Monday, December 17, 2012

Catholic Schools’ Newtown Prayer Draws Emotional Response « CBS Chicago

Catholic Schools’ Newtown Prayer Draws Emotional Response « CBS Chicago


  1. Anonymous12/17/2012

    For the past year + the mainstream media's idea of "reporting" is to echo an unsolicited comment made via soclail media and call it a news story. God help us. Who is the patron staint of investigative reporting? They need one - now!

  2. Anonymous12/17/2012

    I may be wrong,but there has never been a violent incident in a Catholic school or perhaps any parochial school.

  3. Anonymous12/17/2012

    Debatable. Professionals believe the Our Lady of the Angels fire was set deliberately. That person may not have intended to kill all those children, but surely an arsonist, even one who is a kid himself, understands that there is a possibility of injury, if not death.

  4. Anonymous12/18/2012

    Ok, OLA maybe,but probably an upper grade bad boy. Point I'm making and hope more agree that school choice ,if given a chance, where parents can choose private over public we may see far fewer of these incidents. Rice for example has retired armed coppers at both entrances and if memory serves the funding comes from a State grant. Public schools in our fair city are a joke and John Q keeps getting more and more silly reform measures that mean nothing. Duncan was a disaster as was is predecessor. I used to tell the new kids hired at Gangbang high to enter in a remote entrance because of so much violence atthe main entrance. Principal lied frequently and local watch commanders collective heads in the sand.

    1. Anonymous12/18/2012

      I've never worked in a high school where teachers entered through main doors. They always enter through "remote" entrances.

      Why would there be fewer of these incidents if there were vouchers? I don't see an academic advantage to vouchers, and I don't see how vouchers would eliminate or even lessen the type of violence that took place in Connecticut. People who want a free private or parochial education need to buy into the whole culture of those schools. Kids don't accidentally do better because they go to those schools, and not all of those schools outproduce all public schools. If a parent didn't lay the groundwork, and doesn't "get it" the way the other parents do, it won't make any difference if she pulls her kid out of a public school to send the child to St. Wherever. And lunatics still have plenty of schools or public places to go to with the intention of committing mayhem. I just don't see a connection between school choice and fewer school shootings.

  5. Anonymous12/18/2012

    Walk the halls at the 50 pr more Gangbang Highs in the city and now burbs. You would be shocked! MF is the new morning greeting. No one even thinks of homework anymore. Oh, the over paid administrators will tell the public anything to survive to get their $100K pensions and now that the union is so weak none of the working stiffs have any balls to grieve the goof principals. Read Charles Murray to learn how many of these kids can do college work. Look, Catholic schools are along way from perfect. Trust me I've worked and supported both public and private and they both are lacking big time. However, the latter trumps the former when it comes to safety.