Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Is it time for Anita Alvarez to resign?

Did she just go along?
Anita Looking Bad
The person who comes off looking the worst in the entire Koschman affair seems to be recently re-elected Cook County States Attorney Alvarez. The Sun Times investigation is damning:
  • The indictment marks a stunning swing in a case that current and former police officials and prosecutors had insisted didn’t merit criminal prosecution.

    “There’s no basis for criminal charges,” then-police Supt. Phil Cline said in May 2004.

    But, facing new questions about the case, the police reinvestigated last year, again declining to seek charges. They said Vanecko — who never spoke with investigators — acted in self-defense.

    “Absent evidence that would enable us to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, there is not a good-faith basis to bring charges,” Sally Daly, Alvarez’s press secretary, said last year

    The judge didn’t buy it.

    “The system has failed” Koschman, Toomin said in April when he granted the request by Nanci Koschman for a special prosecutor.

    The judge ripped “the fiction of self-defense” that he said was “conjured up by police and prosecutors,” and he questioned why Vanecko wasn’t charged.
And this:
  • Acknowledging those discrepancies and under fire for not being able to find any files on the Koschman case from her office’s involvement in 2004, Alvarez asked the Illinois State Police to investigate the police department’s handling of the case. “I think there should be an independent police investigation,” Alvarez said.

    At first, the state agency agreed. Then, it got a new boss: Alvarez’s chief deputy, Hiram Grau, who had been a deputy superintendent with Chicago Police Department at the time of Koschman’s death, in charge of the department’s detectives. And the state police quickly reversed course and declined to get involved.
Imagine that - Grau shitcanning the State Police investigation after he was working for Anita and before that, in charge of the Chicago D-Unit. Hmmmm.
  • The petition went on to say: “Despite . . . witness statements, the 2004 Chicago police investigation was closed without charges in part because the police claimed to be unable to determine the identity of the person who had thown the fatal punch. Such a blatant failure to connect the dots has the hallmarks of an investigation governed by politics, not professionalism.”

    And it singled out Alvarez —
    who now was arguing that she should oversee any new investigation, even though she had declined to step in earlier — for criticism: “Despite the suspicious circumstances surrounding the Koschman investigation, Alvarez has publicly defended the work of the Chicago police and the Cook County state’s attorney’s felony review unit, insisting to Sun-Times reporters that there was insufficient evidence to charge Vanecko.
So after calling for a State Police investigation, then her former deputy scotches the whole thing, she then demands to oversee the investigation? What manner of bi-polar office is Anita running? Judge Toomin fires a final broadside:
  • “Upon being apprised that Koschman met his death at the hand of an identifiable and known assailant, one might reasonably anticipate that law enforcement officials would bring the offender before the bar of justice.”

    Instead, though, Toomin said Alvarez "seems consumed with finding legal justification for Vanecko’s use of deadly force."
That would be the job of the defense attorney, something Vanecko never had to provide for since Anita was running interference for him from her office.

Reprinted from Second City Cop


  1. Anonymous12/04/2012

    The sooner the better.

  2. Anonymous12/04/2012

    This case is the reason Devine quit. And now we know why she was put in.

  3. Anonymous12/04/2012

    Anita Alvarez has compromised herself and her office. The States Attorneys Office should have an independent prosecutor who follows the law and fact, not politics and clout..
    I'm a dreamer.....

  4. Anonymous12/04/2012

    Time to make her a federal judge.

  5. Anonymous12/04/2012

    Resign? Absolutely. For this and a vast array of other reasons. She was not nice when she was elected. Just like Lisa, she destroyed a lot of careers, and a lot of people resigned because of both of them. Excellent prosecutors were forced to resign, and many who did not voluntarily quit were demoted in a depression.

    It is tragic how we have two incompetent people running the AG's Office and State's Attorney's Office.

    We should not allow this injustice to fade away.

  6. Anonymous12/04/2012

    The death of David Koschman was “a tragedy all the way around,” but Richard J. “R.J.” Vanecko is “basically a good kid,” Vanecko’s uncle William Daley said Tuesday.

    They were the first public comments from anyone in the Daley family since Vanecko’s indictment Monday on an involuntary manslaughter charge.

  7. Anonymous12/05/2012

    This piece of work should be thrown out of office by the nape of her neck!.. Don't wait for a resignation. She is the worst example of a decent woman I have ever seen. She is no good!!!

  8. Anonymous12/07/2012

    Ok the federal judge comment was just plain funny. And a little scary.

  9. Anonymous12/09/2012

    In an Anita Alverez related topic, what ever happened to Sara Naughton, Assistant States Attorney that got drunk, went bezerk and bit the lingerie store owner back in September? She was born in Beverly and attended St John Fisher School.

    You might also remember her as Gino Naughton’s daughter. He was a 19th ward minion and then broke from the ward and became lawyer in Vrydolyaks law firm. He was also an assistant States Attorney at 26th Street.

    I’m sure her case is being shopped before all the Judges at 26th street with the help of daddy till they find one who will make it go away quietly if it hasn’t already.

  10. Wow. Just saw the 60 minutes with Anita. What a c*nt. If DNA evidence isn't enough to overturn conviction nothing is

  11. Anonymous12/12/2012

    Did everyone forget the Frank Cupello case? He was the Crook County Investigator that voted in Crook County for ten years, while he was actually living in Lake County. Google his name. Anita never investigated this matter. She sent it to Lisa Madigan's office who again never investigated this matter. Frank Cupello is a supervisory investigative supervisor in Anita's office. Cupello is related to Crook County Board member Pete Silvestri. You know the Republican that supported Anita for re-election. Oh by the way Anita's office is the primary agency to investigate election law violations. Where did this case go Anita?????

  12. Anonymous1/08/2014

    I am glad that I do not live in Chicago anymore.