Friday, February 22, 2013

The Peculiar Priorities of the Chicago Media | Illinois Family Institute

The Peculiar Priorities of the Chicago Media | Illinois Family Institute


  1. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Lets see, what other Societies controlled the media for their own purposes. Stalin's Russia, Hitlers Germany, Mao's China and the ever popular Castro's Cuba.

  2. Little after the fact, aren't they?

  3. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Why should I care that a bunch of ignorant people protested something? You imply that there is this agenda to suppress the media. You have, for some reason, people who are just crazy about gay marriage (vide Westboro). I am an extremely busy person, and I do not think that I ever stood in protest or in support of anything, especially not in the cold. I think they look . . . foolish (at best).

    It is not newsworthy that a bunch of people with nothing better to do who are obsessed with gay people stood in the cold in protest. It is ridiculous to suggest that it is newsworthy, and it is ridiculous to think the public is interested.

    People protest all sorts of nonsense from the environment to you name it. I want more protests on the environment - maybe then it will stop snowing and finally start to get warm. This weather is killing me.

    Protest. Do not protest. Serious people with busy lives do not care. I have better things to do with my time than protest gay marriage (or care who is protesting).

  4. Anonymous2/22/2013

    Well, for years & years the media didn't cover any Gay rights rallies. I guess the tide has turned.

  5. Anonymous2/23/2013

    Hmmmm,well let's see the Illinois Family Insitute deserves coverage and I believe that the Cathtolic Conference has a guy in Springfields doing God's work,but the issues are far more complex. The new elites led by this president are determined to
    persuade one and all that hey no one has the right to be judgmental and we now have men and women who were schooled in Catholic doctrine supporting this same sex marriage perversion. Locally we have probably all of our elected officials
    supporting this madness and nationally well good ole Joe and we used to say ,"Say it a'int so Joe" but now we say ,well you fill in the blanks. Scholars are calling this phenomenon the rise of the"Engaged Progressives" led by the aformentioned Chief Executive,Hollywood types that adore Woody Allen, former radicals,Neo Marxists and the like. Sadly,our local elected officials. seem to be forced into this sickness and we are supposed to say well hey homosexuals in our midst are just fine and if they teach are kids
    well Joe and Barry says it's Ok.

    Let's get real