Sunday, February 24, 2013

John Kass interviews Cardinal George: Is there now such a sea change in Western culture that people can't believe?

Cardinal George: Is there now such a sea change in Western culture that people can't believe?


  1. Anonymous2/24/2013

    But they are still a good person.

  2. Anonymous2/24/2013

    As a "prince" of the Catholic Church, he will have a say in selecting the next Bishop of Rome. This upcoming conclave reminded me that it was Nicholas II who was the first pope to have himself crowned and also the one ("we") to make the College of Cardinals the exclusive body for electing the pope.

    The Roman Curia, perhaps along the thinking of Cardinal George---even though they say our American bishops have dubious loyalty to Rome---will get another conservative. This will only magnify conflicts and controversies within the Vatican. It seems like Scola is the preferred choice among the Vatican establishment, and this is a bad thing ironically for the Vatican establishment. The Catholic Church needs a Pope John XXIII. A person of profound faith and love for God's children. The Catholic Church needs to clean house and use the influence of the Vatican on the global stage. The Italian cardinals are tired of non-Italian popes. I think Scola is the logical front runner for the Catholic Church elite.

    Nevertheless, who knows what will happen? Ratzinger's sudden resignation could be a (very) good thing. He was too timid on international affairs. Pope John Paul II spoke out against the Iraq war and was a force for peace. Pope John Paul II was not afraid of the British or even American establishment. Ratzinger has been weak, feckless in supporting Catholics under persecution in muslim countries. If you are going to have a sovereign country, the pope could use its tremendous "soft power" to advocate for the rights of Catholic from Syria to China to Egypt.

    I must completely disagree with His Eminence, Cardinal George. We, the American People, have not lost our faith in God. We may have lost our confidence in the Catholic Church; its politics and its corruption. The pope is supposed to be the successor of St. Peter, notwithstanding a claim without a basis in Scripture.

    The question that I am interested is whether the next pope going to strive to be a successor of St. Peter or a bureaucratic who administers different organs of Catholic Church? Cardinal George is right - let's talk about faith. Let's bring faith as the focus of the Catholic Church.

  3. Anonymous2/24/2013

    Man if you read the posts at the Tribune by people commenting on the article you will realize that there truly is alot of Catholic haters and Catholic Church bashing even in Chicago Archdiocese - the largest in the US. Alot of "Progressives" out there making the same tired incendiary bigotted anti-Catholic Church statements over and over.

  4. Anonymous2/24/2013

    Regarding Cardinal George: he came to town with alot of brash - he was out protesting abortion clinics and such - then suddenly it all stopped. I really wonder why. We need strong leaders in our Church no more than ever. The Cardinal is a good man, and he did get out front and helped clean out the church of the fake priest pedophiles that have infested our church.