Monday, February 25, 2013

They want your guns. Why?

Mayor Bully needs to worry about NYC

Mayor Bloomberg,  Sen. Schumer,  Sen. Feinstein, Rep. Nancy Pellosi and Pres. Obama are leading the charge to ban everyone's guns. I'm not so sure it's a good idea for Americans to turn in their guns because while these leaders are attempting to get this ban into place, the Dept. of Homeland Security is placing orders for 250,000,000 rounds of ammo. What's that about? 

I wonder if the gun ban proposals actually promote democracy. What's the motive here? Is it really to save the children, cut down on crime, etc. or is it something else?

Bloomberg Axelrod Favorite To Replace JJJ, Robin Kelly: ‘I’m all for banning guns’ What about other topics like the creation of jobs in the 2nd district? What does she plan to do to fight poverty? What about the failing schools? Instead she wants to talk about taking guns away from law abiding people? She's a joke.

If Robin Kelly was serious about cutting crime, she would be calling for mandatory incarceration of anyone committing a crime with a gun? Robin Kelly is not sincere. The voters know it and that is why she will lose on Tuesday.

February 21, 2013

In the Illinois 2nd District Special$1.4 million in attack ads against former Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson and endorsing anti-gun-extremist Robin Kelly.
Kelly has proudly campaigned against guns throughout the campaign. At a forum held in suburban Dolton, IL, earlier in the campaign, Kelly told voters, “I’m all for banning guns, and I will be a leader in that.” Kelly has also boasted proudly of her “F” grade from the NRA. At a candidate forum at the Trinity Unity Church of Christ, Kelly claimed as she has several times on the campaign trail, “I got an F from the NRA, something I’m proud of, I don’t have to go back and study and take the test anymore, I’m proud of my F.”
And despite a court ruling that the Illinois ban against conceal and carry was unconstitutional, Kelly said, “I am proud that we are the state that doesn’t have it.”

Kelly also went against her Democrat counterparts who argued that jobs is the most important issue facing the district at a recent forum held at Governor’s State University, claiming that stopping violence was a more important issue.
Kelly previously served as chief of staff to former Illinois State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias, who lost his bid for U.S. Senate against Mark Kirk after his family’s Broadway Bank was seized by the FDIC after making over $75 million in bad bank loans. The Chicago Tribune reported on Tuesday that Kelly was the subject of an ethics investigation during her time at the Treasurer’s office while she was campaigning for the Treasurer’s job herself.
From the Trib:
After Robin Kelly lost a 2010 bid for state treasurer, the office’s chief investigator alleged she violated ethics laws by improperly reporting time off from her taxpayer-funded job as chief of staff to then-Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias.
The treasurer’s personnel rules required all of a worker’s time off to be approved ahead of time by a supervisor. But from August 2009 through December 2010 — when Kelly was campaigning for treasurer — Kelly filed 107 requests for unpaid time off, the audit found. Of those requests, 82 percent were not approved by a supervisor, but by a human resources director who reported to Kelly, the audit found. Many of those requests were submitted well after the time off had already been taken, the audit found.
In addition, the audit stated that 19 of Kelly’s 24 monthly time-off calendars in 2009-10 were OK’d before her time-off requests had received final approval. It also found 17 of those 24 calendars were approved late and three were never approved.
It appeared Kelly “could come and go as she pleased without consequence,” Ringler wrote. “It also appears that (her time-off) calendars were made to match the times that they needed to, in order to end up with a 35-hour work week and/or 7-hour day, because of the number of times they were approved, reversed, reapproved, reversed again, approved a third time, etc.”
The Tribune also reports “Executive Inspector General David Wells recommended that Kelly be disciplined, according to a letter from Giannoulias.”


  1. Anonymous2/25/2013

    I saw Robin Kellys TV commercial with Dan Hynes. That figures.

  2. Anonymous2/25/2013

    Robin Kelly! thats all we need, another Irish politician.

