Wednesday, December 7, 2016


We dodged another bullet on Nov. 8: Pro-Hillary celebratory party with naked men in body paint

We dodged so many bullets on November 8, the foremost being the reign of Queen Hillary, it’s hard to keep count.
Here’s another one: a Manhattan fashion public relations company, owned by two homosexuals, had planned a bacchanalian “holiday” party at Christmas time celebrating Hillary’s win, which would have featured nude “male models” sporting only stars-and-stripes body paint.
As reported by Richard Johnson for the New York Post, Dec. 6, 2016, the p.r. company LaForce, which reps Target, Banana Republic and Williams-Sonoma, to name a few, has canceled its holiday party because of Trump’s victory.
LaForce’s owners, James LaForce and his husband, Stephen Henderson, had booked Irving Plaza for a thousand guests on Dec. 19 and designed an invitation showing Hillary Clinton as an American flag-waving Santa with the words, “Make America Merry Again.”
LaForce had bought thousands of feet of red, white and blue bunting, and had lined up male models to pose in nothing but stars-and-stripes body paint. Instead, LaForce sent out a letter stating:
“We envisioned an extra-cheerful celebration of Hillary Clinton’s presidency . . . Alas, Election Day did not go as we’d hoped. So it’s with deep regret that we are canceling this year’s party.”
LaForce told N.Y. Post, “We just decided we couldn’t go through with it.” He said he and Henderson were on a bullet train in Japan following the election results on his iPhone, as his employees in New York were crying.
LaForce sent the money that would have been spent on the party to baby-killer Planned Parenthood, Housing Works and the Stonewall Foundation. He said he isn’t worried about blow back from Republican clients such as Perry Ellis president Oscar Feldenkreis who’d contributed to the campaigns of Marco Rubio and Mike Huckabee because “Everybody gets where we are coming from.” Wink, wink.
In December 2014, LaForce and Henderson held a “holiday” party at The Eagle leather bar in Chelsea, with guys with leather dog faces. Even Santa wore a leather mask.
As reported by Zachary Weiss for Page Six, Dec. 16, 2014, a guest at the party, illustrator Richard Haines, gushed that the guys with leather dog faces was “genius” because, as he put it, “the holidays are so S&M anyway . . . I loved it.”

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  1. Anonymous12/07/2016

    Every reasonable Union Home in the 19th Ward should read this article to see what a creepy freak show the Democratic Party has become. The next time your union Rep comes talking his BS ask him about this type of shit. These people are spitting in your face and you are smiling and swallowing it. What will it take folks ?