Saturday, November 19, 2011

Support Joe Bird

Those wishing to sign a petition to allow Police Officer Joe Bird to run for State Senate... INFO FOR YOU

Chicago Police Officer Joseph Bird is going to run for the Illinois State Senate... Those interested in helping Joe run may stop by the ffice located at 10450 South Western Ave (IT HAS THE PRS SIGN ON THE BUILDING) and sign the petition allowing him to be on the ballot. TODAY from now to the evening hours.


We need to elect people that reflect our values not the values of Boystown or some bureaucrat in D.C. Joe Bird will represent us and what we believe in.


  1. Anonymous11/19/2011

    Also sign a petition for Andy Hodorowicz whose running for state rep.

  2. Anonymous11/20/2011

    Andy is from a long time 19th ward political family. He's running because he is fed up with the liberalism which has crept into everyone's way of thinking around here. Look where we are at because of it.

    A vote for Andy will be a vote for a return to the way things used to be and the way it should be.

  3. Anonymous11/20/2011


  4. Anonymous11/21/2011

    Sorry to say but he is ! He will put the 19th Ward machine 100% for Obama the destroyer! Remember he tried to link Dr.Anne Scheible to the - eeek !! Republicans !! cue the scary music !! I personally like Matt - but we need to kick these a** kissers out. 19th Ward Democrats would sell their grannies down the river for votes

  5. Anonymous11/21/2011

    Maloney and Cuningham are both liberals too.

  6. Anonymous11/21/2011

    Andy Horowicz is a 19th Ward plant, he is a freakin' precinct captain for those guys, they must be afraid of Joe Bird.

  7. Anonymous11/22/2011

    Andy is not a precinct captain. He lives in Palos.

  8. Anonymous11/22/2011

    It doesnt matter where he lives. He can still be a precinct captain. I dont think the 19th ward has any precinct captains anymore to be honest, havent seen mine in 10 years.

  9. Anonymous11/22/2011

    I thought Joe was running for State Rep.

  10. I am not endorsing anyone yet. I would like to know every candidates positions on the following issues.
    1. Pension reform
    2. Gay marriage

  11. Anonymous11/23/2011

    Joe Bird is running for State Representative

  12. Anonymous11/23/2011

    Driving home on 111th and notice noticed some political signs in the 19th Ward office, is it proper to have political signs up at an office paid for with tax payers dollars?

  13. Anonymous11/23/2011

    Is anyone running against cunningham? thats the guy that needs to be beaten. Really big on the issues of gay rights and gutting our pensions. what is with this guy? I like fran hurley. seems to be level headed.

  14. Anonymous11/23/2011

    I think Pickle Joyce should run against Richie Cunningham. Why not?

  15. Anonymous11/24/2011

    The ward doesn't need captains, all you "bitches" keep voting for their peeps.

  16. Anonymous11/24/2011

    The little pickle should run for something indeed.

  17. Anonymous11/24/2011

    A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the 19th ward.

  18. Anonymous11/25/2011

    I think the corner of Kedzie at 111 st is looking very good. My hat is off to O'Shea and Rugai for all of their hard work in making this project what it is. Thank You

  19. Anonymous11/25/2011

    While I will credit Rugai and O'Shea for not opposing the development - please remember - that they did not develop the properties - they simply did not do the usual bureaucratic overloading of the proposal - like is typical in the byzantine machinations of government red tape - job killing- development killing regulations that kept many a developer out of our area. Private industry made a decision to invest and yes risk - their money on our ward! Thank them - not the political hacks from the 19th!! They should all be required to take - and pass - an Economics 101 class!! And preferrably not taught by a Socialist like Professor Obama....

  20. Anonymous11/25/2011

    If you so concerned about gay marrage why keep voting for your Sheriff Tom Dart who has numerous gay activists on his payroll?

  21. Anonymous12/02/2011

    Dart has tremendious backing from the gay and lesbien community, he hitched his wagon along time ago to that group. I think Pickels would be an excellent state Rep. or senator. I would like to thank the politicians for all they did to improve the Mt. greenwood fieldhouse, its almost as nice as Marquette Parks !! The softball fields are always so maintained, unlike Kennedy parks !! Oh and all those empty business fronts on 11th St are just going to fill themselves instead of being proactive and finding tenents.. Come on guys !!we deserve a bone here and there...

  22. Anonymous12/04/2011

    I like Fran Hurley.

  23. Anonymous12/04/2011

    The politicians didn't fix up the fieldhouse they merely gave back YOUR tax dollars to do the job. The park moms worked tirelessly to get those funds for the park AND field house.