Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Derrick Rose

He's hurt again. What do you think of that?


  1. Anonymous11/26/2013

    I think his career is over. Julio Cruz the second.

  2. Anonymous11/26/2013

    He's toast. Wanna keep him in the news? Lets hear some more about his ACT scores

  3. Anonymous11/27/2013

    There are certainly enough players who tore their ACL and came back to play...That being said though, the Bulls mgmt. really needs to reevaluate from a strategic point of view just what they are going to do. It is possible if not likely he will not come back and play as well as before. They need another top quality player, shooter especially. They need a big gun.

  4. Anonymous11/29/2013

    Reinsdorf ought to have Adam Dunn suit up.

  5. Anonymous12/01/2013

    I'm sad to see anyone get hurt. I hope he has saved his money.