Wednesday, February 18, 2015

State Budget Cuts

Sources: Gov. Bruce Rauner to call for big budget cuts


  1. Anonymous2/18/2015

    Budget cuts mean big pressure on local government to raise revenue. More speed cameras.

  2. Anonymous2/18/2015

    seems he stayed true to his word, said directly.. all government pensions: we will keep every penny we have invested at this point... Also went on to say the only "carve out" will be for the police and firefighters... our first responders put their lives at risk daily, we need to protect their pensions..

  3. Anonymous2/18/2015

    If you keep spending more and more and more and more year after year after year after year after might seem to a liberal media type as "big budget cuts"- when finally - ONE year - we don't continue to spend more. But taken in the aggregate reining in spending is drastically overdue. How any civil servant should get pensions over 100k per year is beyond me. What part of "we cant afford it" don't union people understand?? The Illinois tax payer and business owners have been getting screwed year after year. Noone deserves 110k per year in retirement and no one can convince me that this is "fair" to give one party 100k or 200k in some cases and yes even 400k per year in pension payouts - when the money is taken out of the pockets of families who may make 36k or 40k per year. It is unfair. It is GREED. And 100k may not make you part of the 1% but it will make you in the top 15-20% of earners in this country. If Rauner would have lost and we had been stuck with more Quinn union controlled policy.....we would have continued the downward spiral of this state. He is not perfect but we needed a change badly.

  4. Anonymous2/19/2015

    What's Rauner going to do about all these people getting 2 or 3 government pensions?