Monday, August 26, 2013


1By Teri O'Brien - 
As Gallup is reported ten days ago, when it comes to his approval rating on the economy, Barry’s going through a rough patch, although with those endless vacations, rounds of golf and celebrity parties, not nearly one as rough as the peasants living his economy. 
President Barack Obama’s approval ratings on handling the nation’s economy have plunged in the past two months, as he and Republicans in Congress prepare to enter a series of fall budget battles this fall.
According to a Gallup survey released Thursday morning, just 35% of survey respondents approve of how Obama is handling the economy, while 62% disapprove.
When things get tough, Barack’s approach isn’t to try to solve problems, or do any of that icky, challenging work stuff. Let’s face it, his previous experience as a street agitator and college lecturer leave him woefully unqualified to do that. So, he takes another approach, like these guys.
Animal House
Road trip. 
How better to lift his spirits than to tote his PrompTer to yet another college campus, and bask in the endless love, worship even, of people too ignorant and inexperienced to know that his policies are destroying the economy? If they knew anything about economics, would they be borrowing thousands of dollars to get degrees in “disciplines” like Medieval French poetry that leave them as unqualified to do anything other than bloviate, just like Obama himself? 
We’ll delve into the real extent of just how miserable the economy is, taking it by the numbers. Suffice it to say that it is as bad or worse than your daily experience tells you.
Other questions remain. Is this economic destruction simply the result of a very bad hiring decision in 2008, and repeated last year? Or, is it deliberate? Is it the result of the “remaking” that Barack Obama promised, the pursuit of “economic justice,” redistributing wealth from those who unfairly benefitted in racist Amerika? Why do black voters, whose unemployment rate is still twice that of whites 50 years after the March on Washington that some are celebrating this week, still support democrats? And why is Barack Obama supporting “comprehensive immigration reform” that will depress the wages and opportunities for all low and middle income people, including African Americans? Our guest, Lena Durant of Black American Leadership Alliance, why Barack Obama is throwing low income and middle class Americans under the bus? Could it be raw political expediency? 
Dick "Eddie Haskell" Durbin, your fascism is showing. As reported by the terrific journalists at Illinois Review, the pudgy huckster is using his office to try to intimidate private citizens exercising their First Amendment right.
Plus our usual review of the best of the Sunday shows, and the under-the-radar news that you don’t want to miss.
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  1. Anonymous8/26/2013

    I've commented before on this blog about the economy yet the voters of this ward largely put this incompetent president back in office. Many people complain but few act. Energy will take us out of this mess IF this administration let's it. But they are beholden to the environazis of today. Now I also ,years ago ,supported some of these groups and now I don't. I read a story last week about both North Dakota and Pennsylvania oil and gas fields can not get enough workers to these areas. Again we need to tell Washington to get out of the way and let the energy companies ship these products out of this country. There already is enough overseeing in this field to keep it safe. Hello Mr. president are you listening.........

  2. Anonymous8/26/2013

    Of course it is deliberate. This guy was trained or I should say used by far left Marxists to undermine America as we know it.He/They have the blacks,browns gays and now a new permanent underclass debtor cohort with hundred in our own back yard. Kids who were duped by dangerous financial aid counselors at ding a ling State U or formerly Catholic St Silliness in Podunk. Hundreds of thousands of 50K plus debt and many janitors at best. So now this guy has it all and the Democratic Party after 40 years (remember goofy McGovern) has finally been taken over by the far left and here we are in the 19th ward. All of the above look for pleasures in consumerism be it things or people and who cares about debt.
    Good Day!

  3. Anonymous8/28/2013

    There is no "President Obama"

    The Obama "Presidency" is nonexistent. The media refers to Barack Obama as "President Obama" I have said it many times in the past and will reiterate it now: Barack Obama has never been the President of the United States.

    I truly believe that Barack Obama will someday be regarded as one of the greatest con men of all time.

  4. Anonymous11/18/2014

    You would have to be extremely Stupid to believe that it is not being done deliberately. He is not even a resl president, he's a fraud from head to toe, just like most Democrat Politicians.