Sunday, December 15, 2013

Chicago The Beautiful (1948)


  1. Anonymous12/15/2013

    Interesting video.

    According to the video, Ms. Buckingham donated the fountain and provided for its maintenance in perpetuity.

    I wonder what happened to the maintenance money.

  2. Anonymous12/15/2013

    What a great video ! But I cant help feel a little badly about how far our once great city has fallen. There was such a strong feeling of optimism in that presentation as well as pride. Our city has lost so much of its soul. I also stop and ponder who did this...or why this happened. The policies implemented that helped create the decay that is so much of Chicago can, unfortunately be laid at the feet of the ONLY political party to hold power in this city since WW II. Of course that is the Democrat Party. It is a before and after photo....kinda like the meth addict before and after pictures....This is your city...this is your city on Government crack ! P.S. Yes our downtown is still beautiful...but not those roaming gangs of inner city thugs who like to go "polar bear hunting".