  3. Anonymous2/26/2013

    The British wanted our guns before the revolution, Hitler wanted the German people's guns when he gotinto power,the mexicans want people's guns etc etc. Why do you think they want our guns? They want this country to be another KUWAIT as it was to Saddam.They don't want a fight when they try to make barry a tyrant.WAKE UP!

  4. Anonymous2/26/2013

    Rahm Emanual, Robin Kelly, Dan Hynes, all losers today.

  5. Anonymous2/26/2013

    Why is Hynes getting involved in a congress race when he doesn't live there??????

  6. Anonymous2/26/2013

    this isn't 1774 and it's not Nazi Germany,I don't think so you bunch of clowns.

    1. Anonymous2/26/2013

      I did not post the above remarks, but in one respect I am chillingly concerned. The media supports Obama to the point of almost being a state run media...Please dont say what about Fox News since it is only one channel and a cable channel at that - if one million people watch it it is still a tiny percentage...Newspapers, television, hollyweird, textbooks, teacher unions and teachers generally....all support and promote (propagandize) for the liberal side...Obama mentioned nothing about gun control before the election...NOW? The media drums never stop beating for the views of the President.

    2. Anonymous2/27/2013

      HItler did come for the guns - especially of his political foes. He initially found it hard to get the guns from the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto. But he did get them. Yesterday in the news"

      Guntersville (Ala.) Mayor Leigh Dollar is working with city officials to pass an ordinance that would give police the power to “disarm individuals” during a disaster, a chilling example of how the second amendment is being assaulted via the back door.

      How will they do this? With all your registration regulations. They know exactly who has the guns- and they can come (in the night) at their leisure, with enough force to and surprise to overwhelm you. It can and has happened countless places in the world. Read some history before calling people clowns. Or at least offer some argumentation. Full disclosure: I am not nor have I ever owned a gun. The latest irrational gun grab drumbeat is making me want to reconsider.

  7. Anonymous2/26/2013


    1. Anonymous2/28/2013

      We lose. Again.

      I guarantee the 19th Ward would have voted 90% for her if she were in our district. 19th Ward mentality; Toe the line and get me some.

      Union YES! Abortion YES! OBUMMER YES! Hypocrisy Forever!

  8. Anonymous2/27/2013

    NEW YORK CITY NY – The following is Mayor Michael Bloomberg's statement on the special election in Illinois' 2nd Congressional District. The Democratic primary candidate Bloomberg supported with his Super PAC, Robin Kelly won with 57% of the vote:

    "This is an important victory for common sense leadership on gun violence, a problem that plagues the whole nation. And it's the latest sign that voters across the country are demanding change from their representatives in Washington -- not business as usual. As Congress considers the President's gun package, voters in Illinois have sent a clear message: we need common sense gun legislation now. Now it's up to Washington to act."

  9. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Another clear thinking rational democrat elected with money from another democrat from out of state. We're worried about what the republicans are going to do?????? Wake up voters........

    1. Anonymous2/28/2013

      Bloomberg is technically a Republican, but I believe the more accurate term is RINO.

    2. Anonymous2/28/2013

      Mayor Bloomberg has many body guards to protect him. I believe they are all using these devices called "guns". Why? Is Bloomberg's life more important than your own? Or perhaps a Janitor in the 2nd Congressional District who has to take the bus to his night shift job? The 2nd District has it's share of problems the most pressing IS a four letter word - but it is not "guns" it is "jobs". Democrats do not know how to create one...

  10. Anonymous2/27/2013

    Another ethically challenged political hack supported by the same cadre of lice who have ruined this city, county, and state.
    Yeah, I mean you Tom Hynes!

  11. Anonymous3/01/2013

    Kellymgetsbawaynwith her crap because she's black,female and democrat. Bloomberg is a piece of shit from new York with a dozen armed guards. The ones you can't have. He spouts all the liberal crap because he can afford to. The media who never calls these people out on there ridiculous statements . With the NRA out of the way I'm sure all the gangbangers will turn in their weapons.