Monday, December 16, 2013


5:50 A.M. Where are the salt trucks? Both Oak Lawn and the state have their salt trucks out. 


  1. Anonymous12/16/2013

    It is Monday morning and no need to start off the week extra early, especially when you did some Christmas shopping. Meeting at the ward office will begin around 10:30 Topic ? "OK we got some bad press about our neighborhood violent crime spiking 30 percent. Any ideas ?

    Fran: "Send out another glossy about how we are introducing bills to protect children from online predators"

    Bill : " Yeah...oh wait nah....we did that last time.....why don't we take some pictures with police and show we are for the police ?"

    Matt : No I don't think so....we did that three times in the last two about we send a flyer out and tell people to stay alert during this Christmas season ? "

    Bill : Maybe....but I think the sheep....I mean the people....might still connect US to the problems...ya know ?"

    Fran : Ya.....gotta remind the I mean the masses....that the Democrats care about them....I will mention in my ad that I have no husband (to make it look like I work harder than other people) and then I will blame the spike in crime on lack of police presence due to funding cuts by the radical Republican Congress.

    Matt : Perfect. I will show how I am trying to look out for kids by putting automatic computer camera ticketers everywhere !! Oh and I will call the City after we grab an early lunch and ask Rahm to send us some snow plows......sometime before Christmas.

  2. This is not O'Shea's fault. The decisions are being made DT.

    1. Anonymous12/16/2013

      True....but we still need to let Matt know that we need MORE police and MORE city services....after all our Ward gives out a lot more in taxes than many of the other wards.....

    2. Anonymous12/17/2013

      Where is Gino Naughton when you need him?

  3. Anonymous12/16/2013

    Then we all have to get on the phone and call downtown. Also word is out that now Starbucks on Longwood was robbed ? We need more cops here !

  4. Anonymous12/17/2013

    Don't worry, everybody will make it to the liquor store in time.

  5. Anonymous12/17/2013

    It is funny because Murph and I seem to be on the same page lately and, literally, thinking the same things. I have noticed that Oak Lawn plows and salts its streets much faster than ours get done. It is annoying.

    It seems like we are paying more---and subject to this outrageously photo-enforced speed camera---and receiving less services.