years. He doesn't care. Obama was great! The Beverly Review should look at the DNA info article about the precincts in the 19th Ward and how they voted. Of course East Beverly voted majority for Hill by ca 66%. West Beverly was more like 55% for Hill (45% for TRUMP)!! And Mt Greenwood voted for TRump by about 55-60%.
    All of these areas are part of the Review. They need to wake up and recognize that a sizeable percentage of 19th Warders voted TRUMP so stop trashing him and acting like EVERYONE wanted Hillary. And I have had a number of conversations with Bev residents who just assume you hate Trump. They get mad if you defend him. They bring it up but cant accept anyone disagreeing with them.

    1. BR is a very great paper with a great tradition of reporting the local news. Do I agree with everything they print? No way. Are they too political? At times. Are they out of touch? Not at all. They know everything going on.
      If you ask me everyone in the neighborhood should subscribe to the Beverly Review.

    2. Anonymous1/21/2017

      BR is OK. Clearly left and Bob and the gang over there simply reflect the sheep mentality so prevalent in the ward. Everyone must support the neighborhood consensus that Trump is bad and his supporters are racist.It's Ok for minorities to spew race hatred but heaven forbid a white guy
      says something positive about Trump. They would call him a fascist or worse, Also notice that Hil supporters rarely,if ever talk policy. One area Trump haters may want to follow is Davos and the probability of support for tax credits for hurting parochial school parents. Two men of honor were confirmed yesterday by the Senate and that was as big a deal as the inauguration. Kelley will start swinging in no time.

  7. Anonymous1/21/2017

    You folks living in Beverly are either government employees or are delusional folks that truly think the government can tax it's way into prosperity, enjoy the even higher taxes to come. I moved long ago and it was the best decision I ever made for my family.

  8. Anonymous1/21/2017

    My complaint is that like too many other Bev people they just ASSUME EVERYONE opposed Trump. Yet they didn't even look at the data for our Ward. I didn't say they were a terrible paper but their more partisan bent is getting more annoying. We get force fed so much of that stuff elsewhere so stick to local issues - and recognize that a very significant portion of your audience disagrees with your political views. Treat us with respect.

  9. Anonymous1/22/2017