Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inflation, what inflation?

Commerce Department figures show inflation to be running at about 2 per cent this year, increasing to 2.5 per cent in 2014. Manageable. They don't like to count food and energy. They're so damn volatile, don't you know.

Some economist offer a mixed bag during the second Obama term. Starting in 2014, food, energy and medical insurance will be increasing at an annual rate of 25 percent. These increases will be offset by future decreases in the cost of housing, automobiles, vacations, clothing, raw materials and capital goods.

So quit your bitching and stop bothering Bill Cunningham with your paranoia. Everything is OK.



    This strange paradigm you have about Obama doesn't always play out.

    1. Anonymous3/29/2013

      They may have peaked under Bush but they did come DOWN eventually. By the time Obama took office they were around $2 and change.....So far under four plus years of Obama they slowly crept back up and up and up and they are staying up. Democrat kool aid drinkers literally block out reality like a three year old covering their ears and chanting "la la la la la la". I hate high gas prices whether a Republican is in charge or when a Dem is in charge. Liberals seem to be fine with high gas prices if Obama is the Pres. And since I started shopping at Aldi I have found some of their prices going up as much as 50 percent. Guess that is George Bush's fault. P.s gas will probably "peak" this summer and when it reaches it's peak under Obama.....well we'll just change the subject.

    2. Anonymous3/29/2013

      MPots is right (again). And, the same is true with the national debt and deficit. Republicans scream and yellow about the debt/deficit that they created, while the debt/deficit goes down during Democratic administrations. It is laughable that Republicans run around calling themselves "deficit hawks." Truly it makes no sense and is dishonest.

      Ever since they allowed speculation with oil, during the Bush admin, we have suffered with higher prices. My two favorite companies are the speculators in oil: Goldman Sachs and Koch Industries (largest, or second largest private industry).

      Aside: know what is funny? Speaking of privately held companies, from the 29-MAR-2013 reply, Aldi is my favorite privately held company. If Aldi ever were to go public . . . then again, I do not trust the investment banks, underwriters (Goldman Sachs).

    3. Anonymous4/06/2013

      You are correct that under Clinton, the deficits went down and that was due largely to very real CUTS in DEFENSE spending ushered in by the collapse of the Soviet Union. Also, a Republican House kept the purse strings. Meanwhile, under Obama our annual deficit has skyrocketed. Read some facts. All 4 Obama wonder years his deficit spending has pushed the national debt to insane levels. Oh and I suppose you support his "tax of the month" in his new budget proposal.."ho hum, just another half a trillion dollars more in taxes...I mean it has been at least 90 days since the last tax hike". 88,000 jobs last month. (We need at LEASY 175,000 per MONTH just to keep up with a growing nation of 300 MIllion) PLUS 500,000 more people dropped out of the labor force altogether. Yeah those Democrats they sure know how to run an economy. I mean after all look at their great resumes...Obama was in charge 2 dozen people. You know organizing them to agitate. That is just the experience I want behind the desk in the Oval office. He is a fool in over his head, and even the lying fraud media cannot hide the truth anymore.

  2. Anonymous3/28/2013

    we dont need housing and autos. What is a capital good anyway?

    1. Anonymous3/28/2013

      Do some research...or just type the letters into google.. low information voter

  3. Anonymous3/28/2013

    Barak will change water to wine shortly.

  4. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Inflation isn't a worry for polititians. If it rises, their "gifts" rise as well. They do quite well in any market.

  5. Anonymous3/29/2013

    Oil industry representatives and congressional Republicans accused the Obama administration Friday of effectively jacking up gas prices across the country after the Environmental Protection Agency unveiled a plan to clean up gasoline and automobile emissions.

    The proposal, released Friday morning, aims to reduce sulfur in gasoline by more than 60 percent in 2017. The agency claimed the change would save lives and cut down significantly on respiratory ailments by making the air cleaner.

    But critics questioned those claims, and said the plan would impose higher gas prices on hard-hit families.

    Gas is already over $4 per gallon, this should bring it over $5/gallon at least. And this is what Obama wants. "It's alllll part of the plaaaaannnn"

  6. Anonymous3/30/2013

    gas will be ten dollars a gallon by the time he leaves.