Sunday, August 25, 2013

It's Starting


Screen Shot 2013-08-24 at 9.31.27 AMCHICAGO - Late Thursday, BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois released its Obamacare-compliant small group health plans for 2014 renewals that include reducing the number of HMOs and more than doubling co-payments for emergency room treatment.
Joliet-area health insurance broker Steve Orlando said the new plans for companies with less than 50 employees will require clients to pay higher out-of-pocket health care costs.
"Looking at the new plans, BlueCross BlueShield is dramatically going to raise emergency room copays from $150 to in most cases $400, and raise doctor and specialist copays in some instances. They are adding a co-pay for being admitted to the hospital ($150, $200 or $250), as well as adding a copay for outpatient surgery ($100, $150 or $200)."
In addition, Orlando said, BlueCross BlueShield is creating a new 5=tier prescription drug benefit that includes $100 and $150 copayments for a 30 day non-formulary brand name prescription, up from the current cost of $50 or $60.

The new plans will also limit HMO choices. BlueCross is reducing the number of HMOs available to a total of four, three of which include an unprecedented $2000, $5000 and $6000 deductibles respectively, Orlando said. 
These higher costs to his clients didn't set well with Orlando, who immediately called his Congressman's office to complain.
"With this knowledge, I contacted the Joliet district office of Congressman Bill Foster to 'thank' him for his responsibility in raising insurance rates, deductibles, out of pocket costs and co-payments for Illinois families," Orlando said.  
He also reached out to Congressman Roskam and Senator Kirk's office to support the effort to defund Obamacare. 
"What makes me so livid about this is that this is no accident, it's by design," Orlando said.  "What's it going to take to get the average voter to wake up?"



  1. Anonymous8/25/2013

    Congressmen have Cadillac health insurance.

    Voters have old beat-up Schwinn health insurance.

  2. Anonymous8/25/2013

    Why did you call the Republican congressman, and Senator to complain, why didn't you call Blue Cross Blue Shield to complain. We would not be in this predicament, if it wasn't for those same Repubes' ... who Suck off big Insurance companies, and big Business in general, at the expense of us taxpayers. And, why do we need Insurance Brokers to begin with, just another middle man eating at the trough.

    1. Anonymous8/26/2013

      The "predicament" is purely the result of an unpopular law shoved down our throats with lies, intimidation, bribing of certain unions and states....I believe even little Rahm got in on the act while in the buff in the Congressional shower poking a Democrat in the chest, (while both were nude according to the Democrat) excoriating him for not supporting this disaster. After employing the Chicago Way and roughing up everyone who disagreed - this unpopular law passed by the narrowest of margins....Now MY provider says I have to buy a more expensive monthly plan....because of Obamacare rules! Not the Republican rules...or the Provider rules. Pay attention and watch your own health care....if you want to see it remember to look UP....cuz it will be shootin up like a rocket...thanks do nothing for me or my family except roll me for more cash to give to the idle

    2. Anonymous8/26/2013

      If Obamacare is so great, why wont our Democratic Congressmen join...oh wise Liberal?

    3. Anonymous8/26/2013

      Why are they delaying this bill ? Could it be that the job killing elements would be apparent to the average voter by election time in 2014?
      The DemocRATS think they can take the House and Senate in 2014 so the Socialist in Chief can implement more Hope and Change.....I think Obamacare will kill that hope

  3. Anonymous8/27/2013

    Gasoline was $1.68 / gallon on G.W. Bush's last day in office.

    Now gas is $3.75.

    How much will the cost of healthcare rise under Obama?

  4. Anonymous8/28/2013

    Congress didn't even read the bill before it was voted on pathetic. My solution is the best a free Stroger type hospital in every county for the uninsured or underinsured.

